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Reaper project


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Reaper project

  1. 1. Sounds go well together to give action event from someone screaming to someone being shot and hurt.I chose these sounds because when put together they make a good sequence like the sound of someone getting shot by a machine gun and a shotgun thenthe sound of them are hurt crossing over. I layered 4 different sound effects firstly the sigh and screams then at end of the sequence a shotgun and then amachine gun and somebody hurt to give the impression so someone being shot.
  2. 2. Here I have changed some options like WAV because it’s easier to put on a cd, bit depth which was 16 bit POm because it is bettersound quality and smoother and won’t take long to render out, made sure the sample note was 44100 and where the render wassaved too so that it is all in one track.
  3. 3. This is what the compressed rendered sound files looks like I saved the output file to my reaper documents folder and am going toimbed the WAV file via sound cloud to my blog.