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Magazine reviews powerpoint

  1. 1. Magazine Reviews.<br />By Megan shepherd<br />
  2. 2. Bauer Consumer Media<br />Simple concept. Could use for my magazine review.<br />Empire magazine website. Review on Metropolis.<br />-Online Audience.<br />People who enjoyed the film when it was first made, may enjoy this review. They are also given an opportunity to write their own review. <br />18 – 24 year olds ( <br />Male, no kids but college educated. <br />Maybe readers of the magazine itself, wished to make their own comments about the review and logged onto the website to do so.<br />
  3. 3. Death Ray publishing.<br />Brought by rebellion development. (A gaming corporation) <br />Magazine is based on Science fiction and fantasy films and games.<br />Readers of this review may enjoy the terminator films, and are interested in the spin off – They are trying to learn from it.<br />Audience are mostly male, ranging from teens to middle aged adults. <br />Its a TV show review, however, it is based the same way as a film review. It explains the plot, and gives it a rating.<br />
  4. 4. Total Film article. <br />Is both a magazine and a website review. <br />Appeal to both sexes. <br />Fans and movie enthusiasts alike. <br />Hollywood blockbuster.<br />Mainstream audience attracted. <br />Fans off the actors will have read this review and also fans of work by the director. <br />Wider audience attracted. Aim for this?<br />Pirates of the caribbeanreview.<br />Includes interviews with actors.<br />
  5. 5. - Review on Scott pilgrim vs. the world.<br />Mostly from the UK. <br />Audience ranges from 18 – 24 year olds. <br />Online audience. <br />Mostly male with no children, but college educated.<br />Similar to Empire magazine.<br />Audience maybe people who enjoy comics, or just learning more about new films. <br />The film was given 3 stars. People will question why? And give an opinion.<br />Adverts distracting on Online magazine reviews, concept is basic and usable. <br />
  6. 6. Simple and detailed, could use for own review. <br /><br />Mostly 18-24 year olds.<br />Mostly male.<br />No children.<br /> College educated.<br />New film review – “Buried.” <br />Audiences are people who want a scare from horror films (And who enjoy horror films). <br />Fans of Thriller/ Horror Genre. <br />Online audience. From home/school/work. Mostly from work on empire.<br />
  7. 7. Star trek review –<br />Webpage is complex. Audience will be online. <br />Mostly female, but ranging from 18 – 44 evenly. <br />Screen shots included to get the star trek fans excited.<br />Audience is wider, since its based on a old TV show. The review gives you a brief of the story etc. <br />Audience members mostly have children, and some college education. <br />Its broken down into the clips that were seen, explaining if they enjoy it or not. <br />A little complex, may confuse readers. May not be used in my review. Images are a good idea however. <br />