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Web rtc summary


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Published in: Technology
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Web rtc summary

  1. 1. WebRTC SummarySimplex Internet / Research Institute / Jeong, Ki-Chul2013. 5. 23
  2. 2. WebRTC?• Real-Time Communications (RTC)Web+RTC• via simple Javascript APIs• Open project supportedby Google, Mozilla, Opera
  3. 3. Mission• To enablerich, high quality RTC ApplicationTo be developed in the browserVia HTML5 + Javascript API
  4. 4. History• May 2011,Ericsson built the first implementation• Oct 2011,First Public Working Draft - W3C• Feb 2012,WebRTC Native APIs 2.0 (libjingle r115)• June 2012,WebRTC Session at Google I/O• Feb 2013,Firefox and Chrome interop achieved• May 2013,WebRTC Session at Google I/O.....
  5. 5. APIS
  6. 6. MediaStream• aka getUserMedia• Get access to data streams- Camera and MIC
  7. 7. MediaStream - Code
  8. 8. Use case of MediaStream• like Photobooth on mac• + CSS : Filter, Effect ..• + Canvas : Snapshot ..• + PeerConnection : Video Chat ..• + JS : Face detection …
  9. 9. Signaling• not part of the PeerConnection API• whatever messaging protocol they preferSIP or XMPP, WebSocket, appropriate…• The exchange of information via signalingmust have completed successfullybefore peer-to-peer streaming can begin.
  10. 10. JSEP Architecture
  11. 11. Signaling sample
  12. 12. 3 types of information to exchange• Session control messagesto initialize communicationto close communicationto report errors• Network configuration• Media capabilitiescodecs, resolutions
  13. 13. PeerConnection• audio or video callingwith facilitiesfor encryption&bandwidth management• Create a peer instance• Most important API of 3
  14. 14. WebRTC Architecture
  15. 15. Finding connection candidates
  16. 16. WebRTC data pathways
  17. 17. DataChannels• Like websocket, but peer 2 peer• Other types of data, not audio/video• Use caseGaming, text chat, file transfer, …
  18. 18. Receiving…Sending…
  19. 19. WebRTC support summary
  20. 20. WebRTC Service• TowTruckwebsite to collaborate in real-time• PeerCDNP2P CDNprivate beta, currently only chrome• VeckonWebRTC Video Chat• VlineWebRTC for integration
  21. 21. References• HTML5rocks WebRTC• W3C WebRTC• WebRTC Official Site• Ericsson Lab• ICE, TURN and STUN for NAT Traversal
  22. 22. THANKS