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Document 3 language based exercises


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Language based exercises about Second Republic

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Document 3 language based exercises

  1. 1. GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY DEPARTMENT Teacher: Maite Fresnillo Document 3 Language based exercises Index Exercise 1: In this section we will include a series of definitions of concept that appear along the unit and the names of several characters related to the unit. In both cases we are going to try to use relative clauses and general characteristics for definitions such as avoiding the repetition of the concept they have to define or paraphrasing some words. Exercise 2: For doing this activity we have two different possibilities: in little groups or all the students together.  Working in groups: we will prepare the same number of copies as groups and we will cut the square horizontally so that in each peace of paper will be a question and an answer. Students should put them together so that when doing the activity properly they will close a circle.  Working as a class: we will cut one page of the exercise and we will give one (or more, depending on the number of students) to each of our students. One will begin by reading the question they have and the person who has the answer will say it (the rest of the students can say if this is right or not). Once we have the right answer, the person having it will read their question and we will continue in this way until we get the answers for all the questions.
  2. 2. GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY DEPARTMENT Teacher: Maite Fresnillo Exercise 1 DEFINITIONS Provisional Government San Sebastián Pact Radical Republicans Constituent Courts 26 article Jurados mixtos La Barraca Generalitat Catalan Republican Left Casas Viejas CEDA Two Black Years Smallholdings Act Treintistas Workers’ Alliance Assault Guards Falange ANV Jagi-Jagi
  3. 3. GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY DEPARTMENT Teacher: Maite Fresnillo CHARACTERS Lerroux Alcalá Zamora Azaña García Lorca Macià Sanjurjo Gil Robles Martínez Barrio Calvo Sotelo Indalecio Prieto Julián Besteiro Pestaña Companys Casares Quiroga Jose Antonio Aguirre Elias Gallastegui Ortega y Gasset Unamuno
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY DEPARTMENT Teacher: Maite Fresnillo Exercise 2 When was proclaimed the Second Republic? 18 July, 1936 Who was the king before the proclamation of the Second Republic? The 14 April 1931 Which kind of elections were held before the proclamation of the Second Republic? Alphose 13th Which political parties obtained the majority in the 1931 April elections? Municipal elections Who was appointed as President of the Republic during the first two legislatures? Republicans and Socialists What position occupied Azaña in the first republican government? Alcalá Zamora Which kind of government was formed after the proclamation of the Republic? War Minister Who was the women deputy who defended women’s right to vote? Provisional government Which kind of suffrage was included in the 1931 Constitution? Clara Campoamor How many cameras would be in the Spanish Courts? Universal Who was the Prime Minister in the first republican government (after the 1931 elections? Only one Which incident provoked Azaña’s resignation? Manuel Azaña Which group obtain a majority of the share of vote in the 1933 polls? Casas Viejas Who was the Prime Minister of the government formed in 1933? CEDA What was the name given to the period in office of right wing parties? Lerroux What was one of the causes that provoked the fall of the right wing government? Black Two-Year What was the name of the left wing coalition for the 1936 elections? Straperlo scandal Who became Prime Minister in the government of the Popular Front? Popular Front What was the aim of the Popular Front? Casares Quiroga What did the military organised? Retake the reforms started by Azaña When did the coup d’état start? An upraise against the government