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You're a Fraud and We All Know It: Work, Leadership and Imposter Syndrome


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Briana Morgan and Amanda Clark's talk for PANMA at Wharton on January 28, 2016.

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You're a Fraud and We All Know It: Work, Leadership and Imposter Syndrome

  1. 1. You’re a Fraud and We All Know It Work, Leadership, and Imposter Syndrome Briana Morgan and Amanda Clark #panmaimposters
  2. 2. If you want to tweet about tonight, hit up @PANMA + use #panmaimposters #panmaimposters
  3. 3. Story time. A gentle intro into why we’re here and what the hell we’re talking about. #panmaimposters
  4. 4. #panmaimposters
  5. 5. Slacker. #panmaimposters
  6. 6. IMPOSTER. #panmaimposters
  7. 7. #panmaimposters
  8. 8. 1.People feel this way. 2.We’re being told to ignore it or act like it doesn’t exist. 3.There’s got to be more to this story. #panmaimposters
  9. 9. What is imposter syndrome? #panmaimposters
  10. 10. Who does it affect? #panmaimposters
  11. 11. #panmaimposters
  12. 12. #panmaimposters
  13. 13. 70% (maybe) #panmaimposters
  14. 14. #panmaimposters
  15. 15. The Big Six #panmaimposters
  16. 16. 1.the imposter cycle Project or Task Anxiety Self Doubt Worry Over-Preparation Procrastination Accomplishment Feeling of Relief Positive Feedback Effort Luck Discount Positive Feedback Perceived Fraudulence Increased Self-Doubt Depression Anxiety #panmaimposters
  17. 17. 2. the need to be special or the very best #panmaimposters
  18. 18. 3. superwoman or superman! #panmaimposters
  19. 19. 4. fear of failure #panmaimposters
  20. 20. 5. denial of competence and discounting praise #panmaimposters
  21. 21. 6. fear and guilt about success #panmaimposters
  22. 22. It gets better, right? #panmaimposters
  23. 23. #panmaimposters
  24. 24. When we learn about a new subject, we initially overestimate what we know. The more we learn, the more we realize how much we don’t know. #panmaimposters
  25. 25. This gulf gets larger, not smaller, with experience. If you feel like an imposter now, then just you wait. #panmaimposters
  26. 26. #panmaimposters
  27. 27. How does it affect me? #panmaimposters
  28. 28. #panmaimposters
  29. 29. 1.Get up an hour earlier! 2.Visualize your goals! 3.Eat a balanced homemade breakfast! 4.Exercise! 5.Clean your inbox! 6.Do your most dreaded task - first! 7.Meditate! 8.Pack a wholesome lunch and snacks! 9.No wait, there’s more!!! #panmaimposters
  30. 30. 2. Turn off alarm clock after walking across the room to get to it. 3. Meditate for 20 minutes. 4. Have a pre-workout snack. 5. Workout. Elevate heart rate for at least 30 minutes. 6. Stretch. 7. Identify set of goals for the day. 8. Drink a glass of lemon water. 9. Brew a cup of fair-trade, locally roasted coffee using preferred method (pourover, Aeropress, French press). 10. Have a balanced breakfast with complex carbohydrates, protein, and some fat preferably high in Omega-3s and with at least 5 grams of fiber. 11. Avoid dairy products. #panmaimposters
  31. 31. People who have imposter syndrome are less likely to raise their hands. #panmaimposters
  32. 32. Self-doubt Anxiety Fear Alienation Isolation Shame Despair #panmaimposters
  33. 33. In short: it sucks. #panmaimposters
  34. 34. #panmaimposters
  35. 35. Fake it ‘til you make it #panmaimposters
  36. 36. What are your values? #panmaimposters
  37. 37. What do others value? #panmaimposters
  38. 38. Growth. Motivation. Curiosity. Humility. Empathy. #panmaimposters
  39. 39. It’s not all about what you know; it’s about how you think. #panmaimposters
  40. 40. Leverage the imposter feelings. #panmaimposters
  41. 41. Ask (good) questions. #panmaimposters
  42. 42. Give better answers.
  43. 43. Assess actual knowledge gaps. #panmaimposters
  44. 44. Learn new things. #panmaimposters
  45. 45. Teach others. #panmaimposters
  46. 46. Ditch perfectionism. #panmaimposters
  47. 47. Be more empathetic. #panmaimposters
  48. 48. Lead authentically. #panmaimposters
  49. 49. Find us: Design the Life You Love on 2/4