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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Grace Sheridan
  2. 2. PosterFrom looking at my poster you can clearly see that my film has a genre of a dark social realism short for teenagers. We also learn through my poster that my film is going to have a niche audience The poster reflects the themes and issues of the film quite effectively, this is through the low key lighting, font and the smudged make- up of the character. You can clearly see through the poster the main themes and issues within my film from the above list is going to be physical abuse, drug abuse etc. The only theme and issue the poster does not represent that is seen within the film is sister rivalry, this is due to their only being one character in the poster as I felt this photograph portrayed the key themes and issues that were significant to my film. The poster reflects the style of the film quite effectively, you can see my film is going to have a serious style, this is shown through the character in the poster by the serious facial expressions which shows hopelessness. The low key lighting of the poster represents the dark tone my film has. The use of the black coloured costume and black heavy make-up makes the character looked abused in the poster, in the film this character is portrayed as self abuse, drug abuse etc. My poster informs my audience about my film as it shows the above character (Molly) as the victim as which she is seen as in the film by the use of alcohol/drug abuse and how the character is taken advantage of once in a vulnerable state. The poster also informs my audience about the dark side of my film through the low key lighting and the characters costume and make-up. The poster promotes my short film quite effectively, this is due to the star ratings, reviews which show people enjoyed my film, the use of tag lines such as 'powerful and intoxicating' attract the audience in and by the use of the official selection awards shown in the poster.
  3. 3. The preconceptions the poster develops to my viewers about my film is some type of mystery teenage life. The low key lighting and the characters costume and make-up sets up a lot of tension for my film. The prop of drugs gives a contradiction of the film. I think my poster suggests to my audience that there is something hidden or twisted to this teenage type of life. My three products synergise together through their strong representations of the character Molly, they all work together and expose the vulnerability of the character. The synergy is significant as the three representations create a greater and stronger effect to the way the character is viewed in a variety of combined ways.
  4. 4. Similarities My film and poster both use low key lighting which creates the same type of style and tone.
  5. 5. Both represent the strong issue of drug abuse.
  6. 6. Short Film Key thematic elements are common to both the main and ancillary tasks. This is shown through the way all three products follow the social realism genre. The film itself is representing the genre social realism through the actors, the poster uses elements to represent the dark social realism genre of a teenage life through the photograph. The review uses language which brings the realism to our eyes. Also my film and poster use other key thematic elements such as low key lighting to represent the dark style. All three media products use images to lure the eye. The poster and review both express the issue of drug abuse in which the film does. My review and poster both represent the character (Molly) vulnerable and weak, this is shown through the images they both use and also through the language in the review. The film clearly has the same meaning as it also shows the character (Molly) in a vulnerable situation. My poster, review and film all exploit the vulnerability of the character (Molly). My review and film also send out the same message of the sister (Macy) by showing she has a hierarchical power, this is shown through the film by the continuous spying and protection she shows over her sister Molly, it is communicated strongly in the review by the use of the picture as Macy is standing over her sister looking down on her.
  7. 7. Both the review and poster impact my main product. The review impacts my main product as it gives detailed background story to the film. The poster impacts my main product as it gives an insight to the issues within the film, it also impacts my main product as it gives my viewers a visual sense to my film. I think my ancillary tasks are a clear reflection of my main product. I think the poster is because of the photograph itself and also due to the the artistic elements such as low key lighting which have contrasted each other throughout. My review is a clear reflection of the main product due to the language used. Both ancillaries are also a clear reflection due to the same aimed target audience as my film, this is a niche audience attracted to the genre social realism. The review and poster both reference one another to introduce extra layers of meaning into my film by the understanding of the vulnerability of the character Molly. The review also does this as it unpacks the films critiquing but also unpacks the hidden meaning of issues. The poster introduces extra layers of meaning into my film by the tag lines such as 'powerful and intoxicating'.
  8. 8. Similarities Both images of the poster and review show weakness of the character Molly, through the poster it is shown by prop of the drug being smoked and the smudged make-up, however in the review it is shown by the level of the two sisters, Macy to the right is looking down on her sister Molly.
  9. 9. Review My review informs my audience about my film through the themes and issues that have been described within the review. The review also gives my audience content of the film. The way that my review attracts an audience to my film differs compared to how my poster attracts an audience to my film is because I followed the style of a film review that would be suitable for the magazine Sight and Sound. I did this because I know films that have a niche audience have been shown in the Sight and Sound magazine which is the same as my audience. I also did this because my film has a serious tone and I wanted to attract an academic audience which I feel the Sight and Sound magazine would attract compared to magazines such as Now and OK! etc. Whereas my poster gives a visual sense of the film. I think my film review can be seen as biased but I didn't go to far, this is because its very hard to not be biased when writing your film review on your own film. The impact this had was quite effective. From reading the review we understand the genre is going to be social realism, this can be seen through 'brought realism to Addiction'. We learn the audience is targeted at a teenage audience due to it's young characters however through some of the vocabulary used and the Sight and Sound style of the film review you could suggest an academic audience. From the review we learn the Directors rationale behind the film is to explain what I felt was needed as their was specific things I wanted to get across within the review.
  10. 10. My film review breaks down the themes and issues that are the chief concern of my film quite effectively. This is shown through the picture by the latitude place of one looking down on the other, it shows who is vulnerable. The quote in the review represents the key issue of drugs. The key theme and issues have also been addressed in the first paragraph where readers can easily identify sister rivalry and strained relationships.