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Testing with Bots - ATA Pune 18th Meetup


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A session on "Testing with BOTS" was presented by Madan Upadhyay and Manoj Karde at the ATA Pune 18th Meetup in Cognizant in June, 2018.

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Testing with Bots - ATA Pune 18th Meetup

  1. 1. A Gateway to the WORLD OF LEARNING. Testing with BOTS CEO, vElement Manoj Karde Madan Upadhyay Founder, KausalVikash
  2. 2. Agenda Outcome •Bots in Actions •The Human Era to Machine Era •Challenge with existing Testing Mode •The rise of Bots in Test Automation •Use Cases •Next Steps
  3. 3. BOTS in Action Busy executive 5000 test cases daily Monitoring BOTS
  4. 4. The Human era to Machine era Manual, Repetitive and slow Replacement to Manual efforts but still rule based, no intelligence and brutal Generate test cases based on data, code or may learn with little training.
  5. 5. Challenges with existing model •Growing complexity •Shorter delivery cycle and feedback mechanism •Slow methods to get test results •Frequent changes in functionality •Overhead in maintaining and running scripts •Always need skilled resources to maintain scripts
  6. 6. New Expectations •Delegate manual, repetitive and ruled based activities to BOTS •Generate Test cases and Test scripts automatically, with easy machine learning capability. •Code less test automation •Auto healing •Reduce the script development and maintenance effort •Human dependency
  7. 7. The Answer – AI Powered Test Automation •Generate test cases from requirement /acceptance criteria •Learns from several existing data source •Learns from the application under test •Generate code scripts •Identify and auto correct the machine learned UI or element changes in the recurring test execution
  8. 8. Ways to Marry AI with Testing BOT based automation Use existing platforms •Applitools •SauceLabs •Testim.IO •Sealights •Test.IO •Mabl •ReTest Write own ML algorithms •Linear Regression •Decision Trees •Naïve Bayes •Logistics Regression •Classification
  9. 9. Next Steps “An important shift from a mobile first world to an AI first world,” declared Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Learn •RPA •AI Powered Test Automation Tools •Data Science