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Budget rundown


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Note to the Budget

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Budget rundown

  1. 1. NOTES TO THE BUDGET1. Arrival of guest - The Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors will only be responsible foraccommodation and feeding during their stay: Holland…………………………………………………………………………..Helene Oord Admin /Fin…………………………………………………………………....Ars. Mustafa Board Member…………………………………………………..…………Dr. Obi International Coordinator (Nigeria)………………………………Dr. Oko President Millennium Development Ambassadors………Chief Justin Worldview Mission Guest Speaker……………………………..Worku2. The Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors would be responsible for five disables participants’i.e Air ticket from and to their country including accommodation and feeding. A air ticket of $1800 perperson.3. ADMINISTRATIVE COST: Salary /allowance top- up cards tran4. National Youth Development Summit - Post MDG 2015 agenda SierraLeone January-21st March, 2013: Accommodation: Hotels I. Y.M.C.A Cost per single =$85 Doubles: $145 II. Sierra International Hotel Cost per single = $100, Doubles: $200 Hiring of vehicle/Bus-For Delegate from Lungi to Freetown and back including the cost of Frey fairs =$750 Hiring of vehicle/ Bus for guest from Hotel to the Venue where the summit would be held =$360 Renting of Hall - $275 @ 2 days = $ 550 PA System- $100 @ 2 days = $ 200 Generator - $60 @ 2 days = $ 120 Purchase of Stationary Projector- Le100,000 per day for 2 days = $35 @ 2 days = $ 70 Feeding during summit (Tea Break & Lunch Break) for 2 days @ $20 per person @ 250 = $10000 T-Shirts- $15@ 250 per T-shirt = $ 3,750 Banners- $80 @ 5 banner s= $402 purchase of table cloth including beautification @2 days = $250 Media Coverage including Photos
  2. 2. I. Scroll Massages: 30 words costing $1 per word @ 25 days = $750 (before event) II. News Coverage: 3 Minutes costing Le: 1,100,000 = $300 for 3mins5. Visitation/site seen- this would be done on the 21st March 2013: MDG Local Elementary Primary School Building site Moyamba Town Southern Province, Freetown, Sierra Leone. During this session the following will be needed: Tea break and lunch for 25 passengers @ $20 per person @ 2 days = $ 1000 who went to Moyamba for site seen. Hiring of vehicle/Bus (Melina Tours) for 20 passengers for site seen to Moyamba @ 1 day = $750 Fueling of bus to Moyamba and back 160 litres to and from Moyamba costing @ $1 per litter @160 litters = $166. Media coverage (photos) during and after the Summit $2006. Miscellaneous Expenses token to volunteers $ 35 @ 15 person @ 5 days amounted to $ 2,625 Rope for the banners $5 @ 50 yard each costing $ 250 Entertainment of guest from Lungi to Freetown and back $25 @10 guest @ 2 days costing $500 purchase of table cloth including beautification cost amounted to $ 250 7. Administrative and Coordination cost: Vehicle rental and fuel and lubricant 2 vehicles @ $200 per day @ 3 month $1,200 20 litres @ $ 1.50 per litres @ 2 vehicles @ 90 days = $ 5,400
  3. 3. 8. Communication ( telephone & internet) Top up cards in respect of senior Staff cost = $40 @ 3 month @ 4 senior staff = $ 480 Internet facilities $ 100 @ 3 months = $ 300 Salaries/wages/allowances senior Staff= 4 Senior staff @ $350 per month @3 month=$ 4,200 junior Staff = 4 Junior staff @ $200 per month @3 month= $ 2,400 Hiring of bus I. SLRTA Le 3,000,000 which is equilivent to $750 including fuelII. Melina Tours Le 2,000,000 which is ebullient to $ 500 excluding fuel Stationeries Note pad $ 2 @ 350 pads Pen $6 per dozen @ 30 dozen costing $ 180 Marker $2 @ 10 markers costing $ 20 Flip Chat & Stand $100 @ 3 flip charts costing $300 Files $1@ 250 files costing = $250 papers $ 5 @ 5 packets costing = $ 25 envelopes 4 pkts @ $10 per packets = $40
  4. 4. Budget Justification1. Delegate- senior personalThe Summit has five international Senior delegates who will be coming from the Diaspora to facilitate thesummit and Youth Consultation in Sierra Leone . The Summit committee will only be responsible foraccommodation and feeding during their stay: The sum of $200 will set aside to for accommodation andfeeding per day for each delegate during their five days of straying for the summit.2. Disable Persons: The Summit Committee would be responsible for five disables participants’ i.eAir ticket from and to their country including accommodation and feeding. A air ticket of $1800 perperson. The propose of this is to enable people with Disability to participate actively in the YouthConsultation process.3. Expenditures during the event Feeding including transportation for food during the summit Transportation of guest from Lungi to Freetown including Fery Fair Entertainment of guest from Lungi to Freetown and back Transportation of guest from hotel to venue and back Hall rental (Summit Venue) P.A. System Generator projector T-Shirts BannersThe expenses for the Youth Consultation evolves all around the highlighted Bullets points Note thatprices on the Area are the actual amount for items because the economic changes and prices change fromtime to time. All of these stated Items are needed to ensure the success of the Summit in Sierra Leone4. Site Seen/Visitation MoyambaAfter the summit the International delegates will do a site visitation to Moyamba Town Tannihum VillageSouthern province Freetown. This visit is for us to see the site given to us for the development of anMDG Local elementary Primary School . To see this happen we need the sum of $2,110 this will includeHiring of vehicle/Bus, Fueling of vehicle / bus to Moyamba and back, Media coverage and photos duringthe summit and at the site seen , and Tea Break & Launch.5. Media coverage including photos during SummitThe summit committee requires a media coverage for the event. This medium will used toadvertise the summit through Scholl Massages on Television and news coverage during theevent.
  5. 5. 6. Stationeries The following Stationeries are needed for the Summit: the lump sum of $1,515 is need topurchase these items, we will not accept the fact that the cost of items will remain the same;prices changes from time to time . These Items will be used during the youth consultation Note pad Pen (parcket) Marker Flip Chart & Stand Files Paper Envelopes7. Miscellaneous ExpensesA lump sum of $8,925 will be needed for any miscellaneous expenses such as Rope for the banners Entertainment of guest from Lungi to Freetown and back Hall beautification Volunteers Printing Contingency/Emergency8. Administrative & collaborations costThere will be an administrative cost for summit volunteers and staffs including Rental of vehicle, fuel andlubricantsSenior Staff : there will be four senior staff for the Summit planning committee for three month,each will $350 per month as allowance and four junior staff each $250 per month. this is tomotivate the organizers.Vehicle rental: the planning committee comprising of Senior and junior staffs will need twovehicles for means of transportation fuel and lubricant which will enhance the full running of theYouth Consultation9. CommunicationA lump sum of $780 will be needed for both Telephone card and internet to ensure smoothcommunication and connection with Government, NGO Partners and donor agencies