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Unknown Parameter Value (1)

  1. 1. HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR LIVER? 您有多愛您的肝臟? How Can You Love it, if You Don't Know it? 如果您不瞭解它,您又怎麼去愛它呢? 永恒的回憶 自動播放
  2. 2. Hi... I'm Your Liver! 嗨﹍我是您的肝臟! Let me tell you how much I love you…in 9 ways. 讓我告訴您我有多愛您﹍九種方式。
  3. 3. 1.我儲存您需要的 1. I store the iron 鐵質和許多維他 命、礦物質等。 reserves you need, as well as a lot of vitamins and other minerals. Without me, you 沒有我, wouldn't have the 您就沒有力量的泉源! strength to carry on!
  4. 4. 2.我促使膽囊消化您所 2. I make bile to 吃進來的食物。 help digest your food. Without me, you'd 沒有我您會骨瘦如柴 waste away to 、衰弱,直至死亡。 nothing.
  5. 5. 3.我為您篩濾有害的 3. I detoxify poisonous 毒素,包括酒精飲 chemicals you give me, 料和各類合法或非 法的藥品和食物。 and that includes alcohol, beer, wine and drugs (prescribed and over-the-counter) as well as illegal substances. 沒有我, 您的壞習慣會讓您致命。Without me, your "bad" habits would kill you.
  6. 6. 4.我像電瓶一般儲存能量 (如:醣類、葡萄糖和 4. I store energy, like a 油脂),在您需要它們 battery, by stockpiling 時,適時提供。 sugar (carbohydrates, glucose and fat) until you need it. Without me, the sugar level 沒有我,您的血醣會 in your blood could fall 驟降,而且還可能進 dramatically and you'd 入昏迷狀態。 go into a coma.
  7. 7. 5.我促使血液在您全身 各器官正常運作,甚 5. I make the blood 至在您出生之前就開 that got your 始照顧您。 system going even before you were born. Without me, you 有了我,才有今天的您! wouldn't be here!
  8. 8. 6.我為您製造所需之 6. I manufacture new 蛋白質,讓您持續 保有健康和成長。 proteins that your body needs to stay healthy and grow. Without me, you 沒有我, wouldn't grow 您不可能正常發育。 properly!
  9. 9. 7.我將您從空氣中吸入 7. I remove poisons 的廢氣和化學等有毒物 from the air, 質,自體內移除。 exhaust smoke and chemicals you breathe. 沒有我, Without me, you'd be 您將被污染物質所毒害! poisoned by pollutants!
  10. 10. 8.我促進凝血的功能, 8. I make clotting 使得您在意外受傷出血 時,能產生止血的功效 factors that stop the 。 bleeding when you accidentally prick yourself. Without me, you'd 沒有我, 您會因出血不止而死! bleed to death!
  11. 11. 9.我無分晝夜地協 9. I help defend you against 助您抵抗入侵的各 the germs going into your 種細/病菌,殺死 body all the time. I take 或削弱它們。 those cold germs, flu bugs and other germs you encounter, and knock them dead - or at least weaken them. 沒有我, Without me, you'd be a 您會成為人類各種感染 sitting duck for every 疾病的『眾矢之的』。 infection known to man.
  12. 12. That's how much I love you... 以上就說明了我有多麼的愛您﹍ but do you love me? 然而,您有愛我嗎?
  13. 13. Let me tell you some easy ways to love me, your liver. 讓我告訴您一些愛我(您的肝臟)的方式。
  14. 14. Don't drown me in beer, alcohol or wine! 不要讓我沈溺在酒精飲料之中! Even one drink is too much for some people and could scar me for life. 甚至對某些人而言,一小口也是過多了,這 可能在我生命之中造成無法抹滅的傷痛。
  15. 15. • Watch those drugs! All drugs are chemicals, and when you mix them up without a doctor's advice you could create something poisonous that could damage me badly. • 注意藥品的服用! 所有的藥品都是化學物,當您 沒有請教醫生而亂服時,您可 能已經中毒了,而我所受到的 傷害會是更深。  I scar easily.. and those scars, called "cirrhosis" are permanent.  我很容易受傷﹍這些傷害是永遠的致命傷,它叫〝肝硬化〞。 Medicine is sometimes necessary. But taking pills when they aren't necessary is a bad habit. All those chemicals can really hurt a liver. 有時服用藥品是必要的。但是不需服用的藥品成為服用的壞習慣 時,這些化學物可能真的傷害到肝臟了。
  16. 16. Be careful with aerosol sprays! 注意噴霧劑的使用! Remember, I have to detoxify what you breathe in, too. So when you are cleaning with aerosol cleaners, make sure the room is ventilated, or wear a mask. 切記,我對您吸入的氣體也必 須做濾毒的工作。所以當您使 用清潔劑時,屋內的空氣必須 流通,或請戴上口罩。 That goes double for bug sprays, mildew sprays, paint sprays and all those other chemical sprays you use. Be careful what you breathe! 殺蟲劑、防霉劑、噴漆和其他化學噴劑會加倍的傷害肝臟。 要注意,不要讓它們被吸入體內!
  17. 17. Watch what gets on your skin! Those insecticides you put on trees and shrubs not only kill bugs they can get to me right through your skin and destroy my cells, too. Remember they're all chemicals. 注意附在您皮膚上的東西!那些噴灑在樹叢的殺蟲劑不只是殺 蟲而已,他們也會透過您的皮膚摧毀我的細胞。切記!他們 都是化學製劑。 Cover your skin with gloves, long sleeves, a hat and mask every time insecticides are in the air or if you're handling them. 當您在噴灑殺蟲劑時,務必要戴手套、帽子、口罩和穿長袖衣 服,把皮膚遮蓋起來。
  18. 18. Don't eat too much fatty food! I make the cholesterol your body needs, and I try to make the right amount. 不要吃太油膩的食物! 我會提供您身體所需的膽固醇,並且會做適量的調配。 Give me a break. Eat a good, well balanced nourishing diet. If you eat the right stuff for me, I'll really do my stuff for you! 讓我有喘息的機會去吸收有益,而且均衡滋養的食物。如果 您為我吃對了食物,我也一定為您盡忠職守、肝腦塗地。
  19. 19. WARNING: 警告: I can't and won't tell you I'm in trouble until I'm almost at the end of my rope... and yours. Remember: I am a non-complainer. Overloading me with drugs, alcohol and other junk can destroy me! This may be the only warning you will ever get. 我不能,也不會告訴您我有了麻煩, 除非你我幾乎均已〝走投無路〞了。 記住:我是一個〝任勞任怨〞者, 過量的藥物、酒精飲料和一些毒品會把我給毀了! 這就是您所獲得的唯一警告了!
  20. 20. Take My Advice, Please! 請接受我的建議!  Check me out with your doctor. 請您的醫生為我作檢查。  Blood screening tests can identify some trouble. 做血液拴篩測試可能會找出一些問題。  If I'm soft and smooth, that's good. If I'm hard and bumpy, that could mean trouble. 如果我是柔軟、平滑,就表示我很健康。如果 堅硬不平,就可能出了問題。  If your doctor suspects trouble, ULTRA SOUND and CT scans can look into it. 如果您的醫生產生疑慮時,可以超音波和電腦 斷層掃描來做觀察。  My life, and yours, depends on how you treat me. 我和您一生的幸福就靠您如何對待我了。
  21. 21. Now you know how much I care for you. 現在您瞭解我有多麼地關心、照顧您。 Please treat me with tender loving care. 請您也好好愛我。 Your silent partner and ever-loving lover …. LIVER 您沈默的伙伴和永遠愛您的情人﹍肝臟 敬啟
  22. 22. 突然發作右側腰部 好痛! 無法深呼吸、 打噴嚏、哈哈大笑 。尿液如紅茶。 1991年,我的肝臟原生性癌細胞腫瘤;醫學稱之 H.C.C.位置如圖 : 6 X 5 X 4.5公分,切除後存活至今 。當時檢查血液A.F.P.(胎兒蛋白)高於現在檢查的正 常值1.4 ( <10.9 ng/ml ) 百倍多。(C.F.M.)
  23. 23. 肝臟屬消化系統,肝功能異常時,時常易誤判 是腸胃病而投錯藥劑,延誤肝臟治療時機。如 血液檢驗有肝炎;須遵照西醫醫生的建議:不 要去企圖嘗試中醫藥草治療,徒然增加肝臟的 負擔,反而使病情惡化。不能喝酒抽菸、不要 吃醃製與添加防腐劑的食物、發霉的豆纇(如 花生、玉米)、烤焦的食物,多吃新鮮蔬果, 適當的運動與休息,避免過度勞累,避開空氣 污穢的場所 ( 燃燒廢棄物、油漆、農藥、殺蟲 劑 ),定期作肝臟追蹤檢查。這是敝人病癒後 的心得給您作參考,祝大家身體健康,有健康 的身體勝過萬貫家產。(C.F.M.)