Brand Yourself - Digital Marketing Leadership Training for Every Industry Professional


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Would you like to build your Digital Personal & Corporate Brand?

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Brand Yourself - Digital Marketing Leadership Training for Every Industry Professional

  1. 1. Digital Marketing for Every Industry Professional By Yogesh M. A. Digital Leadership Trainer from Mumbai, India
  2. 2. Digital Leadership Trainer from Mumbai, India Yogesh is into the Digital Marketing Training Business (Focusing on Blog / Website making, Digital Branding, Business Networking training, e-Book writing Workshop & Digital Goal Setting Training) since 10+ years. Having a large clientele spread all over India. He is catering to different variety of people with their different needs and requirements. His training program is innovative, value adding, attractive and sensible as well as creative. Those who have done this program with Mr. Yogesh have immensely benefited. He is also running many blogs, online classroom, e-magazine & offline events like , and
  3. 3. Who needs this Training Program / Workshops?
  4. 4. • Every Professional • Every Business Person • Every Employer • Every job seeker • Every Leader •Every CEO on today’s competitive digital neighborhood marketplaces and become a Leader.
  5. 5. Our Digital Marketing / Branding Training Programs / Workshops are designed for every Industry Professionals to the latest in an appropriate manner at the right time.
  6. 6. If you think can then this program is for YOU
  7. 7. Everyone would Love to Buy/Hire so start building your own
  8. 8. Create your and that system will start working for you.
  9. 9. #1 for Every Industry Professional
  10. 10. Build your Social / Digital Media Friendly Learn How your knowledge become a Currency
  11. 11. #2 for Every Industry Professional
  12. 12. Learn effective Build your unique, effective strategy to create strong Digital Business Community & Learn How your Time become a Currency
  13. 13. #3 Digital Leadership Workshop for All Industry Leaders.
  14. 14. Learn from Yogesh M. A. About How your Speed become a Currency in your business and career
  15. 15. 1. Planning 2. Know your Marketplaces 3. Create your Digital Footprints 4. Create Visibility 5. Handle Footfall 6. Feedback 7. Constant Learning
  16. 16. Key Benefits 2. Learn the Full Potential of Digital Marketing. 3. Learn How “Sharing your knowledge can become your best Marketing & Advertising Strategy” 4. Create your Digital Footprint on digital Neighborhood Marketplaces. 5. Be Heard, Be Visible & Get Noticed by your current & prospective customers community. 6. Build your Digital Image in your customers mind. 7. Create your own Digital Branding Eco-system.
  17. 17. Anybody can try the sample program after contacting on phone, e-mail & fixing up timing for meeting with him.
  18. 18. Click here to view our Customers feedback, Testimonials & Recommendations
  19. 19. Thank You Digital Leadership Trainer from Mumbai, India Participate in our Online & Offline Training Workshops Success Key Academy @BrandYouYear