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A good user story

How to create a good user story

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A good user story

  1. 1. 3 C’s & INVEST
  2. 2. User story in software development addresses the miscommunication between those who uses (user) the software and those who build (developers) it about what (value) the user wants. As a <some role> – who? I want do <some action> – what? So that <some benefit> – why?
  3. 3. Card - A physical representation of what user wants in few simple plane statements. Conversation – Details of story emerges when the developers talks with product owner and customer about who, what & why. Confirmation – Objective of story identified after conversation in terms of acceptance criteria.
  4. 4. I - Independent N - Negotiable V - Valuable E- Estimable S - Small T - Testable
  5. 5. Independent - Helps in prioritizing the backlog. Negotiable - Evolves the customer’s need. Valuable - Places user story in the backlog. Estimable - Helps in to commit a user story. Small - Helps it in getting delivered in a sprint. Testable – Helps in getting it done.
  6. 6. 3 C’s, INVEST -> User Story A Good User Story
  7. 7. Thank you