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Point of View Review

A brief, memory-jogging review of the points of view.

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Point of View Review

  1. 1. Point of View A brief review
  2. 2. First PersonFirst person point of view is usually toldlooking through the protagonist’s eyes -you’ll be seeing a lot of the pronoun “I”because, you know, they’re talking aboutthemselves. The upside is that we get toknow their thoughts and motivations,which helps to understand what’s goingon BUT only from their point of view -we don’t always get the whole story.
  3. 3. Second PersonThis is not something you see very oftenin literature (but, oddly enough,frequently in song lyrics). In this, thenarrator speaks right to YOU - using thepronoun “you.” This is cool becausenow you are part of the story - youbecome a character. A lot of the time, thenarrator is still part of the story (stillseeing the “I” pronoun, too), which canbe confusing. Just remember, you canhave more than one point of view :)
  4. 4. Third PersonOmniscient: In Latin,“omni” means alland “sci”know - therefore, our narrator isall knowing, as in *everything*: all thecharacters’ thoughts and feelings. Youwon’t see “I” but rather “he,” “she,” and“they” from a person detached from thestory.Limited: You still won’t see “I” but youwon’t know as much - the narrator onlygives you insight into one or twocharacters.
  5. 5. Annnnd ... we’re done.