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360 Video and Virtual Reality - White Paper


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Because of the tremendous amount of time and resources needed to create most VR experiences, user-generated content is huge for the VR market. That’s why companies are beginning to place so much emphasis on new 360-degree cameras and similar accessories — by giving people affordable tools with which they can easily create 360-degree videos and photos, the amount of available VR content grows exponentially

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360 Video and Virtual Reality - White Paper

  2. 2. Marketing in New Dimensions. Larger. More Vibrant. Marketing is ever changing, taking larger dimensions. A new generation of marketing allows to take advantage of the stimulation of all senses given by consumers. Marketing is always consumer orientated as your consumers secure your capital. Innovative marketing via 360° Degree Video Technology puts the consumer into the spotlight. 1.
  3. 3. Experience The World From A Full Angle. 360° Immersive Video Technology is the most engaging form of online content. By including sight, sound, and motion, consumers senses are stimulated in a multitude of ways. 360° Immersive Video Technology motivates and animates consumers to delve deeper. Consumers are curious and love to explore and engage. 2.
  4. 4. By integrating 360° Immersive Video Technology into your marketing, you involve your customers and allow them to be part of the campaign, allowing direct influence and action. For consumers, it is the opportunity to gain a full picture and experience of your company. 360° Video Technology is highly innovative, adventurous, fun and highly effective. 3.
  5. 5. For Consumers Go on a tour. Go on a journey. Explore. Experience. Learn. Book. Purchase. Enjoy. For Companies Offer. Brand. Visualise. Inspire. Tell your story. The way you want it to be told. By the Usage of Immersive 360° Degree Video Mobile Applications. Augmented Reality Features. 360° Degree Footage. Vast Possibilities 4.
  6. 6. Tourism Industry Take your customers for a strawl through your hotel. Allow customers to get an insight from what awaits them at your place. Allow your guest to test the water or city views prior booking and facilitate the decision making process for their wish of … 5. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE…
  7. 7. Sports Industry Show the full action of a game via 360° Immersive Video Technology. Create a more thrilling and quality experience of sports with 360° Immersive Video Technology. 6. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE…
  8. 8. Hospitality Industry Invite your guests for a strawl through your restaurant. Allow new guests to choose a table of their preference themselves within a 360° Visual Experience via Add-in Feature of …. 7. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE…
  9. 9. Entertainment Industry Increase the experience of the audience of a performance with 360° Immersive Video Technology. Capture entire moments of the excitement and action of a performance with its lively crowds via 360° Immersive Video…. 8. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE…
  10. 10. Commercial and Private Real Estate Industry Market property at its best. Utilise hotspots and POV footage to create immersive 360° Degree inspections. 9. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE…
  11. 11. Travel Industry Increase comfort and convenience, learn about customers through your customer´s video choice and offer more hospitable services. 10. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE…
  12. 12. Education Industry Increase the level of understanding. Accelerate the learning process through created learning pathways via Static Hotspots and …. 11. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE…
  13. 13. Growth through collaboration. We film a fully immersive 360 degree video to showcase your vision. You integrate Virtual Reality video contents to add depth and true immersion for your clients. Develop web and mobile applications for your clients to access from any device. Make the solution interactive and immersive, at the same time. Create an unforgettable customer experience to boost engagement and sales. 12.
  14. 14. Customised Consulting 360° Video Filming VR/AR/360 App Development 360 Video Production • Aerial • Ground • Underwater 360 Live Streaming iOS/Android/HTML5/Apple TV Development 360 SDK available White-Label mobile app We work with you from conception to the final product. Our services 13.
  15. 15. ABOUT US is a full service production and development company based in Sydney, Australia that specialises in 360 degree immersive virtual reality video contents and development of web and mobile solutions. conceives and produces totally immersive and interactive experiences around virtual, augmented reality and 360 videos. Level 2, 6 The Corso, Manly 2095, NSW,