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Successfully Manage your Online Reputation - Senior Living

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Successfully Manage your Online Reputation - Senior Living

  1. 1. GetG5.com5 Steps to SuccessfullyManage your Online ReputationPresented: April 30, 2013Beyond Ratingsand Reviews:
  2. 2. GetG5.comAgendaWhy Online Reputation Management is So ImportantThe 5 Steps to Successfully Managing YourOnline ReputationOnline Reputation Management ChecklistKey Takeaways
  3. 3. GetG5.comWhy Online Reputation ManagementIs So Important
  4. 4. GetG5.comMarketinghas changed.
  5. 5.* Forrester, 2011Age of the Customer
  6. 6.* eMarketer, 2012 ** Zoomerang ***ThirdAge and JWT BoomAge of the Baby BoomerAt nearly 80%, Baby Boomers spend more time andmoney online than any other generation; this percentageis likely to stay the same through 2015.*96 percent of Baby Boomers participate in word-of-mouth or viral marketing by passing product or serviceinformation on to friends**By 2015, 40% of the Baby Boomers will use theInternet via mobile.***
  7. 7. GetG5.comThe Internet is the mostimportant source of informationfor Baby Boomers when theymake a major purchase**Zoomerang
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. GetG5.com75% of people don’t believethat companies tell the truthin advertising.** Yankelovich
  11. 11. GetG5.comConsumer reviews are12 times more trusted thandescriptions that come from thebusiness or manufacturer.** eMarketer, Feb 2010
  12. 12.* eMarketer, 2/10 ** Research, May-June, 2012 *** Research, May-June, 2012Nearly 90% of Americans say online reviewsinfluence their purchasing decisions*94% of family caregivers say online reviewsare trustworthy information and helpful to theirsearch for a senior care provider**About 50% of the senior living industry’sreferrals are coming from the Internet***
  13. 13. GetG5.com5 Steps to Managing YourOnline Reputation
  14. 14. GetG5.comThe 5 Steps:1 Set yourself up for success2 Monitor the conversation3 Engage and participate4 Take ownership of your online reputation viapositive online reviews5 Deliver amazing experiences
  15. 15. GetG5.comSet Yourself Up For Success1
  16. 16. GetG5.comMonitor and claim online profiles:& OtherSenior Sites
  17. 17. GetG5.comClaim, optimize, and maintain your
  18. 18.* Nov 2011 Bloomberg Business ReportGoogle’s search share is 65.3%compared with 15.2% for Yahooand 14.8% for Bing*Google has 97% mobile searchmarket share.**** Stat Counter Global Stats, Top 5 Mobile Searches from Aug 2010 to July 2011
  19. 19. GetG5.comGoogle+ Local pages areviewed millions of times a day.Google+ has more users than Twitter.**Google 2011 Data
  20. 20. GetG5.comUser-GeneratedOwner-Generated
  21. 21. GetG5.comMonitor the Conversation2
  22. 22. GetG5.comMonitoringSet up Google AlertsSet up accounts at all major review sites (Google,Yahoo,, etc) and set up alertsCheck your Google+ Local Pages regularly for newposts/reviewsCheck other industry review sites
  23. 23. GetG5.comMonitoringMonitor social media conversations
  24. 24. GetG5.comDon’t just hear - listenLook for (and record) trends inthe conversationIdentify areas where theresident experience can beimprovedCreate action plans based onwhat you find
  25. 25. GetG5.comEngage in the Conversation3
  26. 26. GetG5.comWhen should you respond?When it’s on a channel that yourbrand controlsWhen it’s a positive review(acknowledge and thank)When it’s a complaint for which youhave a solution or remedyWhen it’s a question that you cananswer in a timely and concise way
  27. 27. GetG5.comWhen should you not respond?When it’s obviously spam or anadvertisementWhen profanity or offensive languageare being usedWhen you suspect it’s fraudulentWhen the comment is overlyaggressive and emotionally charged(thus requiring an offline conversation)
  28. 28. GetG5.comHow do you respond?Do’s:Thank people for positive reviewsOffer solutions publicly to any problemsraisedReach out personally to the person who postedthe reviewPropose solutions to improve service going forwardBe professional and courteousBe transparent, open and honest
  29. 29. GetG5.comHow do you respond?Don’ts:Respond to positive reviews with just “Thanks”Be defensiveBe sarcasticWrite a long, drawn-out public response
  30. 30. GetG5.comTake Ownership with MorePositive Reviews4
  31. 31. GetG5.comFewer Senior Living Reviews currently than in otherindustriesReviews “live longer”Opportunity to dominateThe Opportunity
  32. 32. GetG5.comAfter solving a problemAfter getting positive feedback froma resident or family membersAfter they move inAsk for positive reviews
  33. 33. GetG5.comG5 Reputation Manager
  34. 34. GetG5.comCreate amazing experiences5
  35. 35. GetG5.comChange theEXPERIENCEChange theCONVERSATION
  36. 36. GetG5.comYou have to createexceptionalexperiencesat everydigital touchpoint
  38. 38. GetG5.comWhat’s yourDXMstrategy?®
  39. 39. GetG5.comReputation Management ChecklistAre You Prepared?
  40. 40. GetG5.comAre you set up for success? Have youclaimed (and are you maintaining) siteslike Google+?Are you monitoring the conversation?Are you engaging regularly andappropriately?Do you have a Digital ExperienceManagement strategy in place to takeownership of your online reputation?Ask yourself:
  41. 41. GetG5.comThe Bottom LineA strong online reputation allows youto increase rent and revenuewithout adversely affecting occupancy.
  42. 42. GetG5.comMarketing has changed. Your customerhas a very loud digital voiceConsistent, strategic monitoring andengagement are critical to managingyour online reputationNegative reviews should be a catalystfor positive changeA Digital Experience Managementstrategy will help you change theconversationKey Takeaways
  43. 43. GetG5.comG5 Reputation Manager ™:Shine online.
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  45. 45. 800.608.8718 info@GetG5.comContact G5 for a free Digital Experience Assessment