eduTecher Backpack - An Awesome App for iPhone & iPad


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eduTecher Backback app puts the best web tools and reviews of educational websites in the palm of your hand, saving you time with lesson planning and making learning more enjoyable for your students.

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eduTecher Backpack - An Awesome App for iPhone & iPad

  1. 1. AppsDNA Impeccable DNA for your apps
  2. 2.          Education is a kind of learning in which knowledge and skills of individuals gets transferred from one person to other. The introduction of iphone in 2007 spawned the market for apps industry including education apps. Less than six years later, more than a quarter of all parents have downloaded apps for their children to use. There is a significant market for children’s educational Apps in current world. Nearly half (47%) of the top 100-selling Apps target preschool or elementary aged children. Toddler/preschool apps are more prominent than those for older children. When it comes to what children are using there is no question that much of the content they consume is downloaded from the Games category. Thus, in terms of leveraging apps to further children’s learning, it is important to understand the Games category as well as the Education category.
  3. 3.     AppsDNA was founded in 2001. Our main office is in Dulles, VA in the technology corridor of northern Virginia. We serve government and commercial clients across US. AppsDNA is growing rapidly. We bring to our clients the responsiveness, quality and commitment to get the job done. We are an Oracle Partner and work with other integrators and consulting firms to bring best value to our clients. Many of our clients are global companies and we service them in the US and abroad. AppsDNA has expanded its service offering beyond Oracle and Java technologies to SharePoint solutions and Mobility solutions. Our team has deep experience in Microsoft SharePoint and in mobile apps development for iPhone, iPad and Android. AppsDNA is a certified minority business under SBA 8(a) Program. We are also MBE/DBE certified in VA, MD, PA, NJ, SC, CA.
  4. 4.      The AppsDNA GDM meshes a well-defined, single business management system with industry best practices, models and standards such as ISO, CMMI, ITIL and Six Sigma. Robust knowledge and responsibility transition across employees is seamless ensuring clockwork-like efficiency and effectiveness of provided services. A global team of professionals ensuring highly effective and scalable talent management. A multi-tiered technology infrastructure with an interconnected global development network providing better risk management and 24/7 coverage, a state- of-the-art telecoms network and global collaboration tools. With over 270+ Successful Apps Developed for iPhone, iPad , Android , BlackBerry and Facebook. AppsDNAis an experienced Mobile App Development Company. Quick Facts     270+ Apps Designed & Developed. Awarded Top 50 Best Managed Global Outsourcing Co. 50+ Satisfied Clients . 60+ Highly skilled developers & creative designers.
  5. 5.           Bring the best websites to your classroom! Make learning more exciting and save time looking for the most useful online tools for your students with the all new eduTecher Backpack app. Loved by teachers and students, this app puts the best web tools and reviews of educational websites in the palm of your hand, saving you time with lesson planning and making learning more enjoyable for your students. Super easy to use – Get started right away without registering or create an account for personalized features. Watch eduTecher TV – View helpful videos on how to use the top learning websites in your classroom. Connect with fellow educators – Meet others who are effectively using technology in education. Easily share and collaborate - Connect with other users of the app or website and share messages, favorites, and notes. Post to Facebook and Twitter – Found a helpful link? Quickly update your status on social media sites. Share what you know - Create blog posts without leaving the app and read people’s comments on what you wrote. Learn from others – Read or respond to issues raised in the forums.
  6. 6.  "The best teacher resource for new resources and ideas! … A must have." – Education Apps Review ( Featured in iPhone Life Magazine as one of the top 5 apps for Educators! eduTecher - Backpack was reviewed on news/edutecherbackpack/  was named a “Site of the Week” by eClassroom News.
  7. 7. Via Connect Mobile is the solution for the new generation and allows you to interact with your class and instructor in a fun and easy way while using your smart device.  Via Connect Mobile empowers students to be heard and counted. Interaction is maximized to quickly build understanding throughout the learning progression.  Users can:        Anonymously submit feedback in classroom discussion (virtual clicker). Review quiz and test questions before submitting . Instantly respond to an attendance poll. See up-to-date grades and points data . Complete homework assignments . Hold private discussion with instructors or post to the entire class concerning an assessment.  Personalize alerts and notification delivery .  Know that your answer was received because your smart device shows you your response.
  8. 8. 
  9. 9.        Provide your students with exceptional feedback and reduce your grading time with Essay Grader. By moving back and forth between a series of tabs and clicking appropriate checkboxes, a feedback document is created for each essay you grade. The final assessment document(s) can then be emailed to the student, emailed to yourself, or exported to your computer for printing, editing, and archival. It helps you avoid writing the same comments over and over by hand and gives you the ability to provide more targeted and more comprehensive feedback than you can with a red pen. Essay Grader comes with six different banks of pre-written comments for a multitude of topics within the categories of praise, organization, content, mechanics, style, and documentation. Everything is editable in this full version of Essay Grader iPad. You can customize all comment text, category labels, comment labels, and column labels to conform to any discipline, rubric, or grading style. In Essay Grader 4.0 tabs can now be added and deleted as the program has become highly flexible concerning the format of your CSV database.
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  11. 11. +1-(703)-652-6600 www.appsdna .com