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  1. 1. Twitter establish your own voice in the community and connect with othersBy Fatima Mohammad AL QassemID: 201016056
  2. 2. List of contact• What is twitter?• Positive points of using twitter• How to create a twitter account• How to use twitter• What is a tweet?• How to post a tweet• What is a direct message• How to upload videos on twitter?• How to include a picture in your Tweet• How to make your twitter account private• Conclusion• References
  3. 3. What is Twitter?"Twitter is a device-agnostic real-time message- routing platform—which is a fancy way of saying that it can send messages to and receive them from a variety of devices simultaneously, at the moment a message is sent."
  4. 4. Positive points of using twitter• Simplicity. You sign up, start Tweeting, and the ball’s rolling within minutes.• It’s a brilliant way of breaking news.• Celebrities talk like “real” people without agents/producers/editors getting in the way. And the best Tweeting stars actually interact with their audience.• Immediacy.• 140-character limit makes you think more about what you’re saying (montemplar)• Anyone can do it.• Variety of ways to access: PC, mobile, multiple apps and widgets. (montemplar)• It’s free.• You can share links, pictures, and upload videos.
  5. 5. How to create a twitter account• Step1• Type the URL and click enter.• Step2• 1- Enter your name.• 2- Enter your email address.• 3- Enter a password.• 4- click sign up for twitter.
  6. 6. • Step3• Double-check your name, email address, password, and username. Then that click create my account.• After that you will have your own twitter page.
  7. 7. How to use twitter• After signing up, follow a handful of accounts to create a customized stream of information on your homepage. Following means youll get that users Tweets on your Twitter homepage. You can unfollow anyone later on. Find out how to follow news sources, friends, and more in this article
  8. 8. What is a tweet?• A tweet is Any message with fewer than 140 characters posted to Twitter.• It appears for the sender: On the senders profile page and Home timeline.• It appears for the recipient: In the Home timeline of anyone who is following the sender.• Places it will never appear: On anyone elses profile page, unless they retweeted the message.• What is a retweet?• A retweet is a re-posting of someone elses Tweet. Twitters retweet feature helps you and others quickly share that Tweet with all of your followers.
  9. 9. How to Post a Tweet• Type your tweet at the top box of your screen and click tweet after you finish writing.• Make sure your update is fewer than 140 characters.• Another way of posting is by clicking at the blue compose new Tweet button
  10. 10. What is a Direct message?• A direct message (DM) is a private message sent via Twitter to one of your followers. You can only send a direct message to a user who is following you; you can only receive direct messages from users you follow.• How to send a direct message?• Step1: Click on the person icon in the top right and select Direct messages fromthe drop down menu.Tip: Make sure that user follows you.You can only send a direct message to yourfollowers even though you can receivemessages from all users you follow.
  11. 11. • Step2• Youll see a pop up showing your direct message history. Click the New message button, highlighted below.• Step3
  12. 12. How to upload videos on twitter?• There are several ways to share and upload videos on twitter. One of the best ways is using TwitVid.• The site is simple to use: just log in with your Twitter credentials, choose your video file (up to 1 GB or 20 mins), enter 117 characters or less, and hit the tweet button. That’s all there is to it.• Link to the site
  13. 13. How to include a picture in your Tweet• Step1• Click on the camera icon
  14. 14. • Step2• Select an image and click open
  15. 15. • Step3• You can write a text in the box, click tweet when you are done.• After that your picture will appear as a link.
  16. 16. How to make your twitter accountprivate• If you want to protect your tweets so no one can read it except your followers, you have to follow these steps.• Step1: Click on the upper right person icon.• Click settings.
  17. 17. • Step2:• Scroll down the page and click protect my tweets• Step3• Click save changes
  18. 18. • Step4• Re-enter your password in the empty box.• Click save changes.
  19. 19. Conclusion• Twitter is a website for communicating with people online easily and shares what you are doing with them. Twitter is a powerful social networking tool for both business and personal use. You can also share pictures and links by posting on twitter.
  20. 20. A clear video on how using twitter
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