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BlueChip Online Reputation Risk Checklist


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Staying safe in social media for financial services

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BlueChip Online Reputation Risk Checklist

  1. 1. The BlueChip* online reputation risk checklist Staying safe in social media: for financial services Stage 1: Hygiene factors 1. First five pages of Google are reviewed for negative content £ C ompany name, products and spokespeople are registered on major 2. £ social platforms (e.g. Twitter handle/s, Facebook and LinkedIn) A lternative names, parodies also registered to mitigate passing 3. £ off/spoof issues 4. LinkedIn company page is reviewed updated £ 5. Online sign-off team1 appointed process agreed £ 6. Social media policy for all staff implemented £ 7. Free social media monitoring in place with basic keywords £ 8. C-level executives have completed a “Social Media 101” together £ K ey digital influencers are identified followed (based on industry 9. segment key topics e.g. politicians, industry associations, £ advisers, consumer bloggers) * BlueChip Communication is Australia’s leading financial services communication firm. We offer social media communication consulting, training, counsel and content services. Contact Valentina Ciampi or Carden Calder at the points below for more about online reputation risk management, to join our next free social media event or receive updates to this checklist. 1 S uggested online sign-off team includes: legal/compliance; operations (e.g. line management subject expert); PR/corporate affairs; marketing; customer service. Follow us @ BlueChip_Comm Contact: or call us on 02 9018 8600
  2. 2. Stage 2: Active management 10. Company description on LinkedIn is uniform across spokespeople £ Major social platforms have been audited for brand-related 11. £ competitor activity eg frequency, audiences, sentiment, dialogue 12. Social media monitoring and reporting is established (paid) £ 13. Key digital influencers topics are identified and monitored £ 14. An online issues log is updated regularly £ 15. C-level executives are involved in ongoing social learning as a team £ 16. Employee social media capability and activity has been audited £ Online reputation risks are tracked and managed by a team/ 17. £ taskforce Key digital influencers are identified as advocates, adversaries 18. £ or neutrals Stage 3: Towards best practice 19. Relative risk profile of social channels drives resource allocation £ Real time monitoring is linked to business reputation risk data/ 20. £ systems2 21. Issues management system processes include online £ Online rapid response crisis management capability established 22. £ tested3 23. All employees are trained on the social media policy £ 24. Key digital influencers are in dialogue with your organisation £ Branded social channels are clearly linked to existing online brand 25. £ assets e.g. website, customer portals, marketing collateralAs at 1 August 2012.2 From operational risk management function /or corporate affairs issues log3 D esktop or crisis simulation assesses capability: chain of command; speed; audience acceptability; team functioning. Follow us @ BlueChip_Comm Contact: or call us on 02 9018 8600