Indian ngo for children working towards an educated future


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NGOs are not only charity organizations; rather they are organizations of change. Every NGO works towards fulfilling the cause specific to them, and no cause can be termed big or small. It should be noted that it is due to the existence of NGOs that many social issues get addressed and resolved. The gamut of NGOs is large- beginning with social causes to human rights to environmental safeguard, each cause might find more than just a handful of organizations. In similar lines there are many NGOs for children in India too

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Indian ngo for children working towards an educated future

  1. 1. 1800 425 8622 Indian NGO for Children Working Towards an Educated FutureThe purpose of NGOs is noteworthy for the fact that they become a big source for implementation of variouslaws and rights that get approved in the Central level. For example: the Central Government of India initiatedmany schemes and rights under child rights and developments like Right to Education, Child Rights, Mid-DayMeal Scheme and many similar schemes. These are implemented by different Indian NGO for children. Healthand education form the core purpose behind most of the child right schemes. Thus, there are many NGO forchild education and health.These NGOs are in fact countering many critical issues like poverty, hunger and malnutrition at the grass rootlevel. While some Indian NGO for children are working towards education and health there are others like TheAkshaya Patra Foundation that are working towards providing unlimited food for education by implementingthe Mid-Day Meal programme for the children studying in Government school and Government-aided school.It is an Indian NGO that is countering child hunger and illiteracy through its school lunch programme. Based atBangalore, it operates in nine states of India and feeds 1.3 million children every day. It aims to feed 5 millionchildren by 2020 and for that it is strategically spreading its reach in other parts of the country too. It has beenseen that the mid-day meal acts as an incentive to come to school thereby increasing school enrolment andreducing drop-out rate.Though not an absolute NGO for children education, yet this Foundation lay substantial importance oneducation of children in India. This becomes the main reason behind the aim of reaching out to more and morechildren and serving them with at least one nutritious meal every day. This meal has positively impacted thelevel of concentration and academic performance among children. This is also a ray of hope for a hunger freeand educated future.All NGOs need help from the society to continue its effort towards resolving specific causes. Help could be in anyform- partnership, sponsorship, donations or voluntary work. Donation should not be merely seen as charityrather it should be considered as a significant step taken for a better future. When you donate to Indian NGO,you are being a part and reason for a prosperous India. Join hands with Akshaya Patra and experience thedelight of improving the lives of millions of children in India.Follow Us @Akshaya Patra Foundation Contact Us 1800 425 8622