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5W’s for Writing Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles


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Whether you are writing a blog, article, or any piece of online content, the headline of your content should be specific, creative, and engaging. Answer yourself with 5 questions and you will get the best options to write catchy headlines.

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5W’s for Writing Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles

  1. 1. 5Ws for Writing Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles
  2. 2. Headline accounts for 50% effectiveness of your content Helps capture immediate attention Helps promote any piece of information your aspire to share with your readers Is an efficient way to creating a winning digital marketing strategy Creating effective, meaningful, and engaging headlines for online content:
  3. 3. Who What When Where Why 5W’s for Creating Catchy Blog Titles are:
  4. 4.  Who do you exactly want to reach with your content?  Who do you want to engage with?  Who do you want to read and understand your content? “WHO”
  5. 5.   What do you want to portray your audience through your content?   What type of content advertisement you feel is best for you?  What is the amount you have to pay for content marketing? “WHAT”
  6. 6.  When do you want your content to be readable?  When do you look forward to get the results of your content marketing strategy?  When do you feel you should gain return on your investment? “WHEN”
  7. 7.  Where do you want your content to be viewed and read?  Where are your demographics?  Where do you want your audience to read your content? “WHERE”
  8. 8.  Why do you want your message to be spread wide apart?  Why do you want to engage web viewers and nurture fruitful relationships with them?  Why do you look forward to content marketing? “WHY”
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