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Ana Riascos | Improve your digital marketing strategy


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Being a digital marketing expert, Ana Riascos is providing his SEO services for over 29 years.

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Ana Riascos | Improve your digital marketing strategy

  1. 1. Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017 Ana Riascos
  2. 2. Being a computerized promoting master, Ana Riascos is giving his SEO administrations to more than 29 years. With an outstanding diagnostic personality and information of advanced showcasing abilities, he is straightforwardly working with advertising and systems administration division. He breaks down your business, industry and help you deciding the best showcasing techniques and procedures to use. He is prestigious for applying his snappiest, simplest and most proficient methodologies to influence your business to become on the web. Digital Marketing Expert Ana Riascos
  3. 3. To start improving your digital marketing strategy for 2017 you need to define your business’ overall objective for the year. Discover what is the overriding objective you want your digital marketing efforts to achieve and build your digital marketing strategy around it, says Ana Riascos. Set objectives Ana Riascos
  4. 4. Be specific with your KPIs by recognizing the figures you will be responsible for achieving and realistic by analyzing your previous digital marketing efforts. According to Ana Riascos this will ensure your aim for a positive increase on your current results. Don’t forget to identify a method to help you measure each of your KPIs. Set and measure your KPIs Ana Riascos
  5. 5. To learn from your mistakes you need to know what they are. Analyze your past digital marketing strategies so you won’t repeat the same mistakes and be able to focus on setting the best KPIs for your business. Don’t forget to analyze your competitor's’ strategy too. Analyze your success and failures of last year Ana Riascos
  6. 6. Don’t forget to speak your client's language and don’t let the planning take away from the people you’re trying to reach. You already know who your audience is but it is easy to forget that amidst all the KPI setting, budget fretting and channel selection. Remember whom you are targeting Ana Riascos
  7. 7. Ana Riascos says to start with the basic information that you already have, like age, gender and location. Investigate their emotional desires, goals, aspirations, fears and unconscious desires and identify the problems you can help your target persona solve. When creating your personas this is the perfect time to identify the people who will be of influence to them, these are the influencers your strategy should target. Develop your client’s persona Ana Riascos
  8. 8. According to Ana Riascos it is important to take stock of all of your resources before deciding on what else you might need for the next period. Look at the historical data of what has worked before and allocate a specific portion of the budget for each digital channel you want to use for paid promotion. If a certain element of your paid promotion strategy isn’t bringing you the results you desire, revisit it and invest the allocated budget figure into the channel that’s bringing you the best results. Stick to your budget Ana Riascos
  9. 9. Look at your current team and be realistic here, ensure that no-one will be over stretched or over burdened. Identify whether you need to hire more people and whether you have the means to do so. You can also get each of your team members to review their digital marketing activity and brainstorm a few ideas for their future strategy, says Ana Riascos. Assess what you are capable of achieving Ana Riascos
  10. 10. Ana Riascos says that the only thing is that you still can’t predict exactly how your customers will behave. So it is essential to continuously measure and monitor your strategy’s performance and to change elements where required. Your plan is your guide but you don’t need to follow it completely. Wait to see how your customer reacts to the new strategy. Don’t stick completely to your plan Ana Riascos
  11. 11. Ana Riascos