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Appium: Automation for Mobile Apps


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Jonathan Lipps' talk for GTAC 2013 on Appium, an open source framework for mobile app testing.

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  • Hi, thanks for a helpful slideshow.
    Here's also a guide on how to set up appium for mobile app testing:
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  • hi I am Getting following
    usage: main.js [-h] [-v] [--shell] [--app APP] [--ipa IPA] [-q] [-U UDID]
    [-a ADDRESS] [-p PORT] [-dp DEVICEPORT] [-k]
    [-r BACKENDRETRIES] [--session-override] [--full-reset]
    [--no-reset] [-l] [-lt LAUNCHTIMEOUT] [-g LOG]
    [--log-timestamp] [--log-no-colors] [-G WEBHOOK]
    [--native-instruments-lib] [--merciful]
    [--app-pkg ANDROIDPACKAGE] [--app-activity ANDROIDACTIVITY]
    [--app-wait-package ANDROIDWAITPACKAGE]
    [--app-wait-activity ANDROIDWAITACTIVITY] [--avd AVD]
    [--device-ready-timeout ANDROIDDEVICEREADYTIMEOUT] [--safari]
    [--device-name DEVICENAME] [--default-device] [--force-iphone]
    [--force-ipad] [--language LANGUAGE] [--locale LOCALE]
    [--calendar-format CALENDARFORMAT] [--orientation ORIENTATION]
    [--tracetemplate AUTOMATIONTRACETEMPLATEPATH] [--show-sim-log]
    [--nodeconfig NODECONFIG] [-ra ROBOTADDRESS] [-rp ROBOTPORT]
    [--selendroid-port SELENDROIDPORT]
    [--chromedriver-port CHROMEDRIVERPORT] [--use-keystore]
    [--keystore-path KEYSTOREPATH]
    [--keystore-password KEYSTOREPASSWORD] [--key-alias KEYALIAS]
    [--key-password KEYPASSWORD] [--show-config]

    main.js: error: argument '--keystore-password': Expected one argument. null

    Please help me out
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  • thank
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Appium: Automation for Mobile Apps

  1. 1. automation for mobile appsJonathan Lipps | @jlipps | Sauce Labs
  2. 2. Mobile is taking over theworld. Where is our mobileautomation? Our mobile CI?
  3. 3. Its a multi-platform age.Mass adoption requirescross-platform apps.
  4. 4. appium is the cross-platformsolution for native and hybridmobile automation
  5. 5. 1appium philosophy2 3 4
  6. 6. Rule 1 
Test the same app you submit tothe marketplace
  7. 7. Rule 2 
Write your tests in any language,using any framework
  8. 8. Rule 3 
Use a standard automationspecification and API
  9. 9. Rule 4 
Build a large and thriving open-source community effort
  10. 10. appium in space!2 3 41
  11. 11. iOS Androidcalabash-iosFrankUIAutomationios-driverKeepItFunctionalcalabash-androidMonkeyTalkRobotiumUiAutomatorselendroid
  12. 12. Selenium WebDriver is thestandard for browser automation,with libraries in every* language
  13. 13. Selenium WebDriver is usedevery single day by thousands ofdevelopers familiar with its model
  14. 14. Selenium WebDriver is a W3Cworking draft
  15. 15. appium architecture2 3 41
  16. 16. appium is an HTTP server thatcreates and handles WebDriversessions
  17. 17. appium starts a "test case" on thedevice that spawns a server andlistens for proxied commands
  18. 18. On iOS, appium proxiescommands to a UIAutomationscript running in Instruments
  19. 19. On Android, appium proxiescommands to a UiAutomatortest case running on the device
  20. 20. appium in action2 3 41
  21. 21. appium opens the door to cross-platform mobile testing: onetest, two mobile platforms
  22. 22. Demo appdonated by
  23. 23. Demo
  24. 24. appium is great for local testdevelopment, but has limitationswhen scaling up for use in CI
  25. 25. Sauce Labs is great for scalewhen you need to run a lot ofappium tests in your build
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28.  @AppiumDevs    |    @jlipps    |    @saucelabs  Thank you