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Evaluation 4


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Evaluation 4

  1. 1. Who would be the audiencefor your media product?
  2. 2. Key Questions:-What genre does your film belong to?- Who is the audience for this genre?- Who is my audience?
  3. 3. Genre?The genre of my film is social realism, so what is it?, Social realism isan artistic movement which is expressed by visual and other realistarts, it depicts social and racial injustice as well as economichardship, its presented by undisguised images, films of life’s strugglesand issues but often depicts working class actions and performanceas daring.
  4. 4. Theatrical- Barbican- Arnolfini Centre- National Film Centre- CORNERHOUSE-Exeter Picture House-Can be known as ‘Art House Cinemas’All of the above cinemas present social realism films. I have found out the sortof audience for the following cinemas are highly educated, artisticallyminded and culturally developed. Students could be interested as anaudience to watch my product.
  5. 5. Audience’s Online? MUBI It is an online website where you can stream films. It is an online website where you can rentLOVEFiLM DVD’s, games and videos. These are sent through the mail. It is an online website where you canIMDb find out information about films, it also includes trailers of films etc.The following sites helped me find out more about my audience and whatsort of people are attracted to the genre. I found out my audience have ahighly educated background.
  6. 6. TelevisionChannels which present social realism films:- BBC4 By doing television research I found out my audience is a- Film4 small group.• BBC4 is a British television channel, it launched on 2002. It is aneducational and cultural channel.• Film4 is a free digital television channel, they first started in1982 (known as Film4 Productions). The film production is ownedby Channel Four Television Corporation.
  7. 7. Radio BBC radio 3 - It has previously shown social realism documentaries. BBC radio 4 - They have previously worked with the Opencinema to present Ken Loach’s film ‘Sweet Sixteen’. It has done interviews with social realism directors and even helps with screenings of films.-The audience for these radios are andolder range, (for example, 40+).-It shows me older people could be myaudience for my film.
  8. 8. PrintsMagazines about social realism are only ones that include films of the genre. Forexample here are some of the magazines….. - Sight and sound is one of the main magazines: The buyers of this magazine are going to be my audience, it is obvious it is going to be an older audience. This is useful as it tells me who buys these magazines and shows they are my audience.