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Teach English in Turkey


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As Turkey is preparing to enter Europe the demand for English teachers is growing daily. This presentation show you what you may need in order to land a job at one of the oldest countries in the world.

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Teach English in Turkey

  1. 1. Presentation prepared by All About ESL For more information about teaching English in Turkey
  2. 2. Turkey Gateway Turkey is the gateway to Asia, Europe and to the south the Middle East. Steeped in a long tradition it is a cosmopolitan country just waiting to be explored. Turkey is home to a huge amount of history and diverse cultures.
  3. 3. English and Turkey With ambitions to join the European Union the government and businesses of Turkey are pushing it’s people to learn English. As such there is a huge demand for English speaking teachers and you can expect a good salary too coupled with a lower cost of living compared to the western European states.
  4. 4. Teaching in Turkey Most of the English teaching opportunities will be found in the bigger cities and towns of Turkey such as Istanbul (the capital), Ankara and Izmir. Another plus for potential English teachers is that the public school system now has English as part of their curriculum.
  5. 5. Public Schools Private Language Schools Universities Private English Lessons
  6. 6. University Degree? In Turkey it is possible to find work without a degree of any kind. Of course having a degree and one of the international teaching certificates will enhance your prospects of getting a higher paid vacancy.
  7. 7. Teaching Certificates Prospective English teachers in Turkey will be able to find employment without any of the international certificates, such as a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA. But if you do have any certificates then look for schools and colleges that require them as these will generally pay more in salary and have better working conditions.
  8. 8. Cost of Living Expected Salary How to find a job in Turkey Visa Requirements More! Visit
  9. 9. Presentation prepared by All About ESL For more information about teaching English in Turkey