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moziki_Diamond Highlights


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moziki_Diamond Highlights

  1. 1. Moziki ! Business Highlights ! The purpose of this document is for the solicitation for the right business founder who’s positive reputation is immersed in one of the top diamond world trade centers.! ! ! Business Overview! ! Moziki sets out to deploy a technology-based trading system to significantly evolve the antiquated diamond trading industry. The diamond trade has gone unchanged since its inception in the 1800’s. Using specialized equipment and technology, the company will setup outposts near outlying diamond mining areas and conduct realtime online auctions/transactions with its network of registered buyers around the world. ! ! ! Transaction Detail! ! Moziki sets out to patent its developing technology named IDEA (Interactive Diamond Electronic Auction). The technology enables the buyer to make a virtual purchase from anywhere in the world with their smart phone and/or desktop application just as if they were standing at the mine themselves. The buyer has the option to either use a 3D printer to replicate the rough diamond or use their finger (or curser) and view a 3D image from every angle on their smart phone or desktop. A colorimeter will provide the carat, color and the cut options. An onsite registered gemologist will scale the clarity. To overcome any perceived risk by the buyer, every purchase is instant money back guaranteed! ! The miner brings in their rough diamond(s) to Moziki’s outpost. The diamond is scanned, scored and uploaded for the network of buyers through three types of transaction scenarios: (i) some diamonds will be sold at a set prize to the first buyer. Other diamonds are (ii) auctioned off to the highest bidder within a set window of time. The third (iii) transactions are where Moziki acts as a virtual buyer office (VBO) for a specific diamond trading company. Once a buyer clicks the “buy” button, the buyer’s money is electronically transferred to an escrow account and the diamond is FedEx’d overnight. Moziki money-back guarantees the purchase to the buyer. If the buyer is not satisfied upon receipt of the diamond, it is returned and resold in an upcoming auction. Upon the buyer’s purchase, the seller (the miner) immediately receives 80% of their money, which is fronted by Moziki. The final 20% is released once the buyer receives the diamond and has not exercised the money-back guarantee option via the website.! ! The buyers will be charged a nominal one-time fee plus a monthly fee to become a member of IDEA. If a buyer desires Moziki to be their VBO, there will be a required volume of monthly diamond transactions.! ! ! Opportunity! ! The typical markup for rough diamonds between miner and a diamond world trade center such as Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York and Dubai is about 30 percent. By buying direct from the mines, Moziki can offer a 5% to 10% transaction fee and save buyers thousands if not millions of dollars over time. ! ! v1.1
  2. 2. Moziki ! Business Highlights By Moziki representing hundreds, maybe thousands of buyers, the company will quickly gain the reputation among the miners as a reliable, trusted and efficient way to sell their diamonds. This gives the company considerable advantage amongst the miners. It increases the potential to receive the rarest diamonds that might come along.! ! Moziki lowers the transaction costs for buyers. With IDEA, a virtual trading platform, the buyer no longer has the monetarily and time costs of sending agents to the diamond mines.! ! Moziki eliminates the safety challenges of traveling in lesser developed countries while carrying cash and/or diamonds in un-policed rural areas. ! ! ! Risks! ! The highest risk is signing up buyers. The auction site will have to developed and be able to demonstrate prior to signing up buyers. ! ! Depending on Moziki’s level of success, it is likely others will try and setup similar operations and compete. It is not yet know how much value a patent will be to eliminate competitors. ! ! ! Growth Strategy! ! Moziki believes the traditional trade community will be slow to adopt this technology. It is believed the younger generation of buyers in emerging markets such as Latin America, China, India and Dubia will be first-adaptors. As the system catches on it is believed the more established traditional buyers will begin to adapt. ! ! The strategy is to sign up a base of buyers as their VBO as a way to cover the operating costs of an outpost. As Moziki signs up more buyers it will open more outposts to match demand. The idea is that the other two type of transactions contribute straight towards profit.! ! ! Steps to Launch! ! The following are the steps to launch solution product:! 1. Find the right team partners (see below).! 2. Build website and set up the equipment to demonstrate IDEA.! 3. Patent the technology.! 4. Sign a MOU with 100+ buyers.! 5. Set up first outpost.! 6. Secure buyers and begin trading.! ! ! Team Building! ! Moziki first sets out to build a founder team that has the ability to execute on this business disruption endeavor. The goal is to build a team to establish creditability within the mining community, the rough-diamond trading community and depth of technology acumen. ! v1.1
  3. 3. Moziki ! Business Highlights ! Mining Community: Andjelo Mwembya and Pascal Luky-Guyle are second-generation families of the rough-diamond mining community of central Africa. Their family and business relationships provide a foundation of trust within the rough-diamond mining community.! ! Rough-Diamond Trading Community: Moziki seeks out to find fellow founder(s) with a long standing reputation within the diamond trade community so that their involvement instantly established credibility as Moziki sets out to create a network of auction buyers. ! ! Technology Partner: Moziki is currently exploring technology programmers and/or partners that have the ability to develop the website and technology.! ! ! Exist Strategy:! ! The goal is to provide regular and reoccurring dividends to its founders. It is probable a large company in the diamond trade may offer to purchase. It is not a current desire to engage in a IPO unless Moziki needs a large influx of capital to expand outposts as a way to stage off competitors. ! v1.1