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  • This analysis amply brings out the offerings and positioning that a company can take after doing a detailed analysis of competition.It is important not to define competition in a very narrow sense else you will feel that there is no other company like yours or that your offering is unique.
  • An analysis of this type will give you insights as to which assets your competition is leveraging and why – equally important it allows you to configure your own strategy by looking at possible gaps in engagement that your competition has.Social media works best in conjunction with traditional media – such as radio announcements and paper ads – but this requires much larger budgets.
  • The very first example in the blog on 21-examples-of business-blogs-that-rock, showcases an example of a company that builds swimming pools in California. The author of the blog uses a recent earthquake as proof of the quality of the pools they have built as they were unaffected by the tremors. A great informal way of highlighting a major “success” and “usp” of the fiber glass construction.The example of Susie Bubbles blog on fashion is very interesting. She leverages other assets as well – for instance she clicks pictures of apparel and just about anything of interest to her and loads it onto instagram! A great way of combining a blog with instagram!
  • There are no separate universes – they are all the same. The advent of the internet has added more power and dimensions – the ability to understand consumers better and to get a better roi on marketing spend.Here are some examples:
  • Remember the success of Kolaveri Di?
  • Contemporary marketing session 4

    1. 1. Anilesh Seth Ideator, Co Founder & CEO, KROW Strategic Advisor to the Qatalys Group of Companies Mentor at the KYRON incubator Visiting Faculty at CMR IT Exec MBA program Ex-CEO/MD: LGSI, Qatalys & Supervalu India
    2. 2. Session objectives 1. To understand the possibilities offered by a wide range of digital marketing channels 2. To appreciate contemporary marketing as a tight and therefore very powerful integration of digital marketing and traditional marketing 3. To apply these concepts to a caselet to enable application oriented reinforcement of the concepts learned
    3. 3. The role of competition • It would be foolhardy to attempt to create a marketing plan without having a good understanding of your competition • A product position map is a good tool to use to understand your position vis-à-vis competition • Articulating your value proposition enables you to create appropriate marketing campaigns targeted at the right segments • When creating your marketing campaign by leveraging online channels, it’s a good idea to understand what competition is doing and what kind of response they are soliciting • To begin with make a list of who your competition is and then create a chart that maps what your competition does and offers vis- a-vis what you are doing/offering or propose to do/offer
    4. 4. Mapping your competition….offerings Competitior Companydetails Sourcingcompanyinformationshared? Jobseekercontactdetailsshared? Immediatematchmakingability? LevelofGranularity Managementofoutsourcedpayroll? Valueaddesservices: Payasyouuseoptionforbusinesses? Hugereductionintimeforfindingrightskills? Significantsavings? Immediatereferenceabilityofresources? Ratingsprovidedforenterprises? Qualityguarantee? Global? Widerangeofskills? Chargingtheprovideraswell? Positioning Pricing Volumes/Size Funding Anythingelseofinterest? Arethereadsontheirpages? Baba 2006, Blore Y Y N FAIR NO SMS Y N ? NO IMP N Y N FAIR N BOP LOW 16 EMPL ? Langua ges Google Ads Vwork 2001, Florid N N GOOD GOOD ESCR. PM TOOLS NA NO Y Y N ESCR Y BPO, TECH N TECH, OFFSH 9-15% 15000 0 SEEKS ? TOOLS NO OD 2003, CA N N GOOD BASIC ESCR. PM TOOLS NA Y Y Y N ESCR Y BPO, TECH N TECH, OFFSH SIMIL 1 MILL SEEK 3 RNDS INTRO VIDEO NO Example of Conclusions: 1. No India player except at BOP 2. Escrow doesn’t seem to scale and is restrictive to Tech and mostly to moonlighters/unemployed 3. Opportunity to do “just-for-time” matchmaking across sectors and go global 4. Opportunity to target segments like homemakers, and retired folks in addition
    5. 5. Mapping your competition….online presenceExample of Conclusions: 1. Opportunity to use FB for segment wise engagement and for creative reinforcement 2. Opportunity to use linked in for segment wise marketing and for pushing jobs 3. Opportunity to use twitter to push jobs 4. Opportunity to use blogs for segmental interest generation 5. Opportunity to leverage polls for segmental/sectoral research and engagement Competitor FBpresence FBlikes FBfocus Twitterpresence TwitterFollowers TwitterFocus Linkedinpresence Linkedinfocus Linkedinfollowers Youtubechannel Youtubefocus Youtubefollowers Blog? Blogfollowers Blogfocus Yourstorycoverage Otheronlinecoverage Printmediacoverage Listedjobs Listedemployers Registeredseekers Onlinepolls Partnerads Searchpositioning A B C
    6. 6. Digital marketing • The market place is about brands/products/services and consumers speaking directly to each other • With the advent of social media, control has moved into the hands of consumers • Social media provides a “hangout” for people where they can interact freely and in many cases, anonymously • Consumers use FB, Twitter, Linked in, Blogs et al..they even direct movies (Youtube) • The online universe is all about picking up online conversations and leveraging them somehow • Digital marketing leverages this and encompasses additional channels and techniques to craft messages, attract potential consumers, understand their behaviour and build relationships
    7. 7. Some elements of digital marketing Element Purpose Aspects More… Company blogs Great way for businesses to communicate with their target audience and show their expertise - Engaging - Educational - Comments - Social sharing - Amazing titles http://www.impactbnd. com/21-examples-of- business-blogs-that- rock/ Individual bloggers These tend to be opinion makers with large followings. Companies can leverage this by getting the bloggers to generate interest in their offering - Bloggers tend to be opinion leaders in their area of expertise - Examples of areas are: Environment, technology, food, education, training, books, kids etc Digital inspiration: The India uncut blog: http://www.indiauncut. com/ Fashion/style: http://www.stylebubble
    8. 8. Some elements of digital marketing Element Purpose Aspects More… Microblogging (Twitter) -Method to provide quick updates or provocative content that can elicit a response and solicit opinions -Can be used by companies to promote products on an individual level -Promotes a product in real time - Short messages called tweets limited to 140 characters - Great to generate conversations amongst groups with common connections/inter ests - Can be used by individual opinion makers and companies /list/fortune-100- companies-on-twitter- corporate-twitter- accounts/business-and- company-info
    9. 9. Some elements of digital marketing Element Purpose Aspects More… Linkedin Professional networking site. Great for recruitment, generating sales leads, business partners - Enables filtered searching - To get access to non direct contacts you need to pay http://www.silverbe great-examples-of- companies-using- linkedin-for- business/ Facebook Social networking site. Great place to build a community and advertise your product/service - Enables conversations between connected people - Ability to solicit opinions through polls - Ability to build fan base through “fan gating”, contests etc http://www.socialm -facebook- marketing-success- stories-you-should- model/
    10. 10. Some elements of digital marketing Element Purpose Aspects More… Direct eMailers Targeted messaging - Need to ensure a good database - Need to take care of your spam reputation - Best used in a “campaign mode” - Requires an emailing software and accompanying analytics tools http://www.abldata .com/ in/ http://www.ebusine http://valueprospec SEO The art of increasing your website’ visibility in search engines - Onsite optimization - Building reputation - Companies specialize in doing this http://www.higherv
    11. 11. Some elements of digital marketing Element Purpose Aspects More… Internet Advertising Direct traffic to websites - Keyword phrases bidding for search engines - PPC (affiliate) - Social network - Mobile - You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours https://www.bound /social-media- marketing/introduct ion-to-social-media- digital- marketing/types-of- internet- advertising/ Online PR links/firms Drives online visibility to thousands of media sites and blogs - Many online PR links are available - Some sites are very focused on covering specific areas such as which focuses on start ups http://www.prnews e-center/online- public-relations/ www.pressreleasep
    12. 12. Other aspects of online marketing…. • Polls • Loyalty rewards/offers/coupons • Testimonials • Caselets • Consumer forums • Games • Contests • Youtube videos • Music • Referrals…… • Something that needs to go viral……..
    13. 13. Integrating the online world with the traditional one The online universe • Social media • Websites • Forums • Polls • Online PR • SEO • Digital emailers • Online advertising etc The traditional world • Billboards • TV ads • Radio spots • Mobile billboards • Bus shelters advertising • Leaflets • Print ads • Infomercials • etc Seamless Powerful
    14. 14. Some examples…… • Chennai express…….100 crores in 3 days. Fastest! – Official trailer leveraged Youtube and crossed 4 million 2 days after launch – Timing: long Eid weekend/first week of the month – Mobile game: takeoff on subway surfers – Combo offer on rakshabhandan: buy 2 get 1 free – IIFA awards host was Shah Rukh Khan – Simultaneous release in 3500 screens in India and 700 screens abroad – Exhibits at major locales like the airport! Overall: great combination of online and regular marketing
    15. 15. Some examples…… • 7 up ( – Great reinforcement of TV ads on the site – Enter a dance contest – Facebook cricket game with brand recollects (like the Drinks trolley!) – build your own team by inviting your friends – Engaging facebook content – small contests (quick and engaging ) Overall: great combination of online and regular marketing
    16. 16. Caselet • Snazzy Automobiles was set up in 2013 in Bangalore • They felt that there was a market for low priced yet snazzy cars targeted at the 18 to 30 year olds that would include college goers, first time jobbers and newly weds • They had learned from the “Nano” case and felt their offering needed to have a more powerful engine (800 cc), snazzy looks, colour and sticker options to look trendy, offer some bootspace, provide a dashboard mounted tablet and offer a two-seater variant • Several “made-to-order” options were going to be a major usp for them; you could get a transparent fibreglass hood, coloured hubs, different sizes for your front and rear wheels, an aeroplane wing type door opening, a sunroof etc all as optionals. They have not yet decided on a name for the car • To launch their car, aside from the usual press and ads and tv coverage they want to create a fierce brand loyalty and a cult-type following by engaging with their target segments online What are effective ways to achieve this?
    17. 17. Thank you! Source: