NAS Trends: Social Media Campaign Case Study


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NAS Trends T-Shirts Case Study

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NAS Trends: Social Media Campaign Case Study

  1. 1. Successful Social Media Campaign in The Arab World<br />Introduced by: AssemEmam<br />1<br />Case Study of NAS Trends.<br />June 6, 2011<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />Executive Summary<br />The following case is designed to measure social media impact on small businesses and brands, and whether they managed to succeed or not. As social media started to become a common trend investigating its accomplishments and failures is a must. One of the bands that is booming in Egypt nowadays is a clothing brand Called NAS Trends, NASis a brand that is mainly depending on social media.<br />NAS was founded in 2009, with the effort of five Egyptian youth. The main concept is to integrate both our Egyptian culture and identity with new upbeat designs. Their main inspiration of designs comes directly from the people their mission is to grow with the people and build a brand that can compete internationally.<br />Highly depending on the people, they have decided to set their campaign purely online, by using social and interactive media. NASintegrated their designs with some PR activities that involve the people, by having young Egyptian bands and, singers wearing their T-Shirts as sort of promotion and people empowerment.<br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />
  3. 3. 3<br />Introduction<br />There is a trend lately that is moving toward small companies having greater success with social media than larger companies. Small companies don’t have to invest as much to make a big impact. Small companies hold the keys to success.<br />It is important for all companies to approach social media in a structured and organized manner. If you set up a routine that is easy to follow and yields positive results, you will be more inclined to stick to it. That applies to all businesses, however, smaller companies, because their size makes them easier to manage, generally start to see results more readily than larger companies. The following are keys to success when it comes to using social media to its fullest potential (Cohn, 2010 )<br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />
  4. 4. 4<br />As the graphic below details, the small business owners who are using social media are primarily engaging in social media through company pages (75%) and status updates (69%) on Facebook or LinkedIn. What’s especially intriguing is that a much smaller percentage of respondents — just 16% — are using Twitter as a customer service channel. (based in international survey)<br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />(Grove, 2010)<br />A massive change had appeared in less than a year, Facebook user on the end of 2010 were 4, 300, 000 people while at the time being (June 2011) Facebook reached 7,354,560 users from Egypt.  YouTube last update on 2010 was 15 Million playback per day , while on the other hand twitter had 500,000 by the beginning of 2011. Statistics are changing are in increase every day, especially after the revolution.<br />
  5. 5. 5<br />NAS Trends.As Mentioned above, NAS is an extraordinary clothing brand that is made by the people for the people. The concept is simple yet it has a great value, combining people’s ideas, sayings, pictures that reflect the Egyptian culture, with and upbeat clothing brand is an idea that is worth spreading and valuing. The challenge that NAS had was to promote for their cultural-upbeat design and more importantly promote for their idea. <br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />The ApproachThe first actual existence of NAS on the internet was by launching a Facebook group at the beginning of 2009 and they started making their first contact with customers online. NAS team, used social media in the first place, that was due to the fact that they were still small and rising brand, and they wanted to start with minimum cost. Now after their success, they have decided that the main medium of communication they will be using is the social media and building upon their success.<br />They were promoting their products these days by sharing pictures for the T-Shirts designs and they were offering an online ordering and delivery to the door step. That was by sending a PM containing your order design, quantity, color and size with all your address details and thy just charge you 10LE per order.<br />
  6. 6. 6<br />Social Platforms: <br />Depending mainly on social media, NAS used 3 main platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Each of them was a media that connected people to their brand and to their up-coming activities and their other type of promotions. For example, NAS recorded a videofor prominent Egyptian rapper ZAP Tharwat, while wearing NAS T-Shirts, and it was broadcasted on their YouTube Channel. Also by Facebook and twitter they promoted for their creative events and other interactive activities. <br />In 2010 they started their Fan page for better exposure and they switched all their activities to it. NAS used their Fan Page to engage the people with the brand, by providing competitions and interactive updates. <br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />
  7. 7. 7<br />Creative Events:<br />Still depending on the people, NAS sponsored concerts for young prominent singers like Maher Zainand Hamza Namira. Using the role modeling as fashion trends, they have conducted photo-sessions for ZAP Tharwat(Rap Singer) and created events in book stores, like ALEF. They also had selling booth in City Star and Sawy Wheel, and of course those event were mainly promoted on the Social Networks.<br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />
  8. 8. 8<br />Interactive Activities: <br />NAS encouraged their fans and customers to engage with them, so they do some activities like creating design competitions for their fans, and the winning design will be added to the new collection.<br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />
  9. 9. 9<br />Paid Ads: <br />NAS used paid Facebook Ads, only when they were advertising for an event or an upcoming competition , other than that they purely depended on free social networking. <br /> E-Commerce:<br />The main selling spot they are using is , offers promotions for its bestselling brands like NAS, by giving them free advertising on their website and providing them with online ads. <br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />Video of Anas Co-Founder of NAS talking about his story with<br />
  10. 10. 10<br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />Key Success <br />In July 2010, NAS reached their 8,000 like and that was only in their first year. By November 2010, a massive 2,000 likes were added, in less than three month they reached 10,000 likes. Now in mid 2011 and in less than a year NAS have reached 17,935 Likes, more than 7,000 fans in 8 months. <br />
  11. 11. 11<br />Conclusion<br />NAS approach used to the best medium to promote for their brand, not only because we are entering the digital era, but because the digital world is the right place for their audience reach. Depending on their type of brand, knowing that it is up-beat and yet cultural was the main reason for their success, while depending on social media was only the tool that helped in booming their brand. <br /> <br />Looking at the statistics of their Facebook page and the increase of their fan base since they first started till now (17,935 Likes), shows that they are on the right track, and that social media works for small –medium business. <br />Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />References<br />Official Facebook Page;<br /><br />Grove, J. V. (2010). How Small Business is Usign Social Media Stats . Retrieved from Mashable :<br />Reda, A. (2011, June ). Marketing & PR Manager, Co-Founder, NAS Trends . (A. Emam, Interviewer)<br /> Cohn, M. (2010 ). How Social Media Impact Small Business . Retrieved from The Social Customer :<br />
  12. 12. Successful Social Media Campaign Case Study<br />linkedin.cominAssemEmam<br />Facebook.comAssemEmam<br />twitter.comAssem<br />flickr.comAssemEmam<br />youtube.comAssemTV<br />