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VBS2 Introduction & v1.5 Details


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Good details about VBS2 v1.5 capabilities.

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VBS2 Introduction & v1.5 Details

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. ScopeTraining needsHistoryCapabilityBreaking boundaries! Development roadmap 2011Lessons learntDemonstration
  3. 3. My (In)ExperienceLots of academic studiesLots of military trainingLots of time spent playing and developinggames ... no operational experience! ... but I do have a fresh perspective.
  4. 4. Training needs Soldiers, sailors and airmen need simulators too!Mission rehearsal Tactical training Capability demonstrationsNavigation training Maintenance training Language and cultureOH&S training Weapon familiarization Tank gunneryMission planning Driver training Vehicle recognition Computer games are the not-so-obvious solution to meet these training needs Serious exploitation of games only began in 2003 VBS2 assists with: Tactical training (combat team and below) Mission rehearsal
  5. 5. Do games work? Yes! Training transfer is proven. Canadian Tp Cmd Career Course study*: VBS2 halved field time (games are efficient) Pass rate from 67% to 100% (games are effective) Games are now accepted as mainstream training aids* Courtesy of “Games – Just How Serious Are They?” by Paul Roman and Doug Brown
  6. 6. History
  7. 7. 2001: Operation Flashpoint (OFP) released 2001: Operation Flashpoint (OFP) released
  8. 8. 2001: Early VBS1 demonstration to ADF2001:Early VBS1 demonstrationto Australian Defence Force
  9. 9. 2002: ADF study into COTS games2002:ADSO commissions “The UseOf COTS Games by Military Forces”
  10. 10. 2002: USMC funds “Virtual Battlefield System 1” 2002: USMC funds “Virtual Battlefield System 1”
  11. 11. 2003: ADF VISE Experiment 2003: ADF “Virtual Infantry Section Experiment” conducted
  12. 12. 2003: US Army invests in “DARWARS Ambush” 2003: US Army “DARWARS Ambush” commenced
  13. 13. 2004/2005: ADF funds significant VBS1 dev 2004: 2005: ADF VICE trial validates VBS1 ADSO funds VBS1 development, AMTG mission rehearsal exercise
  14. 14. 2006: VBS2 development commences 2006: ADF/USMC enterprise licenses VBS2 development commences
  15. 15. 2007: UK invests in VBS2 2007: UK deploys VBS2, funds development
  16. 16. 2009: NATO ACT invests in VBS2 2009: NATO funds “VBS2 NATO”, based upon “VBS Lite”
  17. 17. 2009: US Army deploys VBS2 2009: US Army deploys VBS2
  18. 18. 2010: Canada invests in VBS2 2010: Canada deploys VBS2, funds development
  19. 19. 2010: US Army contracts significant development 2010: US Army contracts VBS2 improvements
  20. 20. History – ten years! 2010: US Army contracts VBS2 improvements 2010: Canada deploys VBS2, funds development 2009: NATO funds “VBS2 NATO”, based upon “VBS Lite” 2009: US Army deploys VBS2 2006: ADF/USMC enterprise licenses 2007: VBS2 development commences UK deploys VBS2, funds development 2004: 2005: ADF VICE trial validates VBS1 ADSO funds VBS1 development, AMTG mission rehearsal exercise 2002: 2003: ADSO commissions “The Use US Army “DARWARS Ambush” commenced Of COTS Games by Military Forces” 2003: ADF “Virtual Infantry Section Experiment” conducted2001:Early VBS1 demonstrationto Australian Defence Force 2002: USMC funds “Virtual Battlefield System 1” 2001: Operation Flashpoint (OFP) released
  21. 21. VBS2 CapabilityVBS2 provides an immersive, first-person virtual environment for collective tactical training and mission rehearsal.
  22. 22. VBS2 Capability: Scenario EditorsOffline Mission Editor (OME): Generate a scenariousing 2D and 3D interfaces in accordance with thetraining need Place entities in the virtual environment • Objects (e.g. structures), characters, vehicles, aircraft Add editor objects to define entity behaviour • Waypoints, triggers
  23. 23. VBS2 Capability: Runtime ScenarioRuntime scenario: interacting with thevirtual environment from the first personperspective Individually or collectively (networked) One soldier per computer Operating a wide range of equipment and vehicles Commanding AI subordinates where appropriateReal Time Editor (RTE): modifying thescenario at run time in accordance withtraining needs Influencing AI behaviour Interacting with and changing the virtual environment Administrative functions
  24. 24. VBS2 Capability: After-Action ReviewAfter-Action Review (AAR): reviewing a savedscenario to draw out lessons learnt 2D and 3D replays Time acceleration Bookmarking Measures of effectiveness
  25. 25. VBS2 Capability: Development SuiteVBS2 Development Suite: Import new content (3Dmodels and terrain) to support different trainingneeds or mission rehearsal Visitor 4 for importing terrain Oxygen 2 or 3D Studio Max (from v1.50) for importing 3D models
  26. 26. VBS2 Capability: ConnectivityLVC (Live Virtual Constructive) Game: Connect VBS2to other simulations or C2 systems Trainees can use “green gear” like FBCB2 alongside VBS2 VBS2 can stimulate and be stimulated by constructive simulations like OneSAF and JCATS
  27. 27. VBS2 Capability: VBS2 v1.50Our focus for 2011: Breaking Boundaries!Overcoming “game” limitations to meet a widerrange of training needsVBS2 will soon be ready to go head-to-headwith “mainstream” image generators A first for a game-based virtual environment!VBS2 v1.50, due May 2011, addresses: Terrain size and view distance limitations Support for underground spaces Fidelity of armor (UK MOD focused) Support for multi-channel Vehicle physics (through PhysX)
  28. 28. VBS2 v1.50Underground spaces Full support for underground spaces placed in Visitor 4, OME or RTE Trenches, basements, sewers, caves, tank ditches are all now supported
  29. 29. VBS2 v1.50Underground spaces Full support for underground spaces placed in Visitor 4, OME or RTE Trenches, basements, sewers, caves, tank ditches are all now supportedTerrain size and viewdistance 500km x 500km maximum 40km view distance maximumNight vision improvements Change brightness, intensification
  30. 30. UK development: Tank gunnery Contracted by UK MOD Delivery in VBS2 v1.48, April 2011 Focused on Challenger II, but we aim to allow other armoured vehicles to be improved reasonably easily (“open platform”) We are working with UK MOD for Challenger 2 CPT integration for CATTParallax error correction Realistic loading Realistic soundsAided lay FCS simulation Gun / optics stabilisationValidation of ballistics Realistic impact effects Correct TI and day opticsCorrect internal tank model Range add / correct Correct voicesSupport for boggy ground Support for tank ditches Tank transporter simulationSimulation of gears RWS simulation Deep water fordingSignificant AI improvements Floating aiming mark Correct HESH firing
  31. 31. VBS2 v1.503D Studio Max plug-inVehicle and building search Certain objects can have other objects placed in them and searched Select furniture, cars, buildings setDrawMode script command allows objects to be wireframe or transparentAAR playback can betransmitted over LVC GameInfantry periscope
  32. 32. VBS2 v1.50Lighting improvements Multiple point and spot lights possible in the one place, with proper shadowing Units can properly hide in shadowsLarge objects (>50m) mayhave collision geometryProper loiter waypoints forUAVsImproved driving simulation Gearbox and brake key mapping
  33. 33. VBS2 v1.50Improved window damage Different damage states Configurable penetrationFire rocket launchers fromstanding and pronepositionsAccurate grenade throwingImproved wounding modelSupport for assault ladders
  34. 34. VBS2 v1.50Situational awarenessimprovements Visual cues to indicate direction of fireAbility to move Visitor 4 placedobjects in the OMEChoose specific get out positionfrom vehiclesSafety switch for personalweaponsThree new training missions
  35. 35. VBS2 v1.50Artificial intelligence improvements throughXaitment integrationVideo
  36. 36. VBS2 v1.50Multi-optics technology Multiple optics can be fitted to a personal weapon or mounted on a turretReworked difficultyoptions Better sorting Captions Separate Admin and User settings Ability to “force” User settings
  37. 37. VBS2 v1.50: Multi-channelAllows VBS2 to be displayed across multiple screens(wide screens or dome displays) and frame-synched Documentation ° ‐54 25° 25° 5° 25 °2 °2 25 5°
  38. 38. VBS2 v1.50: Multi-channel VBS2 Server View Server VBS Clients View View View Client 1 Client 2 Client 3
  39. 39. VBS2 v1.50New editor toolbar Select, move and rotate buttonsSupport for boggy ground
  40. 40. VBS2 v1.50New editor toolbar Select, move and rotate buttonsSupport for boggy groundNew pyrotechnics Parachute flares and trip flareTerrain grids no longer haveto be specific sizes, but stillsquare
  41. 41. VBS2 v1.50: ContentLots of new content added! Full list (preview) is available at: vehicles now use PhysX Old vehicles preserved for backwards compatibility Old vehicles no longer available in editors
  42. 42. VBS2 v1.50Development Suite improvements Log file improvements Preferences dialog redesign Improved progress bars 3D preview in template library Improved support for GPX and KML vector files Height-maps can be drawn in custom color schemes Object layer files in V4 are optimized, improving performance Optimized generation of satellite and mask tiles
  43. 43. Modules of InterestVBEdit Create complex structures and object patterns in 3D
  44. 44. Modules of InterestVBS GUI creator Tool for creating new VBS2 user interfaces
  45. 45. Modules of InterestTerrain Pack 1
  46. 46. Current Developments: US ArmyTerrain paging Multi-resolution terrain in VBS2 v1.60, September 2011 Terrain paging in VBS2 v2.00, March 2012
  47. 47. Current Developments: US ArmyTerrain paging Multi-resolution terrain in VBS2 v1.60, September 2011 Terrain paging in VBS2 v2.00, March 2012Demonstration scenarios and videos Due in VBS2 v1.50VBS2 Content API Working with SE Core, completion imminent API for automatically creating and packing VBS2 contentMulti-channel enhancements Frame locking in VBS2 2.00, March 2012
  48. 48. Current Developments: US ArmyIED3 development Support for CIED training modules in VBS2 Development of “IED Vigilance” training scenariosMC4 parachute and scuba capability Working with USAJFKSWCS (USSOCOM) New underwater rendering is at Beta Due in VBS2 v2.00, March 2012
  49. 49. Current Developments: USMC VBS2Strike May 2011 VBS2 UPOL/IPOL May 2011 Software Change Requests 2009 Elements due in both VBS2 v1.60 and v2.00, including:Chemlights (hand deployed) DAGR simulation AC130 simulationDazzlers Aircraft sensor pod IZLID for AH‐1Boomerang for vehicles Sandstorms F‐15E Strike EagleSpotting scope Improved avatar fear factors EOD Talon improvementsStowing gear in vehicle Improved action menu Coordinate converter
  50. 50. Current Developments: CF Integration with The Overlay Maker In-game event recording Animation browser Canadian content development:Sig Sauer P225/P226 HLVW AVR Taurus AHSVS WreckerC7A2 and variants AHSVS Mercedes MacMillan TAC‐50 Bison ambulanceC13 frag grenade HET trailer LAV III variants C14Coyote AEV Badger Aircraft variants TOW anti‐tankLeopard 2A4 AVLB Beaver UAV Heron CF188
  51. 51. Current Developments: MINDEF NLMarnehuizen terrain development
  52. 52. Current Developments: MINDEF NLMarnehuizen terrain development
  53. 53. Current Developments: MINDEF NLMarnehuizen terrain development
  54. 54. Future ReleasesGenerally working to a major release every 6 months With monthly minor iterationsVBS2 v1.50 – May 2011VBS2 v1.60 – September 2011VBS2 v2.00 – March 2012
  55. 55. Lessons learntGraphics matter (for immersion), but meeting thetraining need is much more important!VBS2 is not a game development platform. It is a toolfor tactical training and mission rehearsal.Significant modification is required for a game to besuitable for tactical training and mission rehearsal In the case of VBS2, over 8 years of work and lots of $$$Without government funding, VBS2 would not exist.Thank you!
  56. 56. Demonstration
  57. 57. Questions?Presented by:Peter Morrison, CEO, BISim GroupContact:WWW: http://www.bisimulations.comEmail: “We all play computer games, but this isnt just a game. Its serious.” – Pte Frank Boateng, UK MoD