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Glwand compared to_oracle_report_manager


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Glwand compared to_oracle_report_manager

  1. 1. Oracle Report Manager compared to GL Wand Category Report Manager GL Wand So what? Architecture Report front end Report Manager is for GL Wand is for With GL Wand, the productive Excel controlling user access to increasing user interface is used for defining, executing, historic reports in the productivity by using publishing and analysis of reports. Oracle E-Business Suite Excel as the front end reports repository via a to Oracle Financial Enhanced user productivity is why web browser. data. hundreds of companies have selected GL Wand to complement their Oracle Reports are refreshed via Excel reports are Financial reporting strategy. the concurrent manager. refreshed live by users while segment value Report Manager is more about control security is automatically and security and less about enhanced enforced. productivity. Report sharing User access to historic Reports can be mass In the Report Manager scenario, all reports is controlled via a created and mass report repository users will need to be browser to the Oracle E- emailed in xls, xlsx, pdf licensed Oracle EBS users. With GL business Suite repository. or HTML formats. Wand you can easily mass create static Excel or PDF reports for sharing with non Oracle users. Excel integration Report Manager is a With GL Wand, the From a report development template driven tool which productive Excel perspective, with GL Wand, reports can publishes to Excel. Once interface is used for easily be modified, enhanced, cloned published it is difficult to defining, executing, and re-used, using the native Excel dynamically add new publishing and analysis interface. This makes for a very columns or modify the of reports. productive Report development layout/template directly in environment. Excel. Real time Reports are refreshed in Live cell by cell With GL Wand all financial information the background via the refreshes controlled by is at your fingertips making it useful for concurrent manager and the user. more than just generating financial then published to Excel. reports. GL Wand is used for ad hoc enquires, account reconciliations, actual budget variance analysis, costing and operational accounting. Expect productivity gains. Report definitions Based on FSG row set / Based on Custom GL Wand reports are flexible and easily column set architecture Excel functions at the support a mix of charts, conditional cell level. formatting, statistical values, multiple sets of books information, multiple currencies and multiple combinations of actual and budgets across multiple reporting periods. Functionality Report development Users require specialist Users need to know Users can develop their own adhoc knowledge of FSG report how to use Excel. reports and do their jobs better without development. specialist skills. Create drillable reports Yes GL Wand creates GL Wand drill downs have built-in formatted Excel wizards to remove headings and workbooks with the drill subtotals making it easier to data. GL Wand consolidate, sort, filter and pivot drill supports customized down data. It is also possible to extend layouts, drill to the standard drills based on your own balances, drill to SQL statement using the Reports Wand journals, full journals add-on. GL Wand vs Report Manager 1 of 2
  2. 2. and sub ledgers. Benefits Enhance productivity Report Manager does not GL Wand stated Expect to save 2-4 days per user per have a goal of increasing objective is to increase month on finance related tasks after user productivity, rather user productivity. deploying GL Wand. security and control. Report building tools Discover functions GL Wand has easy to use functions to further reduce report development time. Report Refresh Report definition is Controlled at the GL Wand refreshes cells at a rate of 5- Performance uploaded to server and individual cell / range / 50 cells per second. Each cell then executed as a sheet or workbook representing many balances. Huge concurrent request and level. productivity gain is expected, especially then published into excel. for ad hoc enquiry compared to a front end logon. Report Refresh Overwrites destination Refreshes each cell in Excel objects like graphs, conditional architecture cells / destination place with referential formatting, formulae etc which are worksheet with a static integrity maintained. linked to source cells will refresh intact data dump. due to this referential integrity. Users can exploit Excel functionality. One click reporting is possible with GL Wand. Ease of installation Involves applying many Installs in minutes. Start writing your first GL Wand report patches and within minutes of installation. troubleshooting formatting issues. GL Wand vs Report Manager 2 of 2