Biebie productions acting courses


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This document gives you an idea of who and what Biebie Productions is. it covers the First umbrella of Acting

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Biebie productions acting courses

  1. 1. Welcome to Biebie Productions My specialization lies in offering you high quality, custom designed courses to meet your needs. Many of my clients don’t have years to study; they only have a few weeks or 3 months to develop their skills under the umbrella of Speech, Acting and/or Personal Development. I can help you achieve your goal! I am a specialist in elocution and speech therapy. My speech therapy sessions can correct any speech impediment and/or help recover vocal communication abilities as in the case of stroke patients. Whether you are a member of the general public who wants to improve their communication skills in the workplace and/or in general; an actor who needs to master an American accent for an international production in film, television and theatre industries; or simply want to achieve your personal goals in life...My courses are a valuable stepping stone for anyone who wishes to achieve their goals. This course is presented by Biebie Productions Tel: +27 084 625 4104 Fax: 086 665 2227 Website:
  2. 2. ACTING: WHAT MAKES OUR ACTING COURSES SO DIFFERENT? My main reason for devising these two courses is that I wanted to refine and highlight what actors today are utilizing most when acting, both for film, television and theatre. From all my years of study and working in the field I have found that with careful observation a pattern emerge and these are the skills which I focus on. This process has been feasible, because my students are being featured in local/overseas films, television soaps, and commercials; presenting on television and radio. I also offer onset coaching. Two acting courses on offer: BASIC ACTING = 7lessons X 1.1/2 HRS P/W ADVANCED ACTING = 11lessons X 1.1/2 HRS P/W This course is presented by Biebie Productions Tel: +27 084 625 4104 Fax: 086 665 2227 Website:
  3. 3. BASIC ACTING This course focuses directly on what directors look for in actors. It helps everybody; an amateur actor wanting to develop their skills OR an accomplished actor who wants to brush up on their skills. It teaches you the tools needed, which all international and local actors are required to use and know. It allows the student to learn about acting in a realistic way which is similar to everyday life – since acting is about portraying an everyday slice of life in a realistic and naturalistic manner. I offer a version of this course for kids too. Benefits: An intense learning experience of new techniques in front of like-minded people. Total immersion in the craft of acting and going to auditions. On-camera training within the first few days. Personal strengths and weaknesses will be revealed for character development. A professional working atmosphere. You will become a better communicator and listener. Viewing a role from a different perspective by encouraging you to think outside the box. Course Outline: Use of voice - warming up your voice; How to go to a casting - Preparation for a casting; Translate preparation into an on camera performance; Handling the call back and meeting the client. Tools of acting - business; status levels, listing skills, acting vs. reacting, Character building - Different ways to approach characterization; Exercises aimed at physical and vocal transformation, including a detailed look at mannerisms, speech patterns, posture, gesture and clothing. Monologues/Duologues - How to analyze a scene using the following tools: Overall Objective; Scene Objective, Obstacles; Beats and Actions; Place and Fourth Wall; Inner Objects and Doings. Textual analysis - Modulation; Improvisation – Structured and Unstructured - as a vehicle for harnessing the power of the imagination, being spontaneous and collaborating with fellow actors. Memorizing of lines and blocking. The basics of acting technique, including finding motivation and uncovering subtext; Stanislavski techniques Duration: 7 weeks @ 1hr 30min. This course is presented by Biebie Productions Tel: +27 084 625 4104 Fax: 086 665 2227 Website:
  4. 4. ADVANCED ACTING This course is a continuation of the Basic Acting Course. All the tools and skills you learned about in the Basic Acting will be advanced even further in this course. As an actor your job is to lie, how good a liar are you really? You not only develop your talent, skill, emotional quality, creativity etc, but also yourself: as acting is about creating an extension of yourself which is true to everyday life. This course culminates in a practical and written exam. Benefits: Learn to collaborate, build your social skills, learning capacity and self-confidence. Refine your skills – theoretically and practical. Understanding by taking on the role of a character, you have to relate to another viewpoint. Gain insight into the various disciplines and career options in the entertainment arts. You will become a better communicator by learning to convey the desired message. You will become a better listener by discovering new group dynamics, and figuring out how to work together to achieve the desired outcome. Discover and test your aptitude for a potential career in the entertainment arts. Course Outline: Acting and camera terminology - every actors needs to know their craft i.e. behind the scenes; Character development (quality) - how convincing are you; Listening versus hearing - an actor’s most important tool; Understanding reality of emotions vs. reaction - talking heads and energy; Bottom lining - reactions; Rhythm and physicality - mood and atmosphere; Dry crying vs. real crying - dramatic tragedy; Team work, touch, trust - feeding off each other and giving back; Understanding the subconscious; Psychology of mind versus character; Professionalism in your career - whatever actor needs to be reminded of. Duration: 11 weeks @ 1hr 30min This course is presented by Biebie Productions Tel: +27 084 625 4104 Fax: 086 665 2227 Website:
  5. 5. I was enthralled to be introduced to the successful, Barbara Barbieri on the showcase of her talent and her ambition to improve the world of Art,Film and Music with her knowledge . Teaching aspiring actors to act, broadening skills such as writing, acting for theatre and film, as well as, enriching their unique voices. Taking classes to strengthen my confidence, especially, vocal voice training was much needed and recommended. I have successfully completed my courses (Intermediate Film Acting and Elocution) and can thank Biebie Productions for their overwhelming support and ability to deliver competitive rates with sound experience. Classes are personal and always interactive. Biebie Productions serves individualists needs and promotes positive student projects and student interaction. To be a student of Biebie Productions has been an enriching experience and part of my expressive artistic journey. I urge anyone who is considering to take a course/s with Biebie productions to do so, because she will change your life!!! Well done, Biebie Productions, Here's to Future Success. Regards Riaan Raymond Aspiring Actor and Writer “I really enjoyed the Intermediate Actors course, this was a first time in acting for me, and Barbara's friendly & fun approach to teaching really made me feel comfortable and at home. From start to finish I don't think there was one day where I wasn't laughing! I really learnt a lot, there was constant feedback and coaching during my training sessions I always was made aware of where I was going wrong, and where I was going right, and I definitely feel it was money well spent! My confidence has gone up 120% and I am about to proceed onto the Masters course without hesitation! Thank you Barbara, looking forward to the Masters course to begin!!! Dalwyn" Norman Vincent Leslie has endorsed your work as Owner at Biebie Productions. Dear Barbara, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "Barbara's acting course was a great help with my speach and confidence. She takes you out of your comfort zone and opens you up for improvement. It's an experience I definately recommend for people wanting to improve their communication skills!" Service Category: Vocal and acting coach Year first hired: 2011 Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative This course is presented by Biebie Productions Tel: +27 084 625 4104 Fax: 086 665 2227 Website: