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Business Consulting Business Plan


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The topic of today is how to create a business plan for a business consulting business. You are a professional, you’ve worked in your field for a number of years, and now you’re prepared to offer your specific expertise to other businesses. What should you focus on as you plan out your new business? My suggestion is to focus on a successful client attraction model.

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Business Consulting Business Plan

  1. 1. Business ConsultingBusiness Plan:Planning fordominationBy Alzay CalhounCovetedconsultant.comCC image via -
  2. 2. Before we go too far, let s be clearabout who is doing the planning...Who are you?
  3. 3. You are a’ve worked in your field for anumber of you’re prepared to offer yourspecific expertise to otherbusinesses.
  4. 4. What should you focus on as youplan out your new business?
  5. 5. Your answer: a successful clientattraction model
  6. 6. Start here:What problem will you solve?CC image via -
  7. 7. Every business has its own uniqueset of problems, but there are somethings that are consistent in almostevery business.Here are some short examples:
  8. 8. lead generation, customer service,management consulting, legalstructure, social media, publicrelations, and salesmanship.These are just some of the issues youcould consult on as a businessconsultant.
  9. 9. What you have to do is be clearabout which problem you aresolving.
  10. 10. Be careful, do not focus on theservice you are offering. Instead,focus on the specific problem yourclient has in their business.
  11. 11. What words are they using to definetheir problem and what solutionare you prepared to offer thatmatches their problem as theydescribe it?
  12. 12. Now let s think about...How will you reach them,consistently?CC image via -
  13. 13. There are a number of ways tomarket or promote a business.networking, referrals, live events,and direct mail are all popularanswers.
  14. 14. You don t want a popular answer.You want an answer you can execute!be clear and confident that you canuse your resources, advantages, andstrengths to create a strategy tofind your best client over and overagain.
  15. 15. Be careful of the silver bulletdynamic where certain strategiesseem impactful, but requireresources that your business doesn thave.
  16. 16. Focus on what you have access to,what you understand, and what youknow how to do.use those methods to consistentlyattract your best client.
  17. 17. Now it s Make a decision!CC image via -
  18. 18. commit to trying your chosenstrategy until it works.You must know what the expectedresponse is from the strategy the strategy until you havecertainty.
  19. 19. To that end, regard all feedback asinformation.It doesn’t matter whether you likeyour feedback or not.all information helps you makesmarter business decisions.
  20. 20. Respond to your feedback byrevising the plan accordingly.
  21. 21. Maybe you choose to try the planagain with no changes...Maybe youchoose to make specific tweaks...either way you have to revise theplan as you go.The plan is not a static documentthat lasts forever.
  22. 22. Be prepared to make someadjustments to stay relevant toyour marketplace
  23. 23. There are a lot of ways to craft abusiness plan, but there are somethings that need your immediateattention.One of those urgent things is yourclient attraction strategy.
  24. 24. Make sure you knowwhat service you are offering,what problem it solves,who you plan to reach,how you plan to reach them,and commit to refining yourprocess over time.
  25. 25. Client attraction is a corefundamental that must be includedin your business consulting businessplan.
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