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Building Your First Android App with Xamarin

.NET developers everywhere can easily add native mobile developer to their resume with Xamarin for Visual Studio. Join Judy McNeil, Xamarin University mobile expert, to learn how to build your first Android app — completely in C# — with Xamarin.Android and Visual Studio.

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Building Your First Android App with Xamarin

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Microsoft: Your Complete Mobile Solution
  3. 3. Deploy to emulator and device
  4. 4. iOS Xamarin’s unique approach Shared C# codebase • 100% native API access • High performance Windows C# UI
  5. 5. What is Xamarin.Android? C# source Native execution
  6. 6. Mono and ART VMs run side-by-side to execute a Xamarin.Android app Xamarin.Android execution Android Runtime (ART) Mono Runtime Linux Kernel android.* libraries java.* libraries .NET libraries Your IL code
  7. 7. Xamarin.Android – 100% API coverage Text-to-speech Toolbar Printing Framework Renderscript NFC System.Data System.Collections System.Numerics System.Core System.ServiceModel System.Net System System.IO System.Linq System.Xml C#
  8. 8. Always up-to-date Full support for all Android versions
  9. 9. Xamarin Platform support Broad support for Android devices, including phones, tablets, Android Wear and Amazon Fire TV
  10. 10. Open Source –
  11. 11. Develop on Mac or Windows Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows Visual Studio for Mac on macOS (preview)
  12. 12. Development workflow
  13. 13. Activities: a collection of collaborating parts that comprise Android apps App structure Activity 1 UI Code Activity 2 UI Code Activity 3 UI Code Data files, images, etc. MyApp
  14. 14. Activity definition <LinearLayout ... > <TextView ... > <EditText ... > <Button ... > <TextView ... > </LinearLayout> Pi.axml [Activity] public class PiActivity : Activity { ... SetContentView(Resource.Layout.Pi); } PiActivity.cs An XML layout file that defines the UI The related C# class provides the behavior
  15. 15. Integrating .NET Libraries You can integrate your shared business logic packaged as a PCL
  16. 16. You can use JNI or a Bindings Library to incorporate Java libraries into your Xamarin.Android app Integrating Java Libraries PayPal TritonPlayerArcGIS ... Mapping Finance Music
  17. 17. Set the ID of a View in XML using the id attribute and the syntax @+id/ Access UI from code <EditText android:id="@+id/digitsInput" ... /> Set an id in the XML protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle) { base.OnCreate(bundle); SetContentView(Resource.Layout.Pi); var et = FindViewById<EditText>(Resource.Id.digitsInput); et.TextChanged += OnTextChanged; } Lookup in code
  18. 18. Xamarin.Android UI is built from Google’s controls and layout panels, wrapped in C# by Xamarin Android UI
  19. 19. Get fully native look and feel with native controls Native UX
  20. 20. Visual Studio provides a UI Designer on Windows and macOS UI Designer
  21. 21. Get Started Today
  22. 22. Free self-guided courses
  23. 23. Thank you @flyinggeekette
  24. 24. Q&A Samples available at: