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Untitled script excerpt[1]

  1. 1. UNTITLED SCRIPT EXCERPT 14th September 2010
  2. 2. CHARACTERS POLLY - late 20s medical research student. She used to be ambitious, but now she’s trapped by a repetitive job and a boss whose constant attention borders on obsession. JULIUS - professor at a teaching hospital. An arrogant know- it-all with the social skills of a playground bully. He jealously guards his star pupil, Polly. They've worked together for years; he's studied her, cared for her, and he mistakenly thinks she feels the same way about him. SETTING The scene takes place in a laboratory in the present day. SHORT SYNOPSIS After cutting her hand in an accident, Polly has come to the hospital where she works, to get medical attention. She bumps into Julius, who reveals that he has a present for her. The present is an apology for an earlier argument in which Julius humiliated Polly. Polly follows Julius to the lab, where a nasty surprise awaits her.
  3. 3. 2. INT. JULIUS' OFFICE - DAY JULIUS and POLLY enter. The office is crammed with junk. Julius rummages through piles of paper on his desk, before triumphantly unearthing A BOOK. JULIUS (offering the book) An apology. POLLY Will it help me? JULIUS That depends on the nature of your problem. Polly takes the book. It’s very old, probably antique. JULIUS (cont'd) Montaigne. It’s a book of essays. I didn’t know if you read any French, so I translated a few... Well, I expect you'll probably work it out. POLLY You translated a book for me? JULIUS (sitting down) It was fun! He writes about conflict and resolution and the need to make choices with head, not heart. Let him be your guide. Beat. POLLY You’re talking like I have decisions to make. JULIUS Don’t think about it now. I mean, I don’t want to put any pressure on you. POLLY Julius, there are no decisions to make. JULIUS I’m sorry, I was going to leave the book, but I couldn’t find the right letterbox - it was one of those communal affairs, all those blessed pigeonholes... (laughs nervously)
  4. 4. 3. POLLY (slowly) You were at - JULIUS Elland Mansions, yes. POLLY I don’t understand. JULIUS Last night. I waited for you, but there was a lot of coming and going. And you seemed upset. POLLY How do you know where I live? JULIUS Polly, how long have we been colleagues? I'm supposed to know things about you. I'm your supervisor. It's, er... well, it's protocol, isn't it? I mean, I came to see you, you came to see me. For heaven's sake, what difference does it make? POLLY (meaning: her bandaged hand) I didn't come to see you. Polly backs away - Julius blocks her. JULIUS Is this not an area of Cardiology that interests you? Or is it something else? Do you not feel that the research has been structured as efficiently as it might have been? Have you not learned anything from me? I feel I've taught you well; I've always answered your questions - good god! you've asked plenty of them! When have I ever disappointed you? When have I let you down? POLLY Please! Please... it's nothing to do with you. Reluctantly, Julius moves aside. Polly hurries away without looking back.