The first open source Java office suite


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  • I mean a lot Instead of developing a new software from scratch Ease of development/improvement instead of accepting what you have Like IE6, let's bring a new player
  • This will be the first open source Java Office suite
  • There is a point I'd like to come back to. Try to image how great an office suite could be if 90,000 developers would work on it.
  • No need to wait for a patch Android, Spring framework
  • The first open source Java office suite

    1. 1. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisJoefficeThe birth of an office suite
    2. 2. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisThe current officesMS Office Proprietary C++ OfflineOffice Web Ap Proprietary (Free) JavaScript OnlineGoogle Docs Proprietary (Free) JavaScript OnlineLibreOffice LGPL (Free) C++ OfflineJoeffice Apache licence (Free) Java Offline & Online
    3. 3. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisWhy ?●A lot of people are using office software and we deserve abetter software than the existing ones.●Business needs an online pluggable, adaptable,redistributable office suite.●An office build by users for users.
    4. 4. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisThis Java Office - What will it be ?
    5. 5. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisConcepts●Clean code– Education / small school projects– Participation– Customisation for companies●Internationalization (i18n)●Modularity / plug-ins (macros, templates, …)●Re-use existing libraries and frameworks●Compatible with Microsoft Office documents
    6. 6. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisGoals●> 10 documents opened (tabs, docking)●Easily find files, options and features●Adaptable for business needs– online plug-ins, online updates– modules
    7. 7. © Copyright 2013 - Japplis1 person in 30 days ?●Use existing libraries but do not extend or fix it●Flexibility in features●Alpha version●Code !●No unit tests●This is not Microsoft Office
    8. 8. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisJavaTM●Works on Windows, Mac, Linux and soon ARM●10 000 000 developers●A great open source community●Online and offline●Interaction with other systems (JDBC, SOAP, LDAP, SAP, …)●Unicode, BiDi support, Asian languages, Garbage Collector
    9. 9. © Copyright 2013 - Japplis
    10. 10. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisApache license 2.0●Deploy on unlimited computers for unlimited users during unlimited time●No vendor lock-in●Adapt it your way (no need to wait for a patch) and no requirement to sharethe code●Possibility to redistribute it even in a commercial product●Benefit from the community improvements●Widely used license
    11. 11. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisBusiness / Enterprise●Java : No need to hire C#, C++ or Visual Basic developer●Apache licence : Adapt and redistribute even in a commercialpackage●Compatible with MS Office documents●Using standard libraries●Deploy online●Online updates and plug-ins
    12. 12. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisJoeffice online●Exactly the same version as offline.●Cloud not required : works with local files, shared networkdrives.●No cloud lock-in : works with Dropbox, GDrive, SkyDrive.●Whatever you type remains local (privacy).●Customize it (or not) and put it on the Intranet.
    13. 13. © Copyright 2013 - JapplisOne more thing●Sign up for the launch and get a free lifetime online access to Joeffice–– Limited to the coming 10 days