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Evaluation for a2 production


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Evaluation for a2 production

  1. 1. Forms  and  conven-ons  Trailer  In  what  ways  does  your  media  products  use,  develop  or  challenge  forms  and  conven-ons  of  media  products?  Our  media  texts  used  a  variety  of  real  life  media  to  convey  a  Youth  offenders  ins-tute.  Our  trailer  had  a  song  called  ‘we’re  the  young  offenders’,  these  lyrics  are  sung  and  heard  clearly  in  the  trailer  so  conveys  where  the  young  adults  are  and  what  they’ve  done.    During  our  research  we  iden-fied  codes  and  conven-ons    such  as  community  and  the  characters  are  based  in  one  loca-on.  The  trailer  conveys  the  stereotypical  image  of  community  in  a  youth  offenders  ins-tute  by  a  new  character  having  to  be  introduced  into  the  already  ‘-ght  community’.  We  also  have  an  establishing  shot  of  a  prison  therefore  immediately  conveying  an  ins-tu-on  of  the  law.     We’ve  not  completely  followed   conven-ons  of  a  typical  soap,   however  we  feel  we’ve  followed   channel  4’s  ‘defini-on’  of  a  soap  such   as  Hollyoaks,  because  it  is  aimed  at  a   younger  audience  (15-­‐24  year  olds).  
  2. 2. TV  Lis+ng  magazine    We  used  audience  research  and  ques-onnaires  to  help  plan  our  magazine  front  cover.  We  found   that  we  were  to  use  the  characters  in  the  images  of  the  front  cover,  not  the  actors.  Meaning  the   images  were  to  be  in  character  and  posed.      The  channel  4  logo  was  the  same  throughout  the  whole  media  project  to  show  consistency  of  the   network.     TV  magazine  name   Image  of  actors  posing   as  characters.       Drama+c  vocabulary   including  the  text  and   exclama+on.     Price  clearly  on   display  
  3. 3. Poster    With  our  poster  our  main  aim  was  to  show  the  character  clearly  and  simply  adver-se  the  date,   -me  and  channel.    We  used  Photoshop  to  create  this  and  took  ideas  from  other  posters  .   This  was  one  of  very  liUle  images  of   posters  for  soap  operas,  this  was   promo-ng  a  specific  story  line  in   Eastenders,  however  was  s-ll  good   inspira-on  when  needing  inspira-on  for   our  own.  
  4. 4. How  did  you  use  media  techniques  in  the  construc+on  and  research,  planning  and   evalua+on  stages?  Research  In  our  research  we  used  the  internet.  We  used  several  search  engines  and  websites  to  research  codes  and  conven-ons  of  soap  operas.  We  used  ‘YouTube’  to  find  our  main  music  song  of  the  trailer.  Planning  ‘Google  street  maps’  to  find  our  local  prison  to  film  an  establishing  shot  to  convey  an  ins-tu-on.       Construc+on   We  used  ‘FinalCut  pro’  to  edit  and  create  our  final  media   product.  We  also  used  ‘Soundtrack  Pro’  to  create  the   music  at  the  beginning  of  our  trailer  so  that  is  original   music.  
  5. 5. How  effec+ve  is  the  combina+on  of  your  main  produc+on  and  ancillary  texts?   As  throughout  all  our  products  we  used  a  consistency  with  the  channel  4  theme,  we   feel  all  our  products  are  combined  and  compliment  each  other  well.  We  used  the   same  main  characters  and  actors  throughout  all  the  products  so  again  crea-ng   con-nuity  within  our  project.     As  the  actors  pose  in  the   way  they  would  portraying   their  characters    therefore   there  is  consistency  with   ge[ng  to  know  the   characters  and  can  be   iden-fied  throughout  all  the   projects  within  the   produc-on.  As  seen  on  the  BBC  example,  the  BBC  Logo  is  embedded  in  each  radio  logo  and  can  easily  be  iden-fied  as  a  BBC  sta-on.  
  6. 6. What  have  you  learned  from  your  audience  feedback?  I  have  learned  that  although  we  created  an  effec-ve  and  successful  texts  it  is  difficult  to  convey  all  aspects  of  a  soap  and  make  every  scene  explicit  without  giving  away  too  much  as  to  no  longer  be  a  tease,  therefore  leading  to  too  much  confusion  by  audience  viewing  as  our  feedback  suggested  that  40%  understood  it  was  a  TV  show  and  a  further  20%  understanding  it  was  a  new  soap  and  only  10%  knowing  it  was  a  youth  offenders  ins-tute,  so  where  it  was  understood  to  us  we  may  not  have  made  that  aspect  as  explicit  as  we  could  have.   A  TV  Show  This  therefore   An  Upcoming  Seires   about  a  YOI  shows  that  we   A  Teen  Soap  conveys  channel   A  New  Soap  4’s  soap  opera  conven-ons  well   A  TV  Drama  and  they  were  recognised.   Our  audience  feedback  proves  promising  to  us  that  our   music  as  a  success  and  complements  our  theme.  Also  as   our  dialogue  was  clear  we  feel  that  any  unclear  meaning   Out  of  all  the  scenes  we   would  have  coming  from  our  edi-ng  and  not  our  ini-al   produced  only  2  were  unclear   actors  and  script  wri-ng  so  we  have  an  evalua-ve  point.   to  20%  of  our  audience   TRAILER   therefore  we  feel  we  conveyed   our  storylines  very  well.  
  7. 7. What  have  you  learned  from  your  audience  feedback?   From  these  comments   we  can  see  that  there   are  several  evalua-ve   and  posi-ve  points     We  found  from  our  research  planning   that  the  audience  wanted  bright  colours   for  the  magazine  and  duller  for  the  poster   however  in  the  evalua-on  they  stressed   the  opposite,  therefore  we  now   appreciate  that  audience  preference  can   change  very  quickly  and  drama-cally  so   POSTER   planning  has  to  be  made  to  compromise   audience  changes.  
  8. 8. What  have  you  learned  from  your  audience  feedback?   Does  the  TV  Lis+ngs  look   like  a  real  product?   Yes   Overall  our  audience  feedback  was  posi+ve  with   Sort  of   evalua+ve  points  so  we  feel  we  achieved  a  good   No   response  and  only  minor  points  were  picked  up  on   within  our  feedback  nega+vely.   Although  a  mixed   Is  the  colour  scheme  for  the  TV   opinion  we  feel  that  as  Lis+ngs  appropriate  for  a  TV  Lis+ngs   long  as  the  majority   and  for  the  target  audience?   were  happy  with  the   Yes   colour  scheme  we’ve   No,  Its  too  bright   realised  that  not   everyone  will  be  pleased   with  a  product  and  other   elements  should  impress   them   TV  LISTINGS  MAGAZINE