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  1. 1. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore XAVIER INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP,BANGALORE Mission ASHRA Page 1
  2. 2. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore SOCIALLY USEFUL AND PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY REPORT ON SOCIAL PROJECT AT Mission ASHRA, PEOPLE’S FORUM , ORISSA REPORT SUBMITTED BY: SUDIPTA SWAIN ROLL No. 105 BATCH- 15 (B) MOBILE- MOBILE 09886849501 , 09861393103 RESIDENCE- RESIDENCE 0674-2433766 Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship, Bangalore Mission ASHRA Page 2
  3. 3. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my gratitude towards Mr. Gobinda Chandra Pattanaik ,CEO,People’s Forum and Divyajyoti Pattanaik,CFO,People’s Forum for lending me tremendous support and encouragement during these 20 days of SUPA and for giving me an opportunity to work with the organization and guiding me throughout my Project work. It was completely my pleasure to work for such organisation, involved in strengthening women position in this society. I was delighted to work for these women and also taking care of their children. I am grateful to Ms. Priyanka, for providing me the right guidance and support which enabled me to complete the project successfully. I am also thankful to Banishree madam for providing me the necessary information required for my project. Their co-operation and guidance helped me understand many diverse issues and put them together to complete my project. A special thanks to all the co-ordinators(Sudipta,Ratna,Rinky,Beg and all others) of People’s Forum who helped me and supported me throughout my project. Mission ASHRA Page 3
  4. 4. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. History of the organisation 2. Vision 3. Mission 4. Objectives 5. Activities at People’s Forum 6. Organisation Structure 7. My Learning (Mission ASHRA) 8. Works a. Rescue b. Rehabilitation c. Vocational activities d. Reunion and resettlement 9. Case study 10.Events celebrated 11.Funds raising 12.Sponsors 13.Recommendations 14.Conclusion 15. References Mission ASHRA Page 4
  5. 5. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore HISTORY OF THE ORGANISATION 1989 to 1993 During the year 1989, the organization has started its journey by motivating the people towards their different issues. Continuously for 5years the organization was dedicated to address the burning issues like “Barune Banco Andolon”, “Khurda Banchao Andolona (a fight against stone crosser)”, “Amaku Banchibaku Dia Andolon (a fight against the displacement of leprosy colony in Bhubaneswar and Khurda)”, “Hataku Kama Andoloan” in Bolgard block of Nayagada district etc. were addressed. 1994 to 1997 After 5 years of initiation People’s Forum metamorphosed into a charity based organisation with the same objectives and vision. Programmes such as Anicare, afforestation programme, pisciculture, eye care for aged, Youth movement, and organic farming are some of the significant programmes of those days. 1998 to 2000 People’s Forum again took a turn to a support based approach and programmes such as Cyclone Relief, & rehabilitation, Adopt-A-Granny, Sanchaya Sakti, livestock management, health promotion etc. were came into the picture. The organisation successfully implementing different rehabilitation programmes for the super cyclone victims. 2001 to 2004 The organisation realized that only providing support to the targeted clients will make our mission half done. Thus People’s Forum reformed into a new developmental set up. Activities such as Livelihood Restoration, Irrigation & Nursery, Drought mitigation (F.F.W), Cluster development etc were introduced in the organisation and it is still working on these programmes, in its intervention areas. Mission ASHRA Page 5
  6. 6. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore 2005 to 2010 Now with all pride it’s an opportunity for People’s Forum that the organization of seventeen years is promoting different institutions and trying for self-sufficiency. It has declared itself as a micro finance institution during this period. Entrepreneurship development programmes, rural marketing, Agriculture and pisciculture farms, Training institution, Business Development support services, etc though initiated earlier but truly be strengthened during this period. 1989 to 1993 1994 to 1997 Activist approach Charity Based Approach PEOPLE’S FORUM 2005 to 2010 1998 to 2000 Revenue Generation Based Support Based welfare approach approach 2001 to 2004 Developmental Based Approach Mission ASHRA Page 6
  7. 7. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore VISION To show path to all the deprived people of society, to release the oppressed and create society which is just and participatory being free from all types of discrimination guarantying equal rights and opportunities to all, irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion. MISSION To empower poor masses, To develop their potential, To improve their socio-economic status and eradicate poverty thereby bringing sustainable development with special emphasis on weaker and vulnerable groups such as WOMEN, CHILDREN. AGED, SC/ST, DISABLED AND DEPRIVED MAIN OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANISATION 1. To educate the individual and the community to be aware of their problems and solve them with the resources available through their organised and collective action. 2. To improve economic self-sustainability among the poor women by promoting micro finance services at their level and strengthening the local SHGs & micro-entrepreneurs to access the mainstream finance. 3. To work for the rescue & rehabilitation of women those who are in distress. To support and provide all basic need of victimized women, female child and make them able to self sustain through establishing half way home, short stay home, FCC etc. 4. To facilitate and support people to undertake different development programmes such as Natural Resource Management, Land Development, Watershed Management and Agriculture Development. 5. To work on mental health, and health for all with a fundamental option in favour of people under economically weaker section. Special intervention will be on cerebral palsy, autism, mental disorder and mental retardation. 6. To work for the disabled and handicap persons with special emphasis to women & children. 7. To conduct Research, Survey, Documentation in different social issues as per need for the social development and to conduct training programmes, youth camps, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. related to social development. 8. To promote Afforestation, Wasteland Development, forest and wildlife, nursing Bio-gas plant bio-fertilizer in relation to social development. 9. To promote educational institute, to educate students in primary, secondary, higher-secondary education and technical institution under the affiliation of concern activities where ever required. Mission ASHRA Page 7
  8. 8. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore ACTIVITIES AT PEOPLE’S FORUM Mission ASHRA Mission Annapurna- A Micro Finance initiative of People’s Forum Ujjawala Sponsor a grandparent Vocational and occupational therapy Outdoor patient departments Business development service Entrepreneurship development programme Rural marketing Custer development Health check-up and eye care Nandraj disability stipend scheme Reproductive child health and Community Health care Mission ASHRA Page 8
  9. 9. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore Mission ASHRA- The Only Rehabilitation Center For Mentally Ill Destitute Women Mission ASHRA is a brain child of People’s Forum and exclusively deals with the destitute mentally ill women population on road. Operational area of the institution is the entire India and the Center is doing rescue, rehabilitation, treatment and reunite of the rescued patients. The basic aim of the organisation is to be dedicated to improve the lives of destitute women who have psychiatric disabilities. Mission ANNAPURNA –A Micro Finance initiative of People’s Forum Microfinance is a clear concept and poor friendly for their secured economical independence and sustainability. Introduce of this concept has save the life of people from the clutches of village loaners, commonly called as “Sahukars”. Poor need access to credit. Absence of formal employment makes them 'non-bankable'. This forces them to borrow from local moneylenders at exorbitant interest rates. Many innovative institutional mechanisms have been developed across the world to enhance credit to poor even in the absence of formal mortgage. The present paper discusses conceptual framework of a microfinance institution in India. The successes and failures of various microfinance institutions around the world have been evaluated and lessons learnt have been incorporated in a model microfinance institutional mechanism for India. Sponsor-A-Grandparent Program In Khurda district People’s Forum is implementing the Sponsor-A-Grandparent Program sponsored by Help-Age International. This programme is meant for the aged and helpless persona below poverty line. The organization is providing unique care and support physically, mentally and financially to 50 old aged grannies of 11 blocks and they are offered with regular medicine & material distribution, income generation opportunity, community health and Intergenerational approach based on their necessity. Apart from the support of Help-Age the orgainsation has interlinked some governmental benefits and organisational support for their benefit. Entrepreneurship development programme Objectives Counseling and consultancy support for growth, diversification and technology updation of existing technology. Provide income opportunity to the unemployed and the under-employed people. To bring self –confidence and self-sustainability among the youth as well as the capable persons. Mission ASHRA Page 9
  10. 10. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore Rural Marketing Activities : The organisation has done research and market survey in 10 different districts. It has found out potential areas and skills of the small scale enterprises in those areas. The entrepreneurs are provided training on rural marketing and we have liaison their business with local banks. We have also promoted petty businessmen to start new trade by providing them small loans as capital. Cluster development for Rural Artisans Jewels out of the stones: Orissa was popularly named as “UTKAL”, meant the state of adroit art and sculpture. Effervescent culture and heritage of the state speaks the story of magic fingers written by our craftsmen of those days. But now they are all turned myth not because efficient artisans are no more born but because we are no more careful towards the ancient articrafts and profession. They try to empower the rural artisans by making the active entrepreneur cum primary stakeholders, to organize artisans in selected clusters to enable them to take up economic activity for sustainable development through community participation, to promote individual artisans for small scale entrepreneurship in groups. Eye Care People’s Forum conducted cataract operation camp every year and last year 81 no of older people were benefited through cataract surgery funded by DBCS Khurda. Reproductive Child Health and Community Health Care People’s Forum is working extensively for community health with special intervention on women and children. The organisation is focusing the lactating mother and children as well as the expecting mothers of Khurda district and provides them support service for healthy motherhood. In rural pocket the economically down people are less aware about health and hygiene of the women. Thus the mother-to-be and newly-mothers become more vulnerable towards infection, diseases and weakness. People’s Forum has taken an initiation in 5 G.P.s of Khurda district including 100 women and 254 children below 15 years. AIDS awareness In Belpara block of Bolangir district People’s Forum has started working in NACO phase-II project since 2003-2004, through target intervention programme. The organization has carried on this most challenging task of identifying female sex workers at Kantabanjhi block and counseled them regarding the disease, its causes and symptoms, prevention, safe sex and precautions to overcome the disease. This programme was Mission ASHRA Page 10
  11. 11. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore also supported by State AIDS Control Society to carry out mobile STD camps for identification, diagnosis and treatment of HIV & AIDS at free costs. Malaria Bolangir, Kalahandi and Nuapara districts are malaria prone areas due to its contaminated water body, improper sanitation, unhygienic environment, swampy areas and untidy atmosphere around it. Through it is the prime responsibility of the local residents to keep the area clean and adopt preventive measures against malaria, but their insensitivity and inaccessibility makes them more vulnerable from mosquito bite and the dreadful fever. Thus People’s Forum has initiated a malaria awareness and Deogaon block of Bolangir district. Several people get free treatment, counselling and preventive measures for using mosquito net, safe drinking water and clean environment. Mission ASHRA Page 11
  12. 12. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore ORGANISATION STRICTURE Key Personnel Serial Name of Member Current Position Education Number of years No. In People’s Forum in People’s Forum 1. Mr. Nisith Ranjan Nanda Treasure BA 12yrs 2. Mr. Sanjay Pattanaik Director Operation BA 10yrs 3. Mr Dibyojyoti Pattanaik Manager Prog. M.A,PGDMN 7yrs 4. Ms. Snehaprava Mohapatra Project Manager M.S.W, M.B.A 4yrs 5. Mr Pradeep Champatiray District coordinator BA 10yrs 6. Ms. Mitali Parida Dy. Manager Prog. M.A in Psychology 4yrs 7. Ms. Nibedita Mohapatra Dy. Manager M.A in Psychology 4yrs Community Mental Health 8. Mr. Sanjay Jethy Chief Accountant M Com. LLB, 7yrs M.BA. 9. Mr. Laxman Mohapatra Manager Finance B. Com., Inter C.A., 3yrs M.B.A.(Finance) 10. Mr. Barada Prasanna Mohanty District coordinator BA 6yrs 11. Mr. Sabyasachi Sahu Manger Operation B. Com 2yrs 12. Mr. Manas Ranjan Pattanaik Mnager Risk B. Com, PGDRD 2yrs 13. Mr. Sk. Mohd. Zahir Fund-raising Manager Diploma in Hotel 2yrs Management 14. Mr. Biswajit Daspattanaik Counselor M.S.W 2yrs 15. Ms. Himadri Tanaya Sahoo Counselor M.A. in Physics, 2yrs Mass Comm. Mission ASHRA Page 12
  13. 13. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore MY LEARNINGS In the first week at People’s Forum, I was exposed to the present scenario of the under- privileged section of our society. I had never been exposed to such an environment before. Through SUPA, I got an opportunity to work with an NGO like People’s Forum and understand their functioning. My work time was from 9a.m to 6p.m. I started my work by observing the organisation structure, understanding its activities, getting inputs about the organisation from different staff members and studying the behavioural patterns of the organisation. After two days, I found my area of interest and what I could possibly contribute towards the organisation in a positive way. Out of the many activities at People’s Forum, I decided to participate in the activities at Mission ASHRA, learn the various mental illness diseases, reasons, methods to deal with it, patient’s case and how to deal with them. Along with that how to take care of their children, who also are taken care by Mission ASHRA. Mission ASHRA Page 13
  14. 14. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore Mission ASHRA INTRODUCTION People’s forum steeped into mental health area and in its due process Mission ASHRA has been created in the year 2003.This is only one institute in eastern region and second institute in the country who is working for the cause,care and concern of the mentally ill destitute women. According to WHO report, about 20-30 millions of Indians are in the need of some form of Mental Health Care. It is a startling fact that in the State Of Orissa alone, more than 3 lakh people suffer from myriad mental disorders, and incoherency. Mentally ill women, particularly women who are treated as permanent burden to the respective family members, we at Mission ASHRA work for them those are not treated as human beings. OBJECTIVES 1. To redirect the abandoned mentally ill women into a productive member of the society. 2. To rejuvenate their life with economic sustainability through vocational training and income generation activities. WHO ARE THEY?? People’s Forum, a Development Organization, besides its mandate to see a rich, equable, just and healthy society, has attached paramount concern for some grey areas in the society which least attended. The People’s Forum has decided to give wings to the dreams of vegetative and voiceless women who are treated as garbage in the society. Thus the People’s Forum has been motivated to initiate one of the largest and unique rehabilitation centres in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, Orissa set in a rural ambience, with its 15 years extensive experience in rural development and humanitarian service started a Mission for the rehabilitation and resettlement of the distressed and trafficked mentally ill women called “Mission ASHRA”. To provide possible support to the destitute mentally ill women, People’s Forum has started Mission ASHRA on 18th July 2003 at Jaanla, khurda at the out-skirts of the capital city, Bhubaneswar. The activities undertaken by the institution are multifaceted and inter related to each other. Mission ASHRA Page 14
  15. 15. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore Mission ASHRA rescues, treats, rehabilitates and reunites destitute mentally ill women from different corners of Orissa. The institution has already rescued 260 nos. of women destitute having mental illness from nook and cranny of the state. After a controlled state of mind and cure we engaged them in domestic work, income generating activities and occupational activities to accelerate their social acceptance. Bamboo craft, wood work, Incense stick making, card making, mushroom cultivation, kitchen gardening, tailoring, envelop making, etc. are the unique attraction of our special vocational training unit. Policy Advocacy Rehabilitation & Programme Community Based Vocational Training Resettlement Entertainment Mission ASHRA Rescue, Relief, &Celebration Treatment Mission ASHRA Page 15
  16. 16. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore VISION To work towards a hunger free and healthy society where people of under deprived section can illuminate their life with a ray of hope. MISSION To rejuvenate the vulnerable section, giving emphasis to the homeless mentally ill women and trafficked girls and the people with mental health problems. AIM To provide care and need based service to the distressed women with mental health problems WORKS 1. To establish an unique treatment unit for the mentally ill and mentally challenged section in the state and to provide effective and assured up-to-date treatment to all economic group at a minimum rate. 2. To generate the practice of visiting a psychiatric in case of any person suffered from mental disorders. 3. To provide both outdoor and indoor treatment and low cost medicine facilities to the victims of mental illness around the state. 4. To divert the people towards scientific treatment from the baseless witch crafting treatment process for any mental illness and to facilitate the acceptance of a mentally ill member in the family as an asset not as a burden. ACTIVITIES In 2006 People’s Forum has introduced a special hospital unit in Bhubaneswar. The hospital provides modern treatments at a reasonable price. The hospital extends therapies such as pharmaco-therapy, biblio- therapy, milo-therapy, token economy, counseling, audio visual aids, healing, ETG, EEG, brain mapping, behaviour therapy for the early recovery of the patients. The hospital also provides indoor treatment with special attention to the economically weak patients. They maintain a good atmosphere, proper hygienic care, soothing environment within the hospital that self cure the admitted patients to an extent. Expert counselors are engaged in hospital, who counsels the psychiatric patients to get well soon. They have engaged an ambulance and a 24hours toll free number. Mission ASHRA Page 16
  17. 17. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore PRESENT INFRASTRUCTURE Care Unit Nos. of beds : 150 Psychiatrist (Part time) : 02 Counselor : 06 Social worker : 03 Rehabilitation specialist : 04 Care Taker : 15 Nurses : 03 Watchman : 01 Peon : 01 Ambulance driver : 01 Vocational instructor : 05 Music teacher : 01 Dance teacher : 01 Accountant : 01 Warden : 02 Physician (Part time) : 02 Pharmacist : 03 WORKS RESCUE The women with adverse circumstances and mental illness, the trafficked girls from all over the states are being rescued from different corners of the street by our own rescue team after receiving phone calls and information from the informers specially engaged for this purpose. Helplines, district administrators, jail authorities and police staffs also support this rescue operation, time to time Mission ASHRA Page 17
  18. 18. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore REHABILITATION treatment/Care Unit We at Mission Ashra, the sole initiator have taken proactive steps to rehabilitate the inmates by providing them the bare necessities of their survival such as food, shelter and clothing safely. After immediate process of rescue, the process of treatment and care begins, including yoga therapy, art therapy and music therapy. We offer them psychiatric treatment mix with pharamaco-therapy and drug therapy. VOCATIONAL ACTIVITIES Living in the edge of life being unaware about the ditch next-door is the story of every woman on road with mental illness. ASHRA motivates the woman and involve them in income-based activities and they are proving well in different vocational units at the centre like bamboo arts such as tea trays, fruit baskets, wall hangings, artificial flowers, bed lights, gardening, incense sticks making. They make 1000 nos. of incense sticks per month. New dress is stitched by some selected inmates guided by our vocational trainer. The flowerpots are painted and decorated and the saplings are planted in them. The whole campus is full of greenery with colourful flowers. Mission ASHRA Page 18
  19. 19. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore REUNION AND RESETTLEMENT: I studied 35 cases of reunion and 36 cases of mentally ill women who are still there in ASHRA, out of them I want to add two distinct cases which influence me a lot. One case is of a woman whose struggled started since she was 8 years old and still she is struggling for her survival. The second case of a wo women who left her home and came Bhubanseswar unaware of her mental state and ASHRA rescued her and hubanseswar reunited her with her family. CASE STUDY 1 MS. T.HEMALATA She is a resident of Mission ASHRA since last two years. She was rescued from the roadside in a very vulnerable condition, being savaged repeatedly, bleed profusely and covered scantily, with torn clothes. ition, bleeding She was rescued in these circumstances in spite of all hesitations. She was diagnosed having negative symptoms of Schizophrenia and very violent towa everybody coming before her. With psychiatric enia towards treatment, care and support of Mission ASHRA she started recovering and surprisingly regained back her lost memory. ASHRA started digging out her past life. She was brought up by her aunt till 12 years. But unfortunately her aunt did not afford her schooling So she worked in a construction site. ly schooling. There she developed an emotional as well as physical intimacy with a Muslim man and become a young mother. This incident altered her entire life into a mess. She suffered various health problems since her pregnancy. Unable to care the toddler she handed her over to a Christian priest of a church. The misfortune was still to spell over her spoiled life as she was again deceived by a person who took her he outside the village at the bait of a false job. She was again misused, raped repeatedly, tortured physically and lost her mental balance with such a hardship voyage of life. Without her knowledge she wondered around, travelled in trains, covered cities and finally rescued by Mission ASHRA. During rescue After treatment Mission ASHRA Page 19
  20. 20. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore CASE STUDY 2 NAVARATNA A 35-years lady Navaratna, descended from Andhra Pradesh was rescued by Mission ASHRA rescue team on 12th may 2006 from unit 3, Bhubaneswar with a severe mad frenzy. She was wandering around shouting abusive language and stone at every passing by including small children, irrationally. Being messed with her intolerable attitude the local residents communicated our “Operation MAA rescue team” for her rescue. Finally, after a strong tussle and support of some local people we got a caught hold upon her by any means. At Mission ASHRA, the Psychiatrist diagnosed her as a hyper maniac patient and she underwent all kind of psychiatric help, medicinal support and psychological counselling with our limited capacity. She recollected her past life and family life with her husband, son around 15 years, mother in law and brother in law at Vishakhapatnam. Due to her marital conflict and financial crisis, gradually she lost her mental stability and unconsciously left the home. During rescue After treatment Mission ASHRA Page 20
  21. 21. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore EVENTS CELEBRATED Republic Day Holi Raja Independence Day Diwali Raksha Bandhan Christmas Picnic Health Camp Blood Donation Camp It was absolutely my pleasure that I celebrated my New Year 2010 in ASHRA. Our CEO,Mr. Gobindra sir made this celebration an auspicious one with his contribution. ASHRA helped me to have a special new year. Mission ASHRA Page 21
  22. 22. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore STATUS TILL DATE Slno Year Rescue Discharge Escape Death 01 2003 , July 32 9 1 - 02 2004 64 19 - 1 03 2005 78 27 2 - 04 2006 77 29 3 1 05 2007 69 31 - 1 06 2008 63 29 2 3 07 2009 till today 57 19 3 - 08 Total 440 163 11 6 • Till date we have rescued 440 mentally ill women from the nook and cranny of the street. • 167 women and 14 children are under our treatment & care. • 163 women are reunited with their respective families after cure. FUND RAISING Presently the organisation owns more than 368 individual donors and different corporate donors who share something for the shake of the distressful people in society. The organisation has different schemes called Sponsor-A-sister, Donate-A-Day meal, Donate-A–Brick, “Donate On Special Occasions”, Medicine& Infrastructure support, under which the people with munificence donate especially to Mission ASHRA in favour of the mentally ill women in the rehab center. SPONSORS Our strength is our dedication for work and the transparency we maintain in every respect. Mission Ashra of People’s Forum is an open book for the rest of the world and we are struggling very hard to maintain it. Till date the mission is able to draw the support from • 220 regular and 105 occasional individual donors in and out the State • The Dept of Women and Child Development, Govt of India. • The Dept of Women and Child Development, Govt of Orissa Mission ASHRA Page 22
  23. 23. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore •The State and Central Social Welfare Board. •The Dept of Social Justice and Empowerment of Govt of India. •Action Aid India , • Indian Oil • Ptc India Pvt Limited • Volkart foundation • HDFC • HDFC HOUSING • medicine companies have extended their support. SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMME DETAILS S.No. Programme Budget Why These Scheme Please mention your preference in a tick mark 01 SAS (Sponsor A Rs 2,300/- per For 1 inmates per month, It uses for her Sister) month only. 02 DAM (Donate a Rs 5,000/- It can help us to feed 150 inmates two meal) times. You may support for Any special occasion, as you desire to share with our residents. 03 Sponsor a salary Rs 2500/- per It helps Mission ASHRA to provide her for 1 worker month inmates sufficient health care workers who will take their optimum care 04 Sponsor a Rs 650/- per This amount from your earning can’t medicine of 1 month make any difference to your life but it inmates makes large difference to our Mission ASHRA 1 resident and lend her to a normal life. 05 Recreational Rs 18,000/- for You make a memorable day for 150 tours day picnic women them. Mission ASHRA Page 23
  24. 24. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore sponsorship 06 Donation to Any amount You may donate to our fund for corpus fund executive/ administration use. 07 Sponsor clothes Rs 2,000/- per Your small contribution from your month earning can cover a sister for one year. 1. Sponsor A Sister: Person/organization interest with the programme has to find out his/their choice from the case history of the residents or they also ask to sponsor any of the inmates as per our choice.The cost of the Sponsor A Sister is $100 per month and has to deposit for quarter basis in advance. This cost as per Sl. Item Per Day Per Month Per Year No. $3.33 $100 $1200 01. Food Rs. 15.00 Rs.450 x 12 Rs.5400.00 02. Cloth Rs. 10.00 Rs.300 x 12 Rs.3600.00 03. Medicine Rs. 21.40 Rs.642 x 12 Rs.7704.00 04. Medical Expenses Rs. 20.00 Rs.600 x 12 Rs.7200.00 05. Alternative Therapy Rs. 15.00 Rs.450 x12 Rs.5400.00 06. IGP (Income generation Rs.25.00 Rs.750 x 12 Rs.9000.00 prog.) 07. Rehabilitation Expenses Rs. 30.00 Rs.900 x12 Rs.10800.00 08. Maintenance Expenses Rs.13.6 Rs.408 x12 Rs.4896.00 (10%) Total Rs.149.85 ($3.33) Rs.4500.00 ($100) Rs54000.00 ($1200) Considering 1$= Rs. 45.00 2.Heart to Heart Campaign: This can be named in the sweet memories of any close relatives or the sponsor companies name. The cost of the building @400per sqft. The person/organization may also extend their support through any authorized contractor or builder as per their choice. Mission ASHRA Page 24
  25. 25. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore 3. Donate a Brick: This camping for construction of the building of Mission ASHRA for rehabilitation of the destitute women having mental illness. The cost of the bricks Rs.10, 000/- and we aims to touch 1000 individuals/ organizing for construct a building area of 30,000 sqft to rehabilitate 1,000/- women around the country. 4. MAM Health Center (Mission ASHRA Mental Health Center): A specified hospital for the rural & urban poor having OPD (Out-Patient Department)& 24 hours emergency service to the people with mental health problem. 5. Touching the lives: This programme includes Community Mental Health Programme, Rural camps, 24 hrs Helpline, Info line, and senior line service center. The cost of the programme comes around 7 lakhs per year. Mission ASHRA Page 25
  26. 26. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore RECOMMENDATION I found out that there infrastructure facility is not that good. So I would definitely recommend them that the funds they get, they should diversified a part of that for improving infrastructure purpose. Once the infrastructure is improved, more women can be accommodated All the patients stay together at one place, but the problem is some patients are very violent and harm others. So the patients who are violent in nature must be given separate rooms and separate treatment. When I was working in Mission ASHRA,I found that a woman names Abhagini ran away . so I will suggest them to have proper security, so that no woman can go out because they are mentally ill and they are not yet completely ready to face this cruel world. They are here some for some stress and problem they faced in their past, so I don’t want them to suffer that again. The children who stay there don’t have proper environment for growth aspect. They stay with those women who may impact their life in a long run, so I suggested them to have a separate housing facility for those children which would b close to school and hospital . Mission ASHRA has tie up with Orissa police. So, whenever they found any such case of mental illness of women who doesn’t have family support, they immediately contact. I suggested them to have such contacts with the police department of other states also. In India we have only two such centers who deal with mental illness patients, so they should spread out there wings to help more women. They have helped a lot of women, but they don’t have much facility for men who suffer from such problems. They should have outdoor patients check up facility atleast twice a week, so that they can help men equally Mission ASHRA Page 26
  27. 27. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore REFERENCES 1. Organisation’s website: 2. Annual report: 2007 2008 2009 CONTACT DETAILS Mission ASHRA Page 27