Understanding how triple pay is impacting on the African Broadcasters


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Understanding how triple pay is impacting on the African Broadcasters

  1. 1. This document is offered compliments of BSP Media Group. www.bspmediagroup.com All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Understanding How triple Pay is impacting on African Broadcasters Presented to AFRICACOM 13 November 2013 Lulama Mokhobo Group CEO
  3. 3. It Starts With BETTER TV Five majors TV shifts started to happen Time shifting Quantity shifting Quality shifting Terminal shifting Engagement shifting  Instant Channel Change  Time-shifted Television  Personalized Content Delivery  Integration Of Information & Communication Applications
  4. 4. Innovation Drives Differentiation Increasing Differentiation & Integration Personalized and Blended Services Conversational Services over TV My Own TV, Amigo TV Voice/Video Conferencing Blended Services Classic Triple Play Internet IPTV VoIP POTS Reachability-based Communication Hybrid Phone Enhanced Services Commercial Bundles Mobile Office Voice CMM and WPABX Increasing Innovation The Challenge Is To Navigate This Trend While Optimizing Total Cost Of Ownership
  5. 5. T-Play Trends leading to Challenges for Service Providers  Control over services and access to them on demand  Support for three screens, doesn't care about access network  Differentiated, compelling and intuitive user interface  A competitive price User centric  Acquire premium content  Access to and search in the long tail of content (including UGC)  Offer broadcast and on-demand content  Content and device matching Content really becomes is king  Design end-to-end network  Guarantee quality of experience  Operation: install, maintain  Cost effective: e.g., xDSL/FTTx, 3G or DVB-H Supporting network  Interactivity and micro-payments  User-generated content and revenue sharing  User profiling and targeted advertising  Managed services New business models
  6. 6. Advanced Triple/Quad Play Converges the Devices in the Connected Home Mobile VoIP PSTN 5
  7. 7. Key Features • • • • • • 6 Ease of Use • Intuative user interface Personalization • Language selection and skin selection • Font size and “accessibility mode” Parental Control • Fine grained access control • Flexible permission system Extendable Catalog System • VOD/radio/TV/music/games catalog • Simple navigation • Quality & admittances rating aware Browse Based Activities • TV-friendly web browsing • RSS news reader • Bookmarks catalog • Gaming Messaging • On-screen message notification • Unicast or multicast message delivery • Conditional/filtered message delivery
  8. 8. Intuitive Electronic Program Guide • Easy-to-use & intuitive • Customizable & skinable • Connected to EPG XML data server • EPG import (tvData/Tribune) • VOD import/export (Cablelabs XML packages) • Client side rendering and cashing • Incremental loading • Reminder (TV alert, SMS alert) • PVR control 7
  9. 9. Integrated Triple Play Telephony • • • • • • • • 8 Caller ID on TV Call history voice & video TV-based voice mail retrieval Message waiting indication on TV TV/PC-based click-to-talk from directory TV-based video calling and conferencing TV-based video mail Video 3G interconnection
  10. 10. Area of media services and media context MEDIA - SERVICES LINEAR MEDIA - CONTEXT (lean backward) PERSONAL (lean forward) MULTIMEDIA (audio-visual mat) SHARED NON LINEAR (audio-visual mat) (data, text, pictures, game) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 MOBILE (on the move)
  11. 11. Triple play in content and in context MEDIA - SERVICES LINEAR MEDIA - CONTEXT (lean backward) MULTIMEDIA (audio-visual mat) SHARED NON LINEAR (audio-visual mat) (data, text, pictures, game) 1 2 3 a integrated media service via one brand PERSONAL (lean forward) 4 6 media experience adapted/presented for every context MOBILE (on the move) 5 7 8 9
  12. 12. Media organisations grow ... MEDIA - SERVICES LINEAR MEDIA - CONTEXT (lean backward) PERSONAL (lean forward) MULTIMEDIA (audio-visual mat) SHARED NON LINEAR (audio-visual mat) (data, text, pictures, game) 1 2 3 4 MOBILE (on the move) 7 5 6 Media/public companies expected to be active on all platforms: •Different services •Different networks •Different devices 8 9
  13. 13. Triple Play Solution ...
  14. 14. Public Service Broadcasting’s Future through various platforms
  15. 15. Benefits For The End User And The Service Provider: The Win-Win Deal Rich Multimedia Common Service Delivery Platform Supports Rich Media Services: Video on demand, Personal TV, Online gaming, Sharing of music, photos and home videos Subscriber Control Seamless Experience Delivers Next Generation User-centric Services: Offers Highly Differentiated User Experience: Provides a personalized and interactive service mix that integrates seamlessly with end user’s communications, information and entertainment needs Enriches lives of end users IPTV, residential VoIP and other converged multimedia applications Provides a better triple play experience Personalization Interactivity Accessibility
  16. 16. Finally, a Common IP Triple Play Network Should Become a Platform For Continual Service Creation eHealthcare Local Content E-Commerce/ Entertainment Community Security Community Services Video Dating IP Network Video Meetings Games Family Monitoring 15 Community Info