Don't spend an arm and a leg on marketing. Just use your Face(book).


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Beth Stultz, marketing manager at Pet Sitters International, offers tips for using Facebook to promote pet-sitting businesses.

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Don't spend an arm and a leg on marketing. Just use your Face(book).

  1. 1. PSI NewS ColumnGuest Dont Spend an Arm and a Leg on Marketing─ Just Use Your Face(book) T he 2011 Social Media Mar- foster relationships with other local keting Industry Report, au- pet-related businesses. thored by Michael Stelzner, offered up some great news Here are just a few examples of PSI for small business owners pet sitters promoting their services like you. The study found that small on Facebook. Check out their pages and self-owned business owners and see how they are putting the using social media benefitted more free online marketing opportunities of by Beth Stultz, than larger companies and gained Facebook to work for their businesses. increased exposure, higher sales and PSI Marketing Manager decreased marketing budgets through Kyla Culbert, owner of Bark Ave- social media participation. nue Pet Taxi and Sitter Service LLC PSI member since 2009 In the March/April issue, we dis- cussed Facebook upgrades that of- PetsAndPetLoversOnTheGo fer you more opportunities to promote your pet-sitting business through Face- book business pages. “ Since that time, numerous PSI members have con- ...numerous PSI tacted us with examples members have of how promoting their services on Facebook—at contacted us no cost—is helping their businesses grow. with examples of how promoting PSI’s recent State of the Industry Survey found that their services on nearly 70% of PSI mem- Facebook─at no cost─is helping their “ bers are currently using or plan to use social media to promote their pet-sit- ting businesses. Of these businesses grow. members, 96% are most interested in Facebook— and for good reason. The site offers an easy and free way to communicate with current and potential You’ll see Kyla has personalized her clients, promote your services and page’s URL (Facebook allows you 44 The WORLD
  2. 2. to select a custom username a guy who was reluctant to for your page once you have try it a year ago.”at least 25 fans) and includes a great mix of photos, links Cara and Gerard Armour,and tips on her page. She also owners of Active Pawsincludes a “call to action”—Like PSI member since 2004us on Facebook—in all of her http://www.facebook.outgoing business e-mails. com/activepawsIntegrating her Facebook link into other communications en- Notice how Active Paws courages current and potential has set the default land-clients to keep in touch through ing page for non-fans to a social media. custom page that encour- ages visitors to join the Jay and Jill Pattiz, owners Active Paws mailing list. of Pampered Pet Sitting In the “edit page” options, PSI members since 1997 you can select your default landing page to a page pamperedpetsitting tab other than your wall. If you do not have a custom tab, such as Active Paws, con- sider making the Info tab the landing page so that all visitors see your company information and con- tact information first thing. Kimberly Waite- Williams, owner of The Pet Elf PSI member since 2000 https://www.face- K i m b e r l y Wa i t e - Williams believes Facebook is a must for promoting The Pet Elf. To avoid having to spend too Pampered Pet Sitting created much time “live” on the a Facebook fan page on April site checking her page, 1 and received 25 likes in less she has set her Facebook than six days. In comparing settings to send an e-mail section, which includes a great low-cost marketing ideas, Jay alert whenever someone posts or mix of photo albums that feature Pattiz said, “I’m convinced so- comments on her page. You’ll see clients’ pets, as well as photos cial media may be leading the she also does a great job of promot- that highlight The Pet Elf’s com-way—quite a turn around from ing The Pet Elf through her photos munity involvement. (continued) July/August 2011 45
  3. 3. Market My Words (continued) Tracey Zysk, Your next wall post is only a click away! owner of Wig- Are you ever at a loss for what to share on your gles & Jiggles Facebook business page? Never fear! PSI is com- Pet Care mitted to providing you with helpful pet-care infor- PSI member mation that you can easily share with clients—on since 2009 and off-line. https://www. facebook. Next time you are looking for a quick post for com/wiggles- your page, check here: jigglespet- 1. PSI’s Facebook page: care petsittersinternational. Using Facebook as your business page, simply click the “Share” button Tracey Zysk below any of PSI’s Facebook posts to share the says that cre- article, link or tip on your business page. ating a Face- book page for 2. PSI’s Resource Library. Visit to her pet-sitting explore the Resource Library to access article service was links you can post to your page. Whether you the best thing want hot weather tips, dog behavior information she did for her business. She’s gained several new clients from or cat litter advice to share, you’ll find it in the her page. A quick look at the wall of Wiggles & Jiggles Pet Care’s Resource Library. Facebook page shows what a great job Tracey does of providing useful information to local pet owners and highlighting local pet 3. PSI’s Weekly News Brief. This weekly e-mail resources. Her May 2011 posts regarding evacuation plans and should arrive in your inbox every Thursday weather updates during a tornado watch in New England were morning. It features the perfect mix of busi- timely and valuable to her page visitors. ness tips for you and pet information to use and share with your clients. Find an interesting Already on Facebook? We want to hear about the results of article you want to share on your page? Sim- your social media efforts. E-mail your comments, feedback or ply copy and paste the link to your Facebook questions to page’s wall. The PSIStoreOnline is the largest specialty retailer of products for pet sitters and pet-sitting business owners. Pet Loss Products While we hope you don’t need these any time soon, take a look at the Pet Loss Products available at the PSIStoreOnline. You’ll find thoughtful memorial items that are popular among pet sitters looking for the right gesture to console a client. These products were selected with careful thought and research to make sure your expression of sympathy is timely and sincere. Memory Stone with Pet Prayer Flags Paws and Hearts Sympathy Card $14.95 each Pet Sympathy Cards $15.95 Pack of 6 $15.9546 The WORLD