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Customize Your WordPress Theme the Right Way


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There are many ways to customize your WordPress site, some wrong and some right. In this presentation we explore the wrong ways and the right ways to make you a better WordPress developer.

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Customize Your WordPress Theme the Right Way

  1. 1. CustomizeYour Themethe RightWay @DustinHartzler
  2. 2. AboutMe- From Dayton, Ohio. - WordPress podcaster - WooCommerce Ninja at Automattic
  3. 3. Your Website
  4. 4. Today's Outline- Types of Customizations - The Wrong Ways - The Right Ways
  5. 5. Types ofCustomizations Small visual changes
  6. 6. Types ofCustomizationsSmall visual changes
  7. 7. Types ofCustomizations Rearrange content on page
  8. 8. Types ofCustomizationsRearrange content on page
  9. 9. Types ofCustomizations Change output of plugin
  10. 10. Types ofCustomizationsChange output of plugin
  11. 11. Wrong Way#1Editing theme or plugin files
  12. 12. WrongWay#2Adding code to functions.php
  13. 13. Rightway#1Changing Visuals
  14. 14. Rightway#2Minimal Code
  15. 15. RightWay#3Custom Plugin
  16. 16. RightWay#4Child Theme
  17. 17. Live Demo