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Creating great 360 content for vr


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Some dead simple rules for creating great 360 videos for Virtual Reality.

Published in: Technology
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Creating great 360 content for vr

  1. 1. Creating great 360 content for virtual reality
  2. 2. Jaroslav Stehlík Lead programmer DIVR Labs @jaroslavstehlik
  3. 3. Divr Labs First Czech VR game company Working on a sci-fi horror shooter Blue Effect for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR
  4. 4. What drives immersion? Head tracking Virtual hands and interactive world around you Design and ergonomics of virtual objects Binaural sound / spatial audio Social aspect, communication
  5. 5. 360 Video is hard Head tracking = none Virtual hands = none Binaural sound / spatial audio = yay! "youtube" Social aspect, communication = one-way "actor"
  6. 6. 360 Video without head tracking The spectator has to be ideally seated. Moving in reality without moving in virtual reality can induce motion sickness. Your main tools are sound, light and motion.
  7. 7. Storytelling
  8. 8. Storytelling VR is much closer to classical theatre than film. Everything has to happen around the spectator. It is extremely easy to loose the attention of your spectator. Always point out important people/objects rather decoration.
  9. 9. Framing
  10. 10. Framing There is no framing! The camera has to be static and in the centre of your scene. Cuts should be less often and it is better to use fadeouts. We are mostly changing time/location, not the view. You can use light for pointing out important people/objects. Shoot rather in dark for easier spotlights.
  11. 11. Camera motion
  12. 12. Camera motion Don't move the camera - around ⅔ people can experience motion sickness. Use constant linear motion without turns, ending with fade out. Acceleration and deacceleration can create unpleasant experiences. If motion sickness does not affect you, hurray you are lucky! But think also about the others.
  13. 13. Motion sickness Most people get sick when their body starts moving without perceiving actual physical movement or vice versa.
  14. 14. Object motion
  15. 15. Object motion Completely static scenes are a great start for your video. Move only objects/actors which have an important role in your story. Drive attention to your actors, move them around the spectator to change their POV, use actors to stare at something important. Keep actors or important objects during cuts in the same direction as the last direction of the spectator.
  16. 16. Binaural sound Works with closed headphones. Enhances immersive experience. Points out the direction of your main scene.
  17. 17. Binaural sound howto Youtube supports spatial audio for 360 videos. Record audio with surround microphones from multiple directions.
  18. 18. Thanks... Thank you for your attention! Now is the right time to ask me any question. Do not hesitate to try out our demo today. Also, we are hiring: