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AcctgChat: The World of Accounting on Twitter


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Brief overview of #AcctgChat, a Twitter chat for accountants, auditors and other financial professionals. Topics discussed cover a wide range, from news to regulations to ethics to enterprise and more.

Included is a very brief overview of Twitter's use as a conversational medium.

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AcctgChat: The World of Accounting on Twitter

  1. 1. The World of Accounting on Twitter: What Is #AcctgChat? - @AcctgChat
  2. 2. What’s #AcctgChat? It’s a Twitter chat for accountants, auditors and other financial professionals from around the world. - @AcctgChat
  3. 3. What Do You Talk About? A wide range of topics from news pertinent to the accounting industry to professional ethics to technology to the future of the profession and more. - @AcctgChat
  4. 4. Why Twitter? Twitter provides a unique mode of ambient intimacy in real-time, enabling people from all over the world to express themselves, exchange knowledge, share experiences and find the latest developments around the world. - @AcctgChat
  5. 5. Who Can Join? You - @AcctgChat
  6. 6. How Do I Participate? There are several ways... - @AcctgChat
  7. 7. Hashtag: #AcctgChat Hashtags (keywords prepended with a “#”) demarcate tweets into searchable metadata - in the case of Twitter conversations, they signify a rallying point for participants. - @AcctgChat
  8. 8. Search Twitter Search Twitter ( for #AcctgChat to view a real-time chronological order of tweets demarcated as Accounting Chat. - @AcctgChat
  9. 9. Twitter Clients Following a Twitter chat can very difficult to follow since regular tweets and tweets marked with a hashtag can be difficult to segregate real-time. - @AcctgChat
  10. 10. TweetChat Third-party applications enhance the value of Twitter. TweetChat ( is an example of one such client. It displays only the tweets bearing the hashtag you wish it to display, thus focusing your attention. - @AcctgChat
  11. 11. Other Applications TweetDeck - Seesmic Desktop - Twazzup - @AcctgChat
  12. 12. 8:30 am EST (12:30 pm UTC) Saturdays - @AcctgChat
  13. 13. Follow @AcctgChat The World’s First Accounting Chat on Twitter - @AcctgChat
  14. 14. #AcctgChat - @AcctgChat
  15. 15. Questions? Follow and reply to @AcctgChat - @AcctgChat
  16. 16. - @AcctgChat