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Creating Native iOS & Android Apps in C#

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Creating Native iOS & Android Apps in C#

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Editor's Notes

  • Who has mobile device? iOS, Android
    Who has moved from one to the other?
    Experience is the same on both, apps exist in both places
  • 3
  • Native, but in shared language
    Thin Wrappers around native SDKs – UIViewController. Activity
    As fast as native, feature parity easy, 70% shared code
  • Storyboards and Android XML
    SAME as on native
    Recources can be copied from native apps
  • Yup – VS on Mac
    Any developer, any platform
  • Demo apps included in /Demos/ folder, but feel free to use your own app to demo Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android!
  • 70% reuse is great, but need more
    But we still want native
  • Up to 90-95% code sharing
  • Native API access
    Custom renderers
  • Demo Forms
  • That’s why we’ve created Microsoft Learn.
    With Microsoft Learn, you can master core concepts at your speed and on your schedule. Whether you’ve got 15 minutes or an hour, you can develop practical skills through interactive training.

    It’s easy to follow and you’re able to select the trainings that are most helpful to you based on your role and current skill level.

    You’ll have access to training materials, code samples and test drive products for a hands-on learning experience.

    Better yet, you’ll get all this at absolutely no cost to you. You’ll even be recognized for advancing your skills along the way and have the option of preparing for role-based certifications.
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