Natalia  Gerashchenko           BRITCOM  Hyeseung Seo                        channel 121Athina Grigoriou    Xiwei Zhong   ...
Order of play• A look at Sky• Hat Trick’s  proposal• Marketing plan• Evaluation
strengths                                                weaknesses  • Large market share (10 million    • Poor differenti...
• A new channel for the                               Sky network, with a                               focus on tongue-in...
Repositioning SKY:              Maintaining SKY’sedgier and a bit more             technological lead           intelligen...
RUNCH-TIME-CRUNCH-TIME-CRUNCH-TIRecession. What a joke.   New on        BRITCOM                                       chan...
strengths                                                                    weaknesses  •   Sky brand = strong, commercia...
Potential           Market entry barrier is high                      entrants                        INDUSTRY   SUPPLIERS...
Brand personality              Audience profile                    MARKETING                          BRITCOM             ...
BRITCOM                                                                   BRITCOMWatch Outnumbered on new Sky Britcom   ch...
price•   SKY TV package =                            • Channel    £25/month                                      – 121, re...
evaluating the success of                   Sky BRITCOM                                                          BRITCOM  ...
product                                                                                           price • Sky BRITCOM     ...
Thank        Natalia                    You  Gerashchenko  Hyeseung SeoAthina Grigoriou    Xiwei Zhong       Alex Lee Ahme...
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SKY Britcom | A new TV package


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The brief: Acting as an independent production company, create and pitch a new concept in TV entertainment for UK entertainment giant SKY.

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  • We did extensive research into SKY’s current market position and the directions the company is moving inThe market share is large and the company is in a good financial situationDirections identified:SKY seems to be moving towards clearer channel differentiation in recent times (Acquisition and branding of Living, launch of Atlantic, removal of Sky 3)SKY is trying to establish itself as a carrier of original British programming (and, it seems, comedy in particular) in the past 2 or 3 years (Stella, An Idiot Abroad, Trollied)SKY has an interest in consumer choice and convenience through digital means (e.g. Sky Go)We decided to address these by creating a product that will help SKY move towards achieving its objectives...
  • Content will consist of:Original Hat Trick productions such as:CrunchTime (flagship show)OutnumberedOriginal Sky comedies and mockumentaries such as:An Idiot AbroadStellaTrolliedOriginal productions from other independent companiessuch as:TalkbackShine group AvalonLeftbankGood quality British comedy programmes syndicated from other channelsCurrent affairs comedy such as Twenty Twelve (parodying the organisation of the London Olympics)News-mocking programmes such as 10 O’Clock Live, Mock The Week
  • Repositioning SKY as edgier and a bit more intelligent/Reaching a new audienceCompeting for the BBC, E4 and other audiencesFans of British comedy personalities like Stephen Fry and Jimmy CarrReaders of ‘quality’ newspapers like The Guardian, The TimesThis is an added dimension rather than a shift; other Sky channels will still continue to enjoy their commercial popularity. Sky BRITCOM helps Sky to reach out to an additional market segment without losing their existing following.Maintaining SKY’s technological leadIn line with SKY’s existing channels, the new channel will be available in HDEmphasis is on convenience and intimacySKY BRITCOM on SkyGO and Online & Mobile subscriptionSKY subscribers can already access Sky programming on their mobiles and tablets via SkyGo; Sky BRITCOM will be available on thisTaking this a step further, non-subscribers will be able to sign up for access to Sky BRITCOM alone, for a lower subscription feeThis online app will allow customers to select their favourite programmes and watch theseWe see it being customisable, with different subscription levels and the ability to choose which programmes you want and which you don’tExtra content available via the app: interviews with comedians,
  • Our original flagship comedy CRUNCHTIME is an example of the channel’s personality (humorous, irreverent and world-aware)A mockumentary set in the months leading up to the financial crisis, providing a comedic look at some of the factors and practices implicated as well as poking fun at people in the banking sector.Setting: a corporate bank in the City of LondonCharacters: Bankers, secretaries, director, cleaner, chauffeur, (emphasis is on social contrast!)Storylines: The day-to-day professional and personal affairs of the bank and its workers against the wider backdrop of an imminent downturn.Humour: Dry, sarcastic, zeitgeisty, edgy at times, peppered with cultural references, contrast between classes exploited to create humour that is more often at the bankers’ expense (populist)
  • Detailed market segmentation analysisLocation: UKPsychographic: Lifestyle:TV-set usersMobile gadgets users Personality:Earthy humourLight intelligent humourSarcastic humourMix Behavioural: User status:Sky usersOther TV companies’ users Non-users Usage rate:Light (1-5 times per month)Medium (2-3 times per week)  Heavy (Nearly every day) Loyalty:HighMediumLowDemographic:  Age and Life-Cycle stage:Singles and families without kids (Age: 25-45)Families with kids (Age: 25-45)Singles and families (Age: 45+) Gender:MenWomenMix Income:£20 000 - 35 000  per year£35 000+ per year
  • Brand personalityGreat sense of humourIronic and self-mockingBritish and promoting British comedy talentInteractive – ‘get involved’Audience profile (core)Intelligent and creativeLargely but not exclusively professional middle class25+Socially awareFans of British comedyPrelaunch advertising (will continue for some time after launch)Television: Sky BRITCOM to be advertised across the SKY network and also on other comedy channels: Dave, Gold, Comedy Central, E4Outdoor: posters and billboards across the UK, transport mediaOnlineSocial networks – targeted campaigns on Facebook based on user interestsComedy sites (ticket purchasing) e.g. strategy is to target those who are ALREADY interested in comedy, particularly BritCom.Promotional activitySponsoring comedy events across the company such as The Edinburgh Fringe FestivalNurturing British comedy talent through writers’ competitions, and stand-up events
  • Some examples of advertisingThe aim is to draw a distinction between the ‘cheesy’ comedy (often imported from the USA) that our target audience is likely to wish to avoid, and the ‘real’ British comedy that Sky BRITCOM will carryThe tone is cheeky and satirical, mocking these imported comedies and hinting that they are not ‘real comedy’This concept could work across different platforms including poster, print and televisionThe channel number always appears alongside the logo, in order that people know where to tune inAdvertisements would also promote the Sky BRITCOM online & mobile subscription available
  • To summarise...
  • SKY Britcom | A new TV package

    1. 1. Natalia Gerashchenko BRITCOM Hyeseung Seo channel 121Athina Grigoriou Xiwei Zhong Alex Lee Ahmed Ahmed just real comedy
    2. 2. Order of play• A look at Sky• Hat Trick’s proposal• Marketing plan• Evaluation
    3. 3. strengths weaknesses • Large market share (10 million • Poor differentiation between subscribers) Sky1, Sky2 and Pick TV (formerly • High capital value & FTSE 100 Sky3) company • Traditionally low on original • Abreast of latest TV technology content – lots of American (recording, HD, 3D, Sky GO) imports • Develop better channel • Other providers differentiation – Virgin Media • Focus on home-grown (British) – BTVision approach to complement the – Free TV services imported American shows • Competitor channels • Build on technological lead • Online viewing/changes in viewer habitopportunities threats
    4. 4. • A new channel for the Sky network, with a focus on tongue-in- cheek British comedy programming BRITCOM – Mockumentaries – Comic quiz/current channel 121 affairs programmes – Comic political satire – Intelligent Britcoms – Featuring original Also available via contentOnline/mobile subscription – Available as stand-alone app/online subscription
    5. 5. Repositioning SKY: Maintaining SKY’sedgier and a bit more technological lead intelligent BRITCOM channel 121 RUNCH-TIME-CRUNCH-TIME-CRUNCH-TI reaching a new audience original british content
    6. 6. RUNCH-TIME-CRUNCH-TIME-CRUNCH-TIRecession. What a joke. New on BRITCOM channel 121
    7. 7. strengths weaknesses • Sky brand = strong, commercial, • Subscription barrier: people may successful prefer watching channels like Dave for • Hat Trick brand = independent, creative free and intellectual production company with lots of successes and good track • Brand perception: Sky’s strength is record producing entertaining content traditionally sport and film, not British • Sky HD and mobile technology available comedies • A channel specialising British humour is • Sky’s 3D technology aspect does not likely to please British audiences. offer more when watching comedies BRITCOM channel 121 • Expand Sky’s horizons and improve • Rival comedy channels: DAVE, viewer share: more varied and creative Comedy Central, UKTV GOLD content and new audiences • Availability of free viewing • Gain credibility by fostering British presents a challenge to our online comedy community subscription model • Personally engage audience through the • People might not really need a Britcom App, offering the mobile TV channel characterized by the experience in bitesize and thus British humour and in some cases may prefer American content increasing subscription revenueopportunities threats
    8. 8. Potential Market entry barrier is high entrants INDUSTRY SUPPLIERS COMPETITORS Talkback,Shinegroup, Avalon, Left UKTV (Dave, GOLD) BUYERS bank Comedy Central, Virgin Media Bargaining power is high SUBSTITUTES NetFlix, LoveFilm,YouTube
    9. 9. Brand personality Audience profile MARKETING BRITCOM channel 121Prelaunch Advertising Ongoing promo activity
    10. 10. BRITCOM BRITCOMWatch Outnumbered on new Sky Britcom channel 121 Find Karl Pilkington and Noel Fielding on new Sky Britcom channel 121
    11. 11. price• SKY TV package = • Channel £25/month – 121, replacing – SKY GO mobile/tablet is Sky 2 included – Sky BRITCOM to be – For SKY included for free with this package, to build subscribers and familiarity and also on Virgin and maximise viewing BT packages access and figures – Possibility of introducing subscription • Online fee later depending on BRITCOM – As part of SKY GO success• SKY GO separately channel 121 – Stand-alone available at subscription £15/month – Sky BRITCOM to be • Offline included in this – Presence of sales• NEW customisable Sky representatives BRITCOM at comedy- online/mobile related events application to be launched at £5/month basic rate place
    12. 12. evaluating the success of Sky BRITCOM BRITCOM channel 121 OBJECTIVES• Evaluate the success of the channel and its effects on revenue• Begin to predict and assess the life cycle of the channel and the programming• Evaluate the effectiveness of each product in creating value and revenue• Learn more about who is watching/subscribing – Data capture when they sign up and online – Information about content consumption – Feedback and questions• Use this understanding to inform marketing, product development and future actions Launch 3 months - Action Data Source -3 months 6 months Recommended sample Subscription of Apps In House (New Product) evaluation Additional Subscription of Sky In House matrix and Sky GO (3.3% from 2010-2011) Rating of the re-branded BARB channel (Sky 2 - 0.2%)
    13. 13. product price • Sky BRITCOM • Available for free for existing or new – A new channel devoted to ‘real’ Sky subscribers British comedy programming • £5/month standalone online and – Giving Sky appeal for more mobile subscription creative and intelligent audiences – Traditional and digital platforms BRITCOM channel 121 • Prelaunch phase consisting mainly of • Channel – 121, replacing Sky 2 television, online, print and outdoor – For SKY subscribers and also on Virgin and advertising BT packages • After launch: • Online – Continued advertising – As part of SKY GO – Stand-alone subscription – Sponsorship and organisation of comedy events • Offline – Fostering amateurs and aspirants through competitions and an online comedy community – Presence of sales representatives at comedy-related eventspromotion place
    14. 14. Thank Natalia You Gerashchenko Hyeseung SeoAthina Grigoriou Xiwei Zhong Alex Lee Ahmed Ahmed BRITCOM channel 121