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Real time Communication

Best ppt on real time communication. Have to be dowloaded by experts.

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Real time Communication

  1. 1. By- Aryan Goyal
  2. 2. Real time communication Real-Time Communication (RTC) is a new integrated communication medium based on the upcoming W3C standard WebRTC, making use of other components like HTML5/JavaScript, the iLBC audio codec, and the VP8 video codec.
  3. 3. In may 2011, Google released an open source project for browser-based real-time communication known as WebRTC. This has been followed by ongoing work to standardise the relevant protocols in the IETF and browsedAPIs in the W3C.
  4. 4. Internet explorer Google chrome SafariOpera Firefox Real-Time Communication
  5. 5. Functions of Real-Time Communication It permit computer users to exchange multimedia and audio content in real-time. It will integrate as well gateways to telephony networks using the (VoIP) SIP protocol .
  6. 6. Real-Time Communication includes : Telephony in conventional sense.  Mobile and cellular telephone.  VoIP (Voice over IP, also called Internet telephones) IRC(Internet Relay Chat)  Live Videoconferencing communications  Robotic telepresence