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Animals vocabulary


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EFL vocabulary about animals

Published in: Education
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Animals vocabulary

  1. 1. ANIMALS mammals birds reptiles amphibians fish bugs & others tiger lion zebra elephant eaglegiraffe rhino duck salmon crocodile hippopotamus trout cow hen /cock /chicken rabbit deer tiger mouse (mice)mole hare rat pig cat bear turtle dog frog tortoise salamander toad wasp bee fly whale lizard flea mosquito snake butterfly sardine robin eel koala rayfish squirrel sea lion ladybird worm platipus foxwolf dolphin penguin owl partridge flamingo peacock camel horse jaguar cheetah chameleon iguana shark octopus snail spider seal donkey stork chimpanzee goat sheep sea gull orangutan kangaroo clam lobster lynx ostrich crow woodpecker nightingale turkey falcon swallow sparrow blackbird cuckoo hake sea horse clown fish tuna
  2. 2. ANIMALS… have… do… make noise dangerous mouth wings whiskers dangerous jaw tongue crawl bite hippopotamus fin howl (wolf) beak bark (dog) meow (cat) claws jump hide attack tweet/chirp (birds) lay eggs eyes give birth fast horn teeth scales disguise hatch eggs defend ears aggressive paw threaten moo (cow) furl buil nests feathers tusk wool poisonous eggs tail hibernate threaten hunt run drink feel threatened grunt harmless eat are… slow