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Indian social media case studies

  2. 2. Why this Kolaveri Di - Youtube Case Study – How it became an Overnight sensation!2
  3. 3. Background • In less than a week „Why this Kolaveri Di‟ a popular song sung by Dhanush for his movie „3‟ directed by his wife Aishwarya starring himself and Shruthi Hassan became sensational, conversational track on Twitter, Facebook, Traditional Media and beyond. • This song had to be released officially on 16 November, 2011 by Sony Music, but a recording version of song had already reached internet much before(around 31 October). • This fluke became a blessing in disguise for its Music composers as this song became an overnight hit and is most viewed song on You tube, with around 3.79 million views in less than a week and remained trending topic on twitter for three days. • No other song from Kollywood has received so much adulation from whole nation.3
  4. 4. Mind Boggling Stats Twitter - Total Tweets: 96,323 - Total Impressions: 8,072,375 YouTube - Views (Official Sony Channel): 16,572,142 - Views from India: 11,079,802 - Subscribers gained: 8,450 - Highest no of viewers are male since it‟s a male centric song : 72.3% male viewers - Likes: 146,224 - Highest shares from mobile apps and directly: 5,740,365 - YouTube has also given the video a gold medal for the most popular video and a silver medal for trending Facebook - Total shares: 3,625,124 Other Achievements - First ever Tamil song to play on FM in Bangalore - First ever Tamil song to be aired on MTV4 - Now an IIM Case Study
  5. 5. The Story demystified by Prashanth Challapalli - The business head of Jack in the Box Worldwide, the digital outfit behind the monster called #kolaveri “When I saw the video for the first time in office, I knew it connected across languages because everyone in the office was watching it on repeat mode. I realized we had a brilliant piece of content and decided to seed and promote it aggressively.” “We got a brief from Sony Music South and the brief was to market the music video on Social Media” “We decided to seed the video online. Social Media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter formed the core of our strategy. We were sure the YouTube link would attract You Tube views on its own.” “On Facebook, The Sony Music South page had close to 200K fans and we knew this would hit home there because it‟s a predominantly Tamil audience. “On Twitter, we created a hashtag called #whythiskolaveridi and started posting quirky lines like “Iceland has not heard #whythiskolaveridi”, “Not called for 2 days #whythiskolaveridi”, etc., with the YouTube link to the video. This intrigued people on twitter who didn‟t understand what Kolaveri di meant. So questions started being asked and as a natural impulse, people started clicking on the link.” “Music has always been big but brands really haven‟t used it well so far. We might5 see that changing fast though via Social Media.”
  6. 6. How Facebook Applications are used by brands - Technology based Social Media engagement campaign. (Review of 4 Apps)6
  7. 7. Mobile Apps Powered By Light? • Titan launched (around July, 2011) HTSE (Hi-Tech Self Energized) watches that run on light. • To take the users close to the product experience Maxus Digital team conceived a first of its kind concept in the world: World‟s First mobile application Powered by LIGHT. • Users have to power the mobile app by pointing their mobile camera to a light source like a daylight, light bulb, computer display etc. • An augmented realty feature was also provided so that the users can virtually place a HTSE collection of their choice on their wrist, capture the picture and share the same on social networks! • Users can also check out the nearest store where they can find a HTSE watch through a GPS based store locator in the app.7 Watch the video here:
  8. 8. Kurkure Guess the Ingredients Contest • A neatly designed interactive application built in with Facebook API on the Kurkure page. • Encourages people to engage with brand and identify the ingredients of Kurkure‟s new flavors: South Indian Spicy | Mumbai Special | Bengal Special etc. • With the choice of various ingredients, you can scoop in and drop the right set of spices, cereals. 3 wrong choices you make you are out of the contest. • Once you identify ingredients of all the Kurkure flavors in different levels, you can share the results with your friends to make entry in to the contest, to increase the chances of winning you can encourage few friends to play the contest. • Educating about the new product in the market is a challenge and creating such contests can make the product familiar to the participant. • Since the contest is knowledge based, it encourages participant to spend time with the8 brand
  9. 9. Airtel – Road to Vegas Background • Continuing the popularity of its advertisement “Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hai”, Airtel brings the innovation to facebook too. The app is integrated with Facebook API, connects with the song in the ad. • Participants need to „select a friend‟ according to the types: Kanjoos friend, joke friend, poke friend, SMS friend, MMS friend etc. • Once you select your friends, you can tag them. As you tag them the post reaches on your wall and theirs and thus the concept goes viral – encouraging more people to participate in the contest. • As per the contest if your friend type is more popular, you enter a chance to win the trip to Vegas along with your friends, if you tag the most of friends you may also win a Samsung Galaxy on daily basis. Verdict • Contest is smartly integrated with the overall „integrated marketing‟ campaign of the brand. • Since the Target Audience is youth, contest is a great way to encourage youth to spend time with brand + spread the word about their participation. • Contest also delivers free access to Facebook via their Airtel Connection upon registration, which stuffs participants with “something for sure” • A trip to Vegas is definitely greedy enough for youth to participate & spread the word.9
  10. 10. Fastrack – How Small is Yours • If you look at this contest you might think it is definitely “Fishy”! • The contest is apt for the urban target audience on Facebook, as this is „funky‟ enough to encourage them to participate. • On clicking the home page, you are asked to choose who amongst the four might have the small one (Refer to the image below) • Contest surely confuses you as it is not too evident what does the brand mean by the “small one”. • There are 2 boys & 2 girls and you need to click on the person who has the small one. The brand is relating the small one to the miniator shades which is owned by one of the four there and you need to identify one to submit entry for the contest. • Very smart idea: Brilliant use of colors, excellently related to human body and sex, as sex really sells especially when it is „youth‟ targeted, Contest is simple and doesn‟t require much time or intellect of participant and It definitely introduces „Miniator‟ shades to the participant.10
  11. 11. Adidas on Facebook- Cricket based Social Media marketing case study11
  12. 12. Adidas on Facebook - Background • Cricket is like a religion in India and in order to connect to the target audience on the online space, they had to connect Adidas with Cricket • They had to create a platform where the cricket fans come, discuss, consume content and spread word of mouth among their peers so that it snowballs into a movement and by the start of world cup, it becomes the one platform where the real cricket fans can identify with • The primary target audience for adidas was in the age group of 14 – 19 years extended to 25. This audience had a huge affinity towards digital media. Their digital footprints cover social networking, mobile, entertainment, sports, online videos etc.12
  13. 13. Adidas on Facebook – Implementation & Response • For sustained engagement, encouraged the users to share their views through constant cricket related conversations • Other engagement hooks were Games, Trivia and long term games like Fantasy cricket • Sneak previews and premiering of the new campaign TVC‟s are released first on Facebook before they are taken live on TV which has also increased the excitement manifold • The 60 sec Director‟s cut of the TVC for the pure cricket campaign was exclusively unveiled on Facebook during the IND AUS series in Oct • There were many other activities which happened on a daily basis to make sure that the excitement never stopped:  PREDICT AND WIN  RAPIDFIRE CONTEST  SPOT THE BALL CONTEST  IMMORTAL WORDS CONTEST • Fantasy cricket generated phenomenal responses on all the engagement parameters - It has more than 50 thousand registered teams • Photos were the most highly consumed form of media on the fan page. Users are constantly sharing their photos on the page to display their love for the brand. • The video plays shot up with the launch of the directors cut TVC on the page.13 • It has been a story of 24/7 engagement since the beginning and still going strong.
  14. 14. AXE - Facebook Marketing Case Study14
  15. 15. AXE Angels Club • Axe enjoys a distinctive, masculine and exuberant brand personality. The proposition of Axe has always been the same – Use the product in order to get an edge over others in the ‘mating game’. • The communication is therefore consistently cheeky, irreverent and full of unexpected surprises; and that’s what makes it highly effective. • The target group for the same is best suited for engagement with Social Media Marketing. • Recognition:  ABBY Awards – Goa Fest 2011: Axe Angels Club wins Silver for BEST USE OF INTERNET AND DIGITAL MEDIA  CAMPAIGN INDIA – DIGITAL MEDIA AWARDS 2011: Bronze – Best Viral Marketing – Axe Angels Club  Exchange4media presents IDMA 2011: Silver – Best Use of Social Networks – Product/Service/Corporate – Axe Angels Club15
  16. 16. Implementation: • They wanted to give the users who played the AXE Inxtinct game a better and a more realistic brand experience! Hence, they activated 5 Angels from the game across Social Networks. • Apart from girls living and showing off the sexy Axe life, they connected with the TG on what would be interesting to them.i.e. Cricket, Football, Music, etc. • There were regular contests, product sampling and surveys, TVC‟s released on social media before they hit the channels. • During the IPL, each Angel supported a different team. Similarly during the Football World Cup, the Angels again supported different teams.16
  17. 17. Asian Paints - Tag a Holi Friend Campaign on Facebook17
  18. 18. Asian Paints - Background • Asian Paints required a social marketing campaign that would convey the core message of the Asian Paints brand, that of safe vibrant colors, and had the capacity to go viral. • Objective: Creating a campaign that was self sustainable, viral and true to their brand persona of Asian Paints. • The 2011 „Tag a Friend Holi‟ application allowed users to pick a friend from their friend list and then choose from a variety of World Cup team colors available via the Asian Paints Palette and color their friends pictures with specific World Cup team colors. • The picture was then shared and published on their walls along with a personalized message therefore setting off a viral effect. • The application also functioned as a contest encouraging users to participate and compete with each other to win prizes. • Success was evident when the application garnered close to 35,000 page views with more than 10,000 monthly active users within the first week. • Along with the cricket frenzy, the application successfully engaged users with the18 brand „Asian Paints‟ at every level.
  19. 19. HDFC Bank on Social Media - How they listen customers on Twitter19
  20. 20. HDFC Bank on Social Media • According to a study done by, Indian banks whether government or private have been using social media to stay in touch with their customers but HDFC stands out as far as leveraging social media is concerned both in terms of number of channels being used as well as engaging with their customers. • HDFC Bank has presence across 8 social media channels out of which the prominent presence is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube & their official blog. • HDFC‟s page on facebook generates admirable feedback from users which serves as a ground for them to understand their fans as well as promote their banking products. They have a money matters section where they provide interesting recent financial news of interest to their fans. Also they keep on engaging the users with interesting puzzles/jigsaws based upon financial terms. • HDFC‟s twitter approach is build upon again like their facebook approach on sharing interesting & relevant information with their followers, asking them interesting puzzles, sharing new products & deals from their stable and so on. No wonder that they have a healthy follower count of 2500+ which is growing on the daily basis.20
  21. 21. HDFC Bank on Social Media • HDFC lacks on its Youtube marketing aspect and needs to learn from other banks like ICICI which is the second most active bank on social media in India. Although HDFC has created some great commercials for their television audience which have found their way on Youtube also and these commercials have large viewership on Youtube too but they need to leverage Youtube by posting such videos regularly on their channel & promoting it further. • HDFC Bank‟s company page on LinkedIn has more than 25,000 followers. They haven‟t leveraged this platform to its full potential yet like they can display their products on their page on which they can get recommendation from the users which will serve as a live testimonial but still having a presence on LinkedIn is being helpful to them as the company stats & employees list can be browsed through to get interesting information about them.21
  22. 22. Kingfisher Beerup - How Kingfisher Beer organizes Tweetups and helps promote brand value22
  23. 23. #KFbeerup Strategy: • If you love drinking beer and are offered FREE unlimited with your friends what more will you ask for? • Kingfisher Beer organized something similar for the twitter community. Kingfisher announced a tweetup for beer lovers every week on Saturday that limited to “Twitter Users” only! • This beer up was announced on Twitter and restricted to 50 -80 twitteratis registering first come first serve basis. • Kingfisher promises #KFBeerup in a city one month in advance and if you have registered you can drink as much Kingfisher Premium Beer as you can. No conditions apply! Outcome: • From the time Kingfisher announces the #KfBeerup in a city with Invitation for registrations (on The word starts spreading, twitter world starts buzzing with hash tag “#Kfbeerup”, people start tagging their friends on twitter to inform them about the #Kfbeerup and many make fake profiles of their friends for sake of registrations.23
  24. 24. How Volkswagen leverages on Social Media using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube24
  25. 25. How Volkswagen India practises Social Media • Right now, Volkswagen India mainly has a presence across four social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & LinkedIn. • Apart from that they have dedicated sites for their „Innovations for Everyone‟ and „Think Blue campaign‟ campaigns. • The important aspect of Volkswagen India‟s strategy is a long term approach to build loyal community and the use of all the marketing channels: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor & Online to leverage their promotional campaigns. • All the social media properties are being cross-marketed on one another. • The facebook and twitter properties are highly interactive and keep the users engaged with interesting contests, offers and replying to various queries and feedback.25
  26. 26. How Volkswagen India practises Social Media • On Facebook, they have grown the community organically to over 60,000 fans with the average rate of interaction being 150 fans per post. • The communication is mostly about travelling, holidays, cars, roads, etc.apart from cross-marketed content from other social media properties, contests, campaigns. • On Twitter, they have identified the owners of Volkswagen vehicles on twitter & have added them to the respective lists of different vehicles. • They use these lists to keep a track of their customers & occasionally inform them about any new initiatives or offers. • On Youtube, the videos have received admirable number of views and the videos have been distributed well among the influential bloggers and other new media channels! • They have made good use of linkedin company page by connecting to relevant professionals there.26
  27. 27. The Tweeting Newspaper – Volkswagen India #anything4jetta• What will you do for all the new jetta? Was the question asked in the third page of the Hindu. To answer the same you need to Tweet away with the hashtag #anything4jetta. The wittiest and most popular tweet wins daily prizes and wins an entry to the grand prize “The Jetta” itself.• The Ad is well explained, usage of the image supports the title, people are also encouraged to send in an audio tweet, a video tweet or a call in tweet.• It is an excellent example of integration of traditional and social media to generate curiosity, outreach and therefore mass participation!27
  28. 28. Ching’s Secret - The most popular Indian Social Media brand28
  29. 29. Ching’s Secret leveraged only on New Media • FMCG company Capital Foods, which manufactures Chings Secret soups, sauces and instant noodles, uses Facebook extensively by discussing innovative recipes centred around the brand. • "Sales of Chings Secret over the year has grown 8-9% month-on-month. • “We spend 35% of our marketing budget on social media and believe that a substantial part of Chings growing sales is because of the connect with the Facebook generation," said Ajaay Gupta, MD and CEO, Capital Foods. • To boot, for little over a year, the firm did not invest in above-the-line advertising channels like television.29
  30. 30. Strategy on Social Media • The brand has used a mix of content about Chinese food, contests, giveaways, cookery recipes, food secrets, market research n quizzes to build connectivity and empathy with their fans. • To drive traffic they used offline pushes, online advertising and the organic growth for viral spread of content. • For any customer feedback on the brand page or anywhere else on Facebook, Twitter or blogs, the company has setup automated alerts using various tools. • The feedbacks are all responded to between 7am and 11pm within maximum 10 minutes. In a lot of cases Ching‟s is able to get back in seconds. • The Ching‟s Secret YouTube channel is the largest online cookery show in India.30
  31. 31. Listening on Social Media – Snapdeal.Com - How poor advertising leads to bad online reputation31
  32. 32. Poor Advertising and Consequences On Social Media • There was a huge negative response from bloggers and influential people on social media after 2 bloggers commented about snapdeal‟s fake and poor advertisements. • After the negative buzz, Rohit Awasthi (Head – User & Communities at replied back apologizing for such advertisement and explained what had probably went wrong and promised to clean up such ads.32
  33. 33. Evalueserve - Using LinkedIn for lead generation and brand building33
  34. 34. Executive Summary• Evalueserve is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firm, providing knowledge-based professional research and analytics services for clients worldwide.• The virtual nature of Evalueserve‟s business model called for the use of web-based technologies to support the sales and marketing efforts across the globe.• Using LinkedIn, a team member in India can initiate contact or create awareness about Evalueserve with prospective clients, adding comments to forums, asking or answering questions, etc.Implementation: •Many of their Sales Support team members had started using LinkedIn : • For branding, the Marketing Communications (Marcom) team has been encouraging the controlled use of forums for the distribution of white papers, articles, etc. or for answering questions asked by members, researching events and more • New white papers are systematically posted (excerpts or links) in relevant groups or forums. • Selected professionals of Evalueserve regularly browse LinkedIn forums to post advice on queries • The Marcom team also regularly checks forums and questions, and arranges answers/forum posts to be published. Guidelines for Social Media have been included in the global Media Communication manual.34
  35. 35. Impact & Outcome Lead generation: • The Sales team gains direct access to C-Level people without having to go through numerous rounds of calls with secretaries. • Using LinkedIn, one gets to know the focus of the profile being contacted and can customize the pitch accordingly to garner maximum interest. This helps us in reaching the right audience, saving a lot of time and improving our success rate. Brand building: • By posting white papers on LinkedIn, we have received several requests from traditional media or blogs. • Several Client Engagement Managers have also received messages through LinkedIn about their posts. • There is an influx of external recommendations on LinkedIn. • Using LinkedIn for marketing has helped them to improve our visibility and catch the attention of the right target audience though traditional media is still used as a tool to reach out to a more general audience.35
  36. 36. THANK YOU36