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Multimodal, Simultaneous Biometric Authentication with Random Challenge Response (otp – one time password). A very strong Verification method for securing logical access (IT Access, direct, on VPN or Internet). Secure your data, even when working from a remote access.

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Biometry ComBiom

  1. 1. ComBiom Communication Biometrics ror have risen to an all-time high ments of 189 countries have there- Biometry as part of while password, PIN- code and fore decided to implement biome- our modern life Smart Card security continues to trics in their official travel decline. In countless situations it is documents. Mankind will rapidly necessary to be absolutely sure a learn to use and trust biometrics. Biometrics are measurable forms of person is truly who he or she pur- Gradually biometric authentication the living body or its behaviour, both ports to be. Biometric Authentica- will become a common part of our of which are highly individual for tion increases security and modern life. every single person. Crime and ter- simplifies this process. Govern- Biometric authentication can be used for various purposes: Credit Cards and eBanking are increasingly endangered by criminal activi- Cyber Crime as ties on the internet, such as Phishing, Pharming, Skimming and modifica- a Main Source of tion Trojans (the so called «Man in the Middle»). Originally, PIN and passwords were spied out and later electronic payments were duplicated Danger and rerouted. The latest crime, the «Man in the Middle» is a high risk for eBanking customers, because it changes the receivers IBAN and bypas- ses the money to another bank account. Usually, neither the bank nor the customers notice the incident until a lot of money is lost. Enormous increase in cybercrime
  2. 2. ComBiom Communication Biometrics AG has developed an innovative, unique, biometric au- ComBiom, the Swiss thentication procedure with which four authentication processes – bio- patent remedy metric face recognition, biometric voice recognition, recognition of biometric lip movement, and word recognition – with randomly generated numerals, that are simultaneously requested. This process is called Com- Biom (Communication Biometrics) and is a patent-protected product for multimodal, simultaneous, biometric authentication with random challenge response. ComBiom is a multimodal, simul- ABC taneous, biometric authentication process that queries biometric face, voice, lip movement, and word recognition with a randomly generated numerals. ABC 4 6 7 9 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 SWISS IDENTITY SECURITY SYSTEMS 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 16 processes video and audio. The software in turn calculates the files, which are subse- ComBiom, quently compared to the respective reference templates. If the values Highest Security and match, ComBiom grants the user access. Thanks to ComBiom, sensitive Easy Handling data is given the greatest possible protection: With every requested nume- ral, four simultaneous authentication processes run in the background in the shortest amount of time, which, with four randomly selected numerals, The application of ComBiom is very results in a total of 16 processes. Additional security is also offered by the easy for the user. In the beginning, random generation of the number series that is to be verbally repeated (so- he must learn the system by spea- called random challenge response or otp – one-time password). This pro- king the numerals 0,1,2,… to 9. The cedure makes a replay attack impossible. Another great advantage is that webcam registers a video and audio the user no longer has to memorize codes or carry access cards. True to file for every numeral. The Com- the principle of FreeHaM (Free Hands and Memory), the four authentication Biom software then calculates a file principles with randomly selected numerals serve as a personal key. The for every numeral (reference templa- minimal costs of the required hardware, namely only a webcam with mi- tes, c. 4 KB), which includes all four crophone (integrated into most laptops as standard), also speak for Com- authentication processes. For a later Biom. login into his computer, the server, or an Internet platform, the user is asked randomly generated nume- In summary, three central 3 USPs rals that appear on the screen in USPs distinguish ComBiom: succession. He speaks these nu- 1. Highest security merals and the webcam records the 2. Easy operation 3. Minimal hardware investment
  3. 3. ComBiom Communication Biometrics Individual biometry PermaFace PermaVoice Another advantage of ComBiom is that the biometric face recognition and the biometric voice recognition can also be used separately, in other words, not in combination with the other biometrics. From these possible couplings, BIOME- AG has developed two other products: PermaFace and PermaVoice. PermaFace stands for perma- nent biometric face recognition. If a computer is equipped with it, space using complex mathematical able authentication on the tele- the face of its user is verified at re- algorithms (e.g., connection of the phone can be achieved. With voice gular intervals. If it is determined corner of the right eye with the cor- recognition, a digital image of the that someone else is operating the ner of the right mouth or the con- voice is created that is then recog- PC, the authentication fails, i.e., the nection of the corner of the left eye nized by PermaVoice. It is not to be computer closes all programs and with the corner of the right mouth, confused with word recognition, shuts itself down. Face recognition etc.). The more such lines are con- which in our case constitutes the thereby functions as follows: There structed, the more secure is the au- fourth biometric. Voice and word re- are various points in the face that thentication process. cognition combined in turn provide can be uniquely detected. These an otp = one-time password. are virtually connected with lines PermaVoice verifies the user’s that are defined in two-dimensional voice, whereby, for example, a reli-
  4. 4. All-in-one software ComBiom Communication Biometrics ComBiom is all-in-one software. In other words, the user can always MobiComBiom Mobile Communication Biometrics select whether he wants to use ComBiom as a complete package BiTCo Biometric Transaction Confirmation or whether he only wants to use in- Biometric Method Perma Face Perma Voice Hardware dividual components. The advan- · Face Permanent Biometric Face Recognition Permanent Biometric Voice Recognition · Laptop tage is that the omission or addition · Voice · PC · Lips BiDoc · Server of individual biometrics, customized · Word Biometric Documentation · Handy · Physical Access to individual security requirements, · Iris · Finger smile can be undertaken at any time. smart-ident local entrance Trust Process · Localy Safed · Server · Internet ABC · Trust Center · RFID · Handy SWISS IDENTITY SECURITY SYSTEMS AG is a high-tech security company headquartered in Swit- AG zerland that secure and easily usable biometric authentications. A multi- in brief modal product as well as the individual application of certain modes result in a all-in-one software. This enables the most varied applications to pro- tect the personal identity of people and their property. The algorithms used are the worldwide known , which ensure highest Security and Comfort. BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATI ON FOR A SECURE WORLD! 09-0035 by swiss Other products from AG: identity ComBiom MobiComBiom BiTCo Biometric Transaction Confirmation Communication Biometrics Mobile Communication Biometrics Perma Face Permanent Biometric Face Recognition Perma Voice Permanent Biometric Voice Recognition BiDoc Biometric Documentation smile smart-ident local entrance security Headquarter: AG AG/D&COMM AG systems Chilcherlistrasse 1 Miroslav Auzky Joseph Drebitko CH-6055 Alpnach OW Korunovacni 6 4 rue Guy de Maupassant Switzerland 17000 Praha 7 75116 Paris Tel.: +41416703272 Czech Republic France Tel.: +42023373855 Tel.: +33145030813