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Best apple commercials of all time


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Apple is best known for creating marvellous piece of technologies and standing to its reputation, Apple has many a times came out with ads that are just league apart and have been registered permanently in the eyes of the watchers.

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Best apple commercials of all time

  1. 1. Best Apple Commercials of all time
  2. 2. Apple is not only known for innovation but also, its class-apart advertisements. The basic idea behind all the advertisements is Apple’s zeal to produce unique products and use technology in the most unimaginable ways. This goes with the brand’s slogan “THINK DIFFERENT”. We bring to you some of the best commercials by the brand that will make you stretch the limits of your imagination. COMMERCIALS THAT STEAL THE SHOW
  3. 3. APPLE MACINTOSH The brand that ask people to “Think Different” can’t settle at ordinary. It's “APPLE MACINTOSH” advertisement beautifully summaries what Apple stands for. A professor lecturing his students about the benefits of Industrial Revolution, explains them how creativity of an individual no longer needs to be dealt in isolation. Through mass production, people will be able to produce what they like and make it available to the masses. Apple is another name for innovation and from this ad to the present generation, it has stick to its principles.
  5. 5. THE “HELLO” COMMERCIAL Adele’s “HELLO” might have brought out many spoofs but there was a time when telephone was the most important part of our lives. Switching from the letter writing days, telephones were a huge relief but as they say, life is all about moving forward. In the “Hello” Commercial, through movies Apple shows how for so many years, people have used telephone as a medium of communication. Be it Sarah Jessica Parker or Cameron Diaz, no one is left out. But an end of the era is shown through an ending message which marks the new beginning: the coming of iPhone.
  7. 7. THE “1984” COMMERCIAL Where it all actually began! 1984 is the name of George Orwell’s classic novel and is also the year when Apple Mac made entry into this world. The commercial contains the tone of the novel and the message the brand want to convey, the Mac has arrived. The woman in the commercial represents Apple, a brand that believes in standing out from crowd whereas the dictator preaching people about ideology represents the computers all were using before Mac arrived.
  8. 8. THE “1984” COMMERCIAL
  9. 9. THE CRAZY ONES... THINK DIFFERENT Why join the crowd when you’re born to stand out? With this commercial, Apple proclaimed that mundanity has nothing to do with it. The collection of the people this advertisement showed are all who strived to be different. Be it the great scientist Albert Einstein who believed in knowledge rather than education or Martin Luther King who advocated equality and peace, the collection has it all. The message that Apple is different and loves those who ‘THINK DIFFERENT’ is very well conveyed.
  11. 11. THE WALKIE TALKIE MAN AD Apple Ads always give us a new song to look upto on YouTube. The song might already be popular but the ratings goes high on when it appears in the commercial. The Walkie Talkie Man Ad is the same. The track showed silhouetted people dancing on the track “WALKIE TALKIE MAN”. It appeared that Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” video has gone back to 1984. Offering an option of iTunes on Mac unavailable on PC, the message was clear: Mac or PC?
  13. 13. JACOB: APPLE MUSIC AD Had it been real Eminem rapping, it wouldn’t have surprised us but when a small kid raps the whole song, the ad becomes worthy of attention. Jacob raps to “Loose Yourself” and gives us the feeling that Eminem has gone young. This was an ad for Apple Music Store and did really well to promote the idea.
  15. 15. 3 STEPS: HOW TO CONNECT INTERNET Simple and effective, this ad tells you how to connect Internet in three simple step. Step One: Plug in the system. Step Two: Plug in the wire to connect iMac to the internet. Step Three: Sit back and enjoy. There is no step three. Apple knows exactly how to lead when it comes to making commercials.
  17. 17. DATE NIGHT SIRI has become the most popular innovation by Apple. When the “DATE NIGHT” commercial came, it took the world by storm. Working on just voice, Siri listens to your voice and does as you tell her. The man in the commercial tells Siri to cancel the golf plan and help him find organic mushrooms. Siri helps him and take the leave only on the command.
  18. 18. DATE NIGHT
  19. 19. TAYLOR V/S TREADMILL APPLE MUSIC When working out, you need an energetic song to keep the flow going. There is no song better than Drake & Future to do the treadmill. But when the playlist is “distractingly good”, you one dance step can lead to disaster. That’s what happened with Taylor Swift. But the personality she has, she continued singing the track. Everybody would.
  21. 21. THANK YOU With such amazing commercials, the brand has established itself one of the topmost brand in the market of smartphones. Not only just phones, be it Apple Music, Apple TV iPad, iPod, Mac, it’s iLife the brand is constructing and is doing it really well. And nowadays, with interesting accessories like iPHONE SCREEN PROTECTOR or colorful iMac and iPhone skins, the beauty of the device has fourfold itself.