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Are you forcing Sales Reps to weed through
large PPT decks to find the relevant content for
that next client engagement?
This means benchmarks are being collected from
each of your sales rep engagements, and then
used by the sales...
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The End of Death by PowerPoint (PPT)


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B2B Sales has long relied on PowerPoint to help drive customer presentations. However, customers have grown weary of traditional PowerPoint based sales pitches.

This white paper discusses each issue with traditional PowerPoints (PPTs), providing a great alternative to evolve from boring sales pitches to dynamic value-focused conversations.

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The End of Death by PowerPoint (PPT)

  1. 1. Are you forcing Sales Reps to weed through large PPT decks to find the relevant content for that next client engagement? ValueStory Intelligently recommends the right value messaging and quantification for the audience, leveraging inputs about the Prospect’s industry, location, size, role and challenges to initially filter the content. Ever try to play your sales PPTs on an iPad? ValueStory converts and evolves your existing PPTs into an interactive iPad application and engagement tool. Soon ValueStory will evolve PPTs not only into an iPad App, but into an HTML5 application for quick/ effective marketing tool development and interactive online presentations from Android devices and laptops/ PCs. Able to make your PPT presentations better communicate your value story? Storytelling is very effective, and our consulting services will help to better organize, refine, quan- tify and deliver your value messaging in a great storytelling / whiteboarding format, which is then embedded into the ValueStory tool for interactive delivery. Ever try to make your PPTs navigate in a non-lin- ear fashion, providing shortcuts and jumps to just the right slide or content, and a navigation aid to get right where the customer wants you to go? ValueStory provides hierarchical navigation, links and hotspots – visual navigation that gets the Sales Rep to just the right content the Prospect needs to learn about, instantly and without breaking the flow. The hotspots let you present pop-over descriptions, notes and resources. The links can be internal, to embedded video or documents, or external to web pages, on-demand videos, micro-sites and other online resources. Interactive Able to deliver interactive surveys, assess- ments and calculators in your PPTs? ValueStory provides a catalogue of cool inter- active content including customizable surveys, diagnostic assessments, cost calculators, benefit calculators, competitive comparisons, equivalen- cy calculators and more – which can be built into your customized ValueStory template. These interactive tools help Sales Reps collabo- rate with Prospects, to help identify and prior- itize issues, and deliver personalized financial justification. Ever try to use PPTs to deliver better insights to your Prospects? ValueStory collects and aggregates customer inputs from each engagement, the responses to surveys, assessments and calculators, and then packages this intelligence back out to the App. Insights Why ValueStory® Delivers where PowerPoint Fails
  2. 2. Intelligence This means benchmarks are being collected from each of your sales rep engagements, and then used by the sales reps automatically insubse- quent presentations. Challenger Selling requires insights, and ValueStory automates the collection and engagement with these insights. Can you deliver personalized leave behinds from each PPT presentation to help your champion up / cross sell to other stake- holders? ValueStory Delivers a PDF via email of the per- sonalized engagement, so your champion can use the customized presentation and insights to up/ cross deliver to other stakeholders. ValueStory Delivers where PowerPoint Fails presentation content for a particular customer engagement. Seeking intelligence as to which Sales reps are presenting what PPT content? ValueStory tracks exactly who is delivering presentations with the tool, or not, so you know who is adopting and who may need additional coaching. Seeking knowledge on who is being presented to, what is being presented, and what is working? ValueStory collects insights about who is being engaged and what is being presented in each engagement - customer intelligence that is tied back to opportunities (via the optional salesforce. com AppExchange application) to help under- stand what specific engagements, positioning, value messages and quantification is most/least effective.  Schedule a Demo Visit to learn more and schedule a demo Download ValueStory ValueStory is available through the Apple App Store Learn More Visit the Frugalnomics Survival Guide at to learn more about our strategies Alinean empowers B2B vendors to better connect, engage and sell to today’s economic-focused buyer via the development and delivery of interactive value marketing and selling tools. Alinean-powered value storytelling, financial justification and ROI / TCO solutions create more compelling value-based conversations and proposals — generating more demand, igniting buying decisions, accelerating sales cycles, increasing deal size and improving competitive win rates. Leading B2B firms leveraging Alinean tools include: HP, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, OfficeMax, IDC/IDG, ATT, BMC Software, ADP and SolidWorks. Do you have a way to control the content that is being presented, while at the same time balanc- ing the need for Sales Reps to customize their engagements? ValueStory automatically assures that the latest versions of your presentations are used in engagements. To help personally engage, ValueStory provides customization providing Sales Reps with the ability to add their own dynamic drawings, hide / show content they think is more relevant than the intelligent filtering, and add their own customized