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  1. 1. HTM 2121TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MARKETING Group Project Food and beverage operation in TST East Molecular Gastronomy Bar Tomorrow’s Bar Candy Ma 11076006D Matthew Ng 11186013D Ida Hung 11010000D Yvonne Chan 11072109D
  2. 2. Overview External Implementation MarketingEnvironmental milestone budget Analysis Marketing Mix MarketingOpportunity and Strategies and controls Threats Programs Internal Target Market Environment Analysis Analysis
  3. 3. External Environmental Analysis Demographic trends Economic Technological trends trends Ecological Political-legal trends trends
  4. 4. Demographic trends aged15-35 half of total HK population total of 17,032 population in TST East in which 79.5% of them is aged between 15 to 64 median monthly domestic household income is HK$ 21,000.Census and Statistics Department of The Government of the Hong Kong Special AdministrativeRegion. (2012). Table: Summary Statistics of Constituency Areas in Yau Tsim Mong District, 2006.
  5. 5. Ecological trends Food supply will not food waste issue :50 be able to meet tons waste/year demand by 2050Cathy. (2009). Food waste in restaurant. Retrieved from
  6. 6. Economic trends GDP of Hong Kong for the increased 3% in 4th quarter of 2011 Consumer Price Index (CPI), the overall consumer prices raised by 6.1% in January 2012 >40% of households in HK. medium and high expenditure ranges, increased 6.3% and 6.4% respectivelyCensus and Statistics Department of The Government of the HKSAP. (2012).Table 200: Selected Industry Averages and Analytical Ratios in the Industry Sections ofImport/Export, Wholesale and Retail Trades, and Accommodations and Food Services.
  7. 7. Technological trends Introduce new cuisines Internet users (per 100 on a regular spend 70% people) in Hong Kong basis, observe discretionary was last reported at customers’ eating expenditure on leisure 69.26 in 2010 habit, discover new target customersKattiyapornpong, P. (2009).Profiling Generation Y- Where do they travel. Journal of Travel Research. (3-6)
  8. 8. Political-legal trends Apply Declaration through the Department of Food and Environmental Hygiene (DFEH) Apply Liquor Licence and Club Liquor Licence Liquor Licence from the Liquor Licensing Board (LLB) Amended Smoking (Public Health Ordinance (Cap. 371)Centre for Food Safety (2012), Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, HKSAR,Part V of the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap. 132).
  9. 9. Competitors Bo Innovation • Similar products and service 廚魔 • Same customers Aspasia • Location: TST Other • The Krug Room Competitors • CapriceAspasia. (2010). Retrieved from
  10. 10. Opportunity and Threat • Increased conscious in the trend of Molecular GastronomyOpportunity • Increasing Income of GDP • Increasing concern of food shortage • Lack of technology in HK Threat • Various competitors
  11. 11. Internal Environment Analysis Tomorrow’s Bar Mission Objective Resources
  12. 12. Mission TargetTomorrow’s Bar Theme Opening hours Customer • a cross- • white-collars • from cultural of • aged 18-35 11:30a.m. to Molecular 15:00p.m Gastronomy • 7:30p.m. to with Eastern 3:00a.m and Western • Everyday style. • located in TST East
  13. 13. Objective Performance- Short-term Long-term maximizing objective• To establish positive • To become the • expected to be public image within famous superior market-stimulated 1-3 years in HK. restaurant in Hong with a high degree of• To gain a year-on- Kong in the coming uncertainty about year 10% sales 10 years. their ultimate market during first five • To develop a good potential. years. public relation with • emphasizing unique• To increase market the customers in the products and share by 15% after 3 society within 10 services to increase years. years. its competitive• To retain 5% of the advantages and to customers/year. enlarge its market share
  14. 14. Resources • Top Chefs Human • Talented ManagersResources • Training courses for employees • Non-monetary reward Morale • Keep in high levelCapital and • Obtain bank loan • Maintained regularly Machine • Monitored raw material
  15. 15. Target Market Analysis Target Characteristics Needs customers of customers• Aged 18-35 • Non- • Facing huge• White-collar pecuniary work employees rewards pressure• In TST East • 35% • Want to relax motivated by after work social needs • Join club or bar
  16. 16. Marketing Mix Strategies Positioning Creative and innovative Middle class Advancedbusiness man as techonologytarget customers
  17. 17. 4Ps Price MarketingPromotion Mix Product Strategies Place
  18. 18. PriceMethod• Price range is set between HK$200 to HK$500 per dish, which is higher than ordinary food• Send a message to prestige-conscious consumers• Continue to associate these values with the productStrategy• Planned to implement market skimming as its pricing approach• Recoup the investment involved in product development
  19. 19. Product
  20. 20. Place Location Decoration Private Rooms• TST East • Relaxing • rectangular form• Upper floor • Comfortable • grid pattern • dim lights • side by side with • candles on table sofa and cushions • home-away- from-home sense of feelings
  21. 21. Promotion AdvertisingPersonal Public selling Promotion Relations Sales promotion
  22. 22. Advertising TV Programme Mobile application Websites• Invite several famous • providing the bar’s • official website in gourmets (e.g. Tao menu, transportation multiple languages Tao) to taste through information and • FaceBook Television special offers • Yahoo! and Googles programmes • Game: creating new• will be broadcasted forms of molecular at night period gastronomy by users
  23. 23. Public RelationsPromotional event• Planned to hold a public event in the plaza• Demonstrate the cooking process of various types of dishes and audiences will be invited to taste the dishes• Provide the theme night every FridayTeaching class• The first 100 customers will be invited to a teaching class• The Chef Executive of bar will teach them• Making the unique style and taste of dishes
  24. 24. Sales PromotionSales Promotion•Provide VIP cards•Consume more than $1500 in bar•Enjoy 85% discount off•First 100 customers can get the VIP card for free
  25. 25. Implementation MilestonesMilestones Start date End date Budget Who is How to evaluate? responsible?Decorating 1/1 31/3 $750000- 1000000 Person in charge Inspection on every weekRecruiting staffs 3/3 17/3 $10000-15000 HR manager Hold the recruitment dayTraining 15/3 1/5 $30000-45000 Training Work rules test department and role play before the openingTV programme 1/5 31/11 $28888 x 6 = Marketing Compile statistics $173328 department of customers a week after the programme releasedMobile application 1/6 31/12 $6000-10000 Marketing Compile statistics department of downloading rate from the systemPrinted 1/6 31/12 $8000 x 6 = Marketing Questionnaireadvertisements $48000 departmentPromotional event 1/7,1/8,1/9 31/7,31/830 $50000-70000 Marketing Questionnaire each month /9 etc. departmentTeaching Class 11/7 18/7 $9000-12000 Marketing The popularity department from the joining numberMarket evaluation 1/8 31/8 $1500/report Marketing Questionnaire departmentMarket research 1/10 31/10 $2000/survey R & D department Analyze the factors related to the business operation
  26. 26. Marketing budget • Sales forecast: First 10 months the growth slow because of low brand. In year 2, we expect our sales volume will increase further as we should have gradually developed . Expenses DistributionExpenses Distribution 6% 2%Employees 25%salaries 25% Empolyees salariesMaintainers 2% 20% Maintainers expensesexpensesPromotion Promotion expenses 15%expenses Food & Baverage expenses 2%Food & Beverage 30% TST East rental feeexpensesTST East rental Operational expenses 20% 15%fee sundriesOperational 6% 30%expensessundries 2%
  27. 27. Marketing controls External Internal Contingency plan• Brand name: • organize a weekly • plan B to adjust the 1) collect the opinions meeting situation 2) questionnaires will • food safety • Discount be conducted half supervision • Set of dinner yearly • menu of the meal 3) professional have to change every marketer will be hired 3-4 months• Financial measures • he quality of the food 1)professional • e advanced auditing company knowledge about the• 2)cash flow will be meal for waiters monitored every month
  28. 28. Reference list• Arboleya, J. C., Aduriz, A., Lasa, D., Vergara, J., Duch, A., Olabarrieta, I., et al. (2007). Oral presentation. 2nd International symposium on delivery of functionality in complex food systems. University of Massachusetts. Amherst. USA. From the chefs mind to the dish: How a scientific approach can help to make the way easier.•• Aspasia. (2010). Retrieved from•• Bo Innovation. (n.d.). Retrieved from•• Caprice. (n.d.). Retrieved from• Cathy. (2009). Food waste in restaurant. Retrieved from• Centre for Food Safety (2012), Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, HKSAR, Part V of the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap. 132). Retrieved form:• C.J. Reissig.& E.C. Strain. & R.R. Griffiths. (2009). Caffeinated energy drinks—A growing problem. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 99. (1–10).•• Census and Statistics Department of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. (2012). Table 200: Selected Industry Averages and Analytical Ratios in the Industry Sections of Import/Export, Wholesale and Retail Trades, and Accommodations and Food Services. Retrieved from•• Census and Statistics Department of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. (2012). Table: Summary Statistics of Constituency Areas in Yau Tsim Mong District, 2006. Retrieved from••• Cuisine Innovation (2012) website. Retrieved from: innovation/cms/content/view/14/46/lang,en/•
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