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Xamarin Test Cloud Presentation


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This is a presentation that overviews Xamarin Test Cloud's ability to test hundreds of cross-platform mobiles devices.

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Xamarin Test Cloud Presentation

  1. 1. Introduction to Xamarin Test Cloud Pranav Khandelwal Mobile Software Engineer
  2. 2. WHO IS BLUETUBE “Bluetube designs and builds for enterprise native mobile and responsive web.” ■ Established in 1999 ■ Award-Winning Solutions ■ Experts with Technology and Usability ■ Enterprise Corporations & Non-profit Clients ■ Premier Xamarin Consulting Partner ■ Xamarin Test Cloud Consulting Partners
  3. 3. Automatically test your app on hundreds of real devices in the cloud
  4. 4. Mobile Quality Challenges • Device Fragmentation • App Complexity • Fast Release Cycles • Short Sessions • High Mobile User Expectations
  5. 5. US Device Market Coverage Data Companies must test on 134 devices to get to 75% U.S. market coverage Number of Devices 13 45 134 288 Market Share 25% 50% 75% 90% 0
  6. 6. Thousands of iOS and Android APIs Public web APIs Backend integrations Third party libraries Memory, CPU and network constraints App Complexity
  7. 7. Fast Release Cycles Short Sessions High Mobile User Expectations
  8. 8. Beta Testing Long Cycles Rapid Iterations High Test Realism Manual Testing Automated UI Simplistic Tests Testing Unit Testing Automated UI testing is the only way to ensure your app • looks • behaves and • performs well on a broad set of devices— with every release
  9. 9. The End-to-End Mobile Quality Solution Local UI Test Authoring Cloud Testing Lab
  10. 10. Test Any Native or Hybrid App
  11. 11. Examples of User Interactions Tap Scroll Swipe Pinch Multi finger Text Entry Rotation GPS
  12. 12. DEMO
  13. 13. Jenkins TFS TeamCity Incorporate Xamarin Test Cloud into your continuous integration environment to shorten the feedback cycle and prevent users from finding regressions
  14. 14. The End-to-End Mobile Quality Solution Test on Real Devices Be confident that your apps function correctly and look great on real devices that are not rooted or jail broken. Analyze Results Quickly More than detailed technical feedback, stunning visual reporting performance monitoring Accelerate with Continuous Integration Integrate Xamarin Test Cloud into your continuous integration process or ALM to make every release a quality release Beat Fragmentation Test automatically on hundreds of combinations of operation systems, screens and resolutions Start immediately Dedicated QA engineers get you up and running with Xamarin Test Cloud fast and ensure your ongoing success Author Tests Easily Test your entire app, from the UI down, using object-level user interface testing
  15. 15. App Explorer • Walk your app Walks every screen/button in your app to look for crashes and major issues. • “Generation” Tours the app and performing actions like “tapping buttons”
  16. 16. App Explorer • Run Phase Runs the app through your suite of test devices • App Crashes • Missing UI • Can’t install
  17. 17. Thank You Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015 at 6:30pm @atlxamarin